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Some time in the past I shared about Wp plugin which is one essential WordPress plugin to optimize (compress) the size of uploaded images on WordPress. Though the only feature which I ever missed in this plugin is bulk smushing and smushing old images. Earlier this plugin use to compress images which is uploaded after installing the plugin and you can smush old images one by one.

Though with latest updated version of this plugin you can smush (Compress) old uploaded images. This is going to be very useful for those who are using lots of images in the post and specially if images are making their post to load slow.  You can find bulk smush it option under Media > Bulk


Though I have not used this feature yet on ShoutMeLoud for now, as you can see from the above screenshot that it will take almost 7 hours to compress all old images and it’s not a wise idea to slow down the server on traffic day. So I will be using this feature on some less traffic day.

Though if you have a new blog or your server is powerful, you can use this feature and speed up your WordPress blog. You can search for to install this plugin or download it from here.

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Do let us know if you are optimizing images on your blog and using it to drive traffic or not?

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  • Mohnish Deshpande

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post Harsh. My only question though, will Bulk Smushing previous images delete the basic properties of the image too?? Like Name, Alt Text, Description etc..

    • Harsh Agrawal

      No it won’t remove any such information. IT will just compress the images by using optimization techniques specific to image format to remove unnecessary bytes from image files

  • Robin

    Pretty interesting. I am using wp-smush it for my wordpress blog and its a must have plugin. Now this makes really the work easy where i can use it in some of my client sites :) Cheers.


  • Praveen @ Geeks4share

    I already tried this feature! It’s really a long process… but really helps :)

  • Trung Nguyen

    I still not use this plugin to optimize my blog post images, so I will try to use it to see the effective of it. Thanks for share, Harsh.

  • arshad1976

    This is informative for me and i feel proud to apply this on my blog.

  • prakash

    Really a good plugin for increasing the site speed with light weighted memory.. thanks for sharing harsh :)

  • Digital Imagination

    i have been trying this plugin and constantly getting updates from these plugin for better improvement…

  • rakesh kumar

    I already know about it but instead of using this plugins, I would love to upload compressed files on my server. Thanks for sharing this idea once more.

  • Anil Agarwal

    Thanks for the share Harsh. I’m going to try this on plugin on my blog tomorrow.


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