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    Show Windows media player song as status message in Google talk

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    Gtalk offers many features and one of them is showing Windows media player songs as Google talk status message. This is a simple plugin for media player which enables this feature and we will look into it, in this post.  I’m a big fan of Google and their product. One of them is Google talk. There are many tips and tricks of Google talk we have discussed till now, If you have missed them here is a quick recap : Multiple Google talk, gAlwaysIdle, Gtalk invisible.

    I like to share what I’m listning to with my friends and I use iTuness and Windows media player most of the time to play audio songs. Usually, I set my Google talk status to my windows media player currently playing songs. This gives the variation on my Gtalk status update and if you have synced your Gtalk status to post on twitter, your Twitter followers will also get to know what music you are listening to.

    One of the great feature of Google talk is, you can set your status message as any song which is being played on Windows media player. Once you install the Google talk, it will automatically configured to show your status message as current playing songs.

    All you need to do is Select Show current music track as your status message.

    google talk status message thumb Show Windows media player song as status message in Google talk

    If for some reason like improper shut down it gets disabled, you can easily enable it from windows media player.

    In window media player > Select tools>   Plugin >Options>   Background plugins > Enable Google talk music plugin.

    google talk musi plugin thumb Show Windows media player song as status message in Google talk

    In case of iTunes, simply set you Gtalk status as “Current music track” and play your music on iTunes. It will change automatically and in case if it doesn’t simply restart your Google talk.

    Do let us know if it worked for you or now. If you are able to set your Google talk status as current music, make sure to share this post with your Facebook friends.


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    Harsh i am also a big fan of google.
    Its great featur thanks for publish it.



    Thats the thing i had been noticing from few days :-) . Finally you revealed it, this feature doesn’t work if anyone using Google talk from his Gmail inbox.Very useful if anyone wants to know about your current mood.:-)




    When I go to Windows Media Player > tools> Plugin >Options> Background plugins … the window on the right hand side is blank. I dont see Google Talk Music Plugin over there. How do I get the option over there ?

    Thanks in advance.


    Ashutosh™s last blog post..My No Brainer Tweets


    Harsh Agrawal

    Ashu Which version of Window media player you are using? try to reinstall Google talk, hope that will resolve the issue.


    suman dikshit

    i dont see Google Talk Music Plugin in the background category


    I am not able to use this now, ill try in Windows media player 11.
    i like to use this cool feature.


    Vikash Dhankar

    Hi harsh, I have a problem, i don’t see the background plugin in Windows media player 11…Help me



    Thnks..bt its nt wrkng while using gtalk frm gmail inbox..den wt 2 do?



    One suggestion,,,, after installing g talk as said above,,,, Please restart windows media player and everything will be solved in a second….

    Worked for me…..

    Am Using Windows 7…………!!



    1. Uninstall Current Google Talk Client
    2. Exit the Windows Media Player
    3. Download most recent version of Google Talk from http://google.com/talk
    4. (I believe this is where people are being confused)
    What u need to do is Right Click on the Installer and Choose “RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR”


    Beeg J

    Hi, seems my Media player recently crashed and diabled all plug ins. i re installed WM 11 but in the background, no google talk plug in appears. How do i enable it if it doesent appear? Please advise



    I have wmp 12 & latest gtalk. i followed all the steps. reinstalled gtalk. ran as administrator. restarted wmp etc etc. still the plugin is not showing. any way to download the plugin alone?????????!!! BTW am using win7 ulti..


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