Social Shopping – Trends and Trend Setters

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Social Shopping – Trends and Trend Setters

Social Shopping

Remember when Amazon and eBay dominated the online store market with their user data to create recommendation for others? Those are things of the 1990s. “Social shopping” is the buzz word now.

Before I give more insight on this, let me ask you Do you know about Groupon? A group coupon company which was launched in 2008, with 35 million registered users, is a part of group shopping sites. So, now let’s get into real shopping deal her:

What is social shopping?

Instead of giving you recommendations and opinions based on third-person data, social shopping uses recommendations, reviews and products purchased by your friends. This matters a lot when you are have to make up your mind between 3 different digital camera models. You can learn more about it Social shopping here.

We are social animals. We don’t get emotionally connected with algorithms, but we just do fine in that regards with friends.

What’s Happening Now?

With recommendation shopping growing stronger in leaps and bounds, it will be easier to access genuine product reviews – we can simply watch as others do the hard work.

Social media gives you the ability to voice your opinion, whether positive or negative, about a product to a wider audience that consists not just of your friends, but also perfect strangers.

Like all old trends that resurface with new looks, Group Gifting goes to the next level thanks to social media. Imagine you are on a tight budget, but you want to gift some quality products to your friends. What would you do? With the advent of these new shopping services, you can join hands with your friends and find an excellent gift for the meagre amount.

If you are fashion-challenged, but want to make a style statement to your group, who would you look for advice? How about your favourite celebrity?

When it comes to giving gifts, men are notoriously bad. They need help in picking up gifts, and most importantly, in remembering the occasions, anniversaries…

Group Gifting keeps track of all the important birthdays, anniversaries and events and also comes with follow-ups and reminders to make sure that gift-buying plans go along smoothly.

Interesting Social Shopping Sites


ShopSenn is Website for local shoppers. Post pictures of interesting products, find out what’s available around you now and earn gift cards from the best local stores.


You post your product request here and merchants, in return, can make the offers. The task is further simplified if you ask friends for their views about the product or the offer.


When users sign up, they can choose from a list of about 60 celebrities to “follow,” including Molly Sims, Padma Lakshmi, Kristin Cavallari, Bobby Flay and Tom Colicchio. They choose the products and give their recommendations and a short explanation on each of the items.


Giftly lets users create custom gift cards for any store. You have the option to bypass the merchant in the gift card process by using a mobile checking for redemption.


Wanelo combines the words ‘want’, ‘need’ and ‘love’. It is a social bookmarking site for shoppers. It allows users to follow others favourite products and see what’s popular.


Woot introduces a new product everyday for sale and users in its forums participate in an active opinion-sharing and comparisons. These help you to make educated shopping decisions. The active users in the forum simplify your shopping experience.

Recommended reading:

What do you think about future of online shopping deals? Is most of the thing going to be based on social group recommendation?
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