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    Smart YouTube WordPress Plugin: Elegant way to Embed YouTube videos in WordPress

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    This is a guest post by Chirag who blogs at Woikr. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our adsense revenue sharing program.

    There are a lot of plugins that let you embed YouTube videos in your WordPress posts. The YouTube embed codes itself aren’t so bad. But I can bet they all require more effort than this plug-in.

    True to its name, Smart YouTube makes the job of embedding videos extremely simple. All you need to do is copy the YouTube video URL, replace “http://” with “httpv://” and the plugin will replace the URL with the video when the post is published. Yes, it’s that simple!

    Not only this, the plug-in provides excellent options to customize (and standardize) YouTube videos on your website. If you go to the plug-in settings, you can set the multitude of defaults options for all the embedded videos on your website like:

    • Video dimensions (No need to specify size every time)This is also good for your guest bloggers as the videos will automagically be standardized.
    • <iframe>/old embed code option
    • Custom Stylesheet for videos
    • Show Related videos
    • Autoplay settings
    • Show Search box in video
    • Show Titles/Ratings
    • Show Annotations
    • RSS CustomizationsThis is an especially interesting option. Some people who are viewing your feed on RSS clients may not be able to see the video. For them, the plugin allows you to show a preview image as well as video link.

    smarttube screenshot 281x300 Smart YouTube WordPress Plugin: Elegant way to Embed YouTube videos in Wordpress

    The plugin was developed by Vladimir Prelovac can be downloaded here. Do try this plugin and let us know what do you think about it. How do you embed videos into your WordPress blog?

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    its good to do this all with in blog, but all these features also available on youtube site, below every video.

    btw still good if we do with in blog to save time.



    Actually you can just set it one time and it will be applied to all your YouTube videos. Embedding videos is just about pasting the link and adding a “v”. Simplest solution I ever found!


    Extreme John @ Intense Business

    I learned a long time ago, the hard way not to use plugins for video embeds unless I am hosting the videos on my own site and server. I like the idea but def dont feel like going back to edit a billion videos a year from now when the plugin is rendered useless.



    i was having some problems with YouTube video embedding in blog posts, this one is cool.


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