Simple Way to Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Fans

Facebook is one of the best free source of traffic for bloggers and internet marketers. Facebook page is one of the easiest way to get started with driving traffic on your blog, and I have already shared how to create a Facebook fan page for your blog. Now, the question many users have is how to increase likes on Facebook pages.  One of the easiest way is to add Facebook fan page widget on your website and start making your Facebook page popular.

Update: This article is updated in 2014 with screenshot of new Facebook fan page design.

Facebook fan page almost work like feed subscriber. When a user click on like button of any page, he will see the updates on his/her Facebook wall. Though you have to make sure you write engaging updates, so that Facebook edgerank algorithm will show all the updates to your Fans. So your first goal should be getting more Fans into your Facebook Fan page of your blog.

The first and simple way to have more fan is by inviting your group of friends to become a part of your Facebook fan page.

Here is a quick two-step process to invite your friends to become your Facebook Fan page Fan:

Go to your Facebook Fan page and on the right side you will see how many of your friends have liked your page and you can also invite users individually to like your page. A good idea is to click on “See all” and select all users and invite them to join your Facebook page. Specially if you have a large set of friends on Facebook, you will be able to get many likes by inviting your friends.

Follow the below screenshot to understand the process:

Invite Frineds on Facebook

Now select the friends whom you want to invite and once you have selected your friends click on Send invitation. Do remember, by default Facebook will show friends you have interacted recently. You might like to change it to search all friends and select all friends. If you have a long list of friends, you can use select all friends chrome extension to make things easier for you.

invite Friends to join Facebook page

Now once your friends will accept your invitation, they will become a fan of your Facebook Fan page and also this update will available on their friends wall. If the page is interesting more users will join the same way.

Make sure your landing page should be useful and you are inviting targeted people. For example when you have a blog about hard core technology, probably girls will be least interested for the same. So target guys for the same and avoid inviting girls. Here are few more articles that will help you to increase the likes on your Facebook page:

If you like Shoutmeloud, you can invite your friends to be a part of Shoutmeloud community by inviting them to join our Facebook fan page.

This is one of the simplest trick which I can think of in order to increase your Facebook Fan page followers in simplest way. Do share your tip to increase your Facebook fan page followers?

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


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  1. Piyush Arora says

    That was a one really informative post.
    but can u tell me one thing i hv a facebook fan page and it has got more than 3000 likes and now i want to change the name of page. facebook doesn’t allow name change of page which has got more than 200 likes. Can u Help??

  2. says

    Hello Harsh,

    As always, the basic thing in a simple Language.

    One of the biggest advantages of Facebook is the STP (Segmentation,Targetting and Positioning Opportunity it provides for Marketeers.One of the Trick here is to create Likes (earlier Fans) of Common interes.As word of Mouth has viral role to play.


    Pankaj Kumar

  3. Pankaj Kumar says

    Hello Harsh,

    As always, the basic thing in a simple Language.

    One of the biggest advantages of Facebook is the STP (Segmentation,Targetting and Positioning Opportunity it provides for Marketeers.One of the Trick here is to create Likes (earlier Fans) of Common interest.For example if some body is in Travel Education like Learn Tourism then increasing likes in Travel and Tourism Interest provides good opportunity for visibility for the Learn Tourism Page.As word of Mouth has viral role to play.


    Pankaj Kumar

  4. Diggi says

    That’s a cool trick but I guess it’s also effective to befriend the admin of the targeted fan page slowly and surely, then barter your way around that single post. I do think that some admin can’t resist great deals, offer them good deals (but free methodologies) like helping them promote their fan page and in exchange they’ll allow you to post, well I sure do hope that it could work that way. But with friendship, I suppose there’s nothing impossible

  5. pre entertainment says

    this i already know, wasn’t quite expecting this. thought i’d find something else, but thanks for the tip anyways

  6. Dean Saliba says

    I’m always on the hunt for ways to improve blog traffic from Facebook. Hope there are more to come from you. :)

  7. Harshit Singhal says

    Yes, its s very common idea. Not even a trick actually. I used it to get 50 fans on the first day itself :)

  8. Tushar says

    i have tried this technique when i created my fan page….and this got me some 10 fans among my friends

  9. Asif says

    Simplest way is to insert the link button to your post. also a like box in the side bar. more options to people to connect. They will end up liking it.

  10. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    Yeah it’s a good trick. But the problem with this is you should have a friends list who understand what is meant by blogging. Otherwise they wont accept the request.

    ~ Sathish

  11. Sudip says

    This is a good tip but selecting all the friends take more time. There’s a plugin that helps you to select all the friends automatically. You can find about the plugin here.

  12. Karan batra says

    Their is this another trick. if you want to select all your friends at one go

    1. Click on “Suggest to Friends”
    2. To select all your friends enter this code in Address bar

    javascript: fs.select_all();

    and press enter.
    3. Click “Send Invitations”

  13. jaganmangat says

    yea its quite useful,that is why Mr-harsh i have suggested you my blog’s fan page a week ago on Fbk.