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    Simple Twitter Connect WordPress plugin: Twitterize your Site

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    If you run a blog which focus on Social media or Twitter tools or if you care aboutTwitterWordpress thumb Simple Twitter Connect WordPress plugin: Twitterize your Site providing social feature into your blog this WordPress plugin is for you.

    Simple Twitter connect is useful WordPress plugin which let you add different Twitter functionality into your blog. Twitter simple Connect work as a base module and after installing this plugin you can enable different sub modules to enable different Twitter features into your WordPress powered blog. Here are features which you can enable using this plugin:

    Features of Simple Twitter Connect WordPress plugin

    • Login using Twitter account
    • Comment using Twitter Account
    • Auto Tweet blog post
    • Auto Tweet Comments
    • Add @anywhere into your blog
    • Tweet button
    • Tweetmeme Button

    Read: How to integrate Twitter @anywhere into any WordPress blog

    Unlike normal installation of this plugin you need to create a Twitter application (Easy work) and get your Consumer key and consumer secret to configure this plugin.

    Here I’m explaining in step by step module how to configure this plugin.

    Download and install this plugin ( Search Simple twitter connect from dashboard). Once you have installed this plugin, plugin configuration screen will look like this:

    Twitterkey thumb Simple Twitter Connect WordPress plugin: Twitterize your Site

    How to Create Twitter Application to Get Twitter Consumer and Secret Key

    Go to this page and register your Application

    Twittersetting thumb Simple Twitter Connect WordPress plugin: Twitterize your Site

    Here are the Details which you need to enter, replace shoutmeloud with your Domain Name.

    • Application name: Shoutmeloud Twitter Connect
    • Description: Twitter connect suite for Shoutmeloud.com
    • Application Website: http://www.shoutmeloud.com
    • Organization: Shoutmeloud
    • Application Type: Browser
    • CallBack URL: http://www.shoutmeloud.com
    • Default access type: Read & Write
    • Upload Image and Click on save

    On the next page you will get your Twitter consumer key and Twitter consumer secret. Copy it and paste it on Twitter simple connect setting  page. Click on Save. After that go to Your plugin list (inactive) and activate the sub-module plugins which you would like to enable into your blog.

    It will be in the form of:

    STC – Publish, STC – Tweet Button, STC – TweetMeme Button.

    That’s it and your blog is now Twitterize.  I like this plugin and it’s functionalities. Another such Twitter plugin is Twitter tools which is equally famous.

    You can read more about this plugin and download the plugin from Author page.

    Do let us know if you are planning to Twitterize your blog?

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    Have u applied dis on you blog?
    Bcoz I wnt to see preview.

    And Harsh ur server was down for so much time! Y?


    Ching Ya

    I wonder if this plugin would include, or possible to replace Tweetmeme with the brand new Twitter button? But overall, it does cover a wide range of Twitter sharing ability, Twitter addicts+bloggers will love it.

    Social/Blogging Tracker


    Jens P. Berget

    looks very interesting, I’ll test this plugin at my Twitter blog (TwitterVirtue.com).

    Thanks a lot for sharing.


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