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    Sitonomy: Find Technology Being Used by Other Site

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    To be successful in online marketing, one should keep an eye on its competition or big people in the same niche. Here I’m sharing about a userful online tool known as Sitonomy which share vital information about any website you scan.

    This service shows following details:

    Blogging platform, Widgets being used by the site, advertising network, Server software, Subscription method, Analytic method and few more details.

    Out of all tools which I really like is advertising network as it give which advertising network other site is using and if I’m not using that advertisement option, I will apply for it, and will give it a shot. Though usage can always be different for different people.

    Here is a screenshot of ShoutMeLoud Sitonomy:

    shoutmeloud sitenomy 520x477 Sitonomy: Find Technology Being Used by Other Site shoutmeloud-sitonomy


    Do share more such useful tools which can help a webmaster to scan his site and other sites as well.

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    This was an wonderful tool used to analyze the technology of other great blogs :)



    great tool to ascertain what all tools are used by webmasters to make a website or blog! I mean you can sniff out which platform that’s awesome !
    Really wonderful tooL for analysis of other blogs.
    thanks harsh!


    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks Shashank for adding meaning-ful comment & yes this tool is useful to analyze other blogs and find a new thing and implement on your blog.


    Simrandeep Singh

    I used to check this with a Firefox plugin but I forgot the name of that plugin. From last few days I was looking for that plugin but this tool is nice too.



    Hi Harsh, thanks for this wonderful tool. I will surely give it a try.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Do try and let us know your feedback.. Is it worth bookmarking or it’s just one another tool?



    great tool. will help my blog look better like others. i think firebug can also be used for the same but this tool is better


    Harsh Agrawal

    Firebug is more of an online tool and it won’t be right to compare Firefbug and Sitenomy as they both are entirely different.. Is int it?



    Great tool for blogger …but it only shows popular advertising networks..It show nothing for my site…


    Harsh Agrawal

    Check again Ajeet, it is showing more information.. :)



    Nice, simple and straightforward tool
    Now no need to peep in the source code of a website to find out the technologies being used. :P


    Namit Gupta

    This tool is greatly helpful in getting information about some other website. The ‘advertising network’ idea is really awesome. Thanks for sharing. :-)


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