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    Pay With a Tweet- Social Payment System

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    Today Social Media has helped thousands of people worldwide by spreading information in one click of a button. I’m pretty sure that’s what you’re about to do, click the tweetmeme, facebook share button after reading this. If you’ve done that, I’m grateful and thankful for sharing the love.

    The value of people sharing your products to others is sometimes greater than the money you would receive. Well of course I like money but truly, when it comes to sharing stuffs, I don’t ask for money in return, a simple thank you and appreciation is good enough for me.

    Speaking of sharing stuffs, I would like to share to you this cool website called Paywithatweet, the first social payment system where people pay not with their money but with the value of their social network. It’s really simple, it’s like this, when someone pays with a tweet, he or she will tell all their friends using their own twitter or Facebook network.

    How to use PayWithaTweet?

    1. Visit PayWithaTweet.com and click SELL FOR A TWEET

    2. Fill up the Pay With a Tweet form. In this example I will be sharing my home recorded music. You may have to use bit.ly to shorten links just like in my example. See screen shots below.

    paywithattweet02 Pay With a Tweet  Social Payment System

    Go to bit.ly to shorten your links when posted to twitter or facebook:

    paywithattweet03 Pay With a Tweet  Social Payment System3.    Once you completed the form, then click Create my Button.

    4. Next is to simply select which type of button that you’re going to use, then just copy the code and place them anywhere in your website. In this example, I would like to put this button just below this tutorial. And by the way, it uses iframe which is not allowed when posting on ShoutMeLoud, so what I did is simply upload the Paywithatweet button and insert hyperlink to open on new window.

    paywithattweet04 Pay With a Tweet  Social Payment System

    5. Now readers need to click the Pay With a Tweet button and allow paywithatweet to access your social network like twitter or facebook. Beyond that is super easy, so don’t need to make more screen shots.

    paywithatweetbutton Pay With a Tweet  Social Payment System

    That’s it. Thank you for taking time to read and I hope you find this post useful.

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    Have you ever used PaywithTweet service? Do share your views and feedback about this service.

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    Heard first time about paywithatweet.com.Surely I’ll give a try.Thanks for sharing Baby brown Fox.


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