How to Sign up for Dreamhost Free Trial Hosting Account

Nothing matches the quality of a product which will let you try the service for free, and let you decide if you want to stick to it or not. Dreamhost is one of those quality hosting company, which boasts about their free-trial offer, as they are good with the quality of hosting. Here in this article, I will cover every detail about Dreamhost free trial hosting account offer.

Free Dreamhost Hosting Account

Dreamhost offers 1 free domain  with their 1 year hosting package, but when you sign up for this free trial account, you need to pay for domain, or you can use any of your existing domain to signup for completely 0$ hosting for next 15 days.

Dreamhost is one of my favorite Webhosting, as I started my blogging journey, with them.  Here I’m sharing a guide for beginners who are new to Hosting world and don’t know how to sign up for Dreamhost. Also, notice the coupon code which I have shared at the bottom, as once your trial period is finished, and you try to pay for the year hosting, these Dreamhost discount codes will save huge for you.

DreamHost Free Hosting Trial:

Dreamhost is providing you with complete free trial account so that you can try their service and in case if you don’t like it you can cancel it anytime. Moreover, you can also get $50 discount later (Dreamhost Coupon: SML50) on when you will completely sign up with them after the trial period. In this 2-week trial period, you will be able to enjoy all the features offered by Dreamhost.

You have two weeks to cancel Dreamhost account, and if you don’t cancel your account, after the trial, they will charge from your card. Though, I don’t see any point of canceling, as they are a reliable hosting company.

Dreamhost offers only one shared hosting plan which have features like: Free domain name, Unlimited space, SSD Hosting, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited FTP, Custom cPanel, One click WordPress install, Php5, FastCGI and many more.

Signing up for Free Trial Account on Dreamhost:

To start with the process, follow the link given below, and you will be landing on free trial sign-up page:

Signup link

Click on Sign up link, On the next page click on Hosting > Choose hosting plan > Select shared hosting.

free hosting trial account

Click on Learn more about our shared hosting > On next page click on Sign up for Webhosting today.

On the next page, start filling out the form for sign-up.

Dreamhost signup


Now, enter your Email address and password twice and click on Start now

Domain Setting

On the next page, you have two options: Either buy a domain or use an existing domain. Since, our goal is to sign up for a free trial account, so we will use existing domain and later on we will change DNS to and to point it to Dreamhost. Dreamhost also offers one free domain but that you can use only when you buy hosting after trial account. So, if your reason for signing is just testing Dreamhost servers, use any existing domain you have.

Pick Hosting plan:

Dreamhost offers 1 or two year of sign up. Your paid period will start after two-weeks free trial period.  Here are the prices, which will be charged after the trial period:

  • 1 Year Hosting Plan: $119.40
  • 2Year Hosting Plan: $214.80

Now you need to pick up what plan you want to opt for. I will suggest to opt for 9.95$/mo (one-year prepayment plan). You will be paying only $69 after finishing the trial period.

Account contact info

Enter your account contact information and keep it same as the credit card which you will be using for this account. This will ensure no issues with verification of account to prevent fraud.

Credit card info

I know you must be thinking why credit card info? This ensures the integrity of the account, else any spammer can also take advantage of this free trial period and misuse the service. You can cancel the account anytime within 14 days to prevent yourself from any charge.

In the promo Field, add Dreamhost coupon code “SML50” to get $50 discount after the trial period.

That’s it hit on continue, and you will receive complete Dreamhost login information inside your Dashboard.

Sign up for Free Trial account (Coupon Code: SML50)

In case, if you wish to cancel your plan before 2-week trial period, just login to Dreamhost account and go to Manage account and click on Close this account.

Cancel Dreamhost trial

You will not be charged anything. If you decide to continue, don’t cancel your account, and Dreamhost will deduct the money after the trial period from your Credit card.

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Do let me know if you face any issue with signing up for Free Trial Hosting account from Dreamhost or have any related query?

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  1. Ankita says

    Thanks for the valuable guide Harsh.. I was trying to sign up for free trial on Dreamhost, but I dont see that option in the payment plan now.. Any idea if it has been removed..

  2. Nagib says

    Thank you Harsh I also just posted about DreamHost promo code (using the code I created on DH).

  3. Aakash says

    Hey Harsh! What if somebody is already having a Dreamhost’s Affiliates Account. I know How To Add Hosting in an Affiliates Account but How to apply Coupon Code / Promo Code. Any idea.

    • says

      @Aakash you mean adding a Hosting package in your account while using a Coupon code? I’m not sure about this…. You can ping DH live chat from your Affiliate panel and they can answer this..