How to Add Websites to StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is one of those Website which I started using when I took my first step on Internet. I used SU to find many interesting pages and learn things in my interest area. Even before I started blogging, it was Stumble Upon which gave me true picture of Internet and that learning phase marked a big difference in my life. Now, it’s a community social bookmarking sites and when I talk about Social, it means you also have to give something in order to get. For a good stumbled, it’s important for him to learn how to add websites to StumbleUpon and how to properly submit Web Pages.

In this tutorial, I’m not going to talk a lot about SU as I assume you must have heard about it. So, before I move ahead with this tutorial, make sure you have an account on Stumble Upon, else you can create one from here.

How to add Website to StumbleUpon?

There are various ways which you can use to submit a page on StumbleUpon. Many websites offer SU buttons, which you  can use or you can simply go to your profile and submit any Webpage or a Website from there. Another most easiest way to use and submit sites to stumbleUpon, is by using Stumble Upon toolbar. If you have not yet, Installed SU toolbar, here are download links for FF and for Chrome:

Also, StumbleUpon is available on iPhone and android, which makes discovering new content easy.

Submit Websites to StumbleUpon using Toolbar:

So, I assume you have already installed the toolbar and when ever you are surfing and find an article, Websites, Web pages interesting, simply click on Like button.

How to Submit Websites to StumbleUpon

Usually, when a page is submitted your like vote is counted and you will increasing your personal StumbleUpon recommendation channel. This is one of the reason, why I suggest everyone to submit web-pages they find interesting. Now, if you are submitting a Website for the first time, you need to add details for submission like: Title, Tags, description and NSFW/non-NSFW/

Stumble Upon Submission page

  • Comments : What do you think about the page?
  • Category : Select the best suitable category from the given category and do notice the category list in drop down list.
  • Tag : Tags are again important to categorize the page. Suppose if we stumble this page, it will be tagged as Stumble upon

See the above screen shot where I submitted a webpage after filling up all the details.

Always try to stumble up and stumble down websites according to your like and dislikes. This will help Stumble upon toolbar to understand your preferences and you will  receive more pages according to your previous interaction.

Another easy way to submit pages to SU is by using Stumble Upon share button. You will notice these type of Su buttons on many Webpages, you can click on it and it will directly take you to Su submission page. Well, this is a easy to do tutorial and I’m sure people who never heard of StumbleUpon, will love to try this site.

Are you on StumbleUpon? You can join me on SU at @denharsh. Also, if you find this guide useful, don’t forget to give us a shout on StumbleUpon.

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