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In most cases, blog’s home page  plays  vital role for search engine indexing. If you are showing your best content on home page through popular posts section on sidebar or featured posts slideshow, it will definitely help you indexing them on Google or other search engines frequently. Smooth Slider is a free WordPress plugin to show featured posts in a slideshow with all benefits of SEO.


WordPress Slider plugin

Smooth Slider can easily attach your favorite posts on Slideshow with single click. You can create different slideshows for different purposes and then those slideshows can be  embedded  on different locations on your blog based on your requirement. Here are some important features of Smooth Slider:

  1. Search Engine Optimized Slideshow
  2. Fully Customizable CSS
  3. Choose Posts and Pages as Featured Posts/Pages on Single Click
  4. No Need Of Knowledge of PHP, HTML or CSS
  5. Facility to put Custom Images in place of navigation numbers
  6. Can convert to pure image Slider
  7. Slider Preview in admin panel
  8. A template tag to display Category specific posts on Smooth Slider

Installation of this plugin is very simple like other plugins but there are lot many options  available  on the settings page to customize the feel and look of the slideshow. You can also optimize the plugin to show CSS and Scripts in the head section of specific pages only (more details on plugin page).

There are lot many other Slideshow plugin available for WordPress which are also good but the SEO of Smooth Slider output is really effective and will help your best content appearing on SERP on regular basis.

To get more information about Smooth Slider and see the slideshow demo, checkout the link below:

Plugin Page

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COMMENTs ( 9 )

  1. Alex says

    How would I go about adding this slider to a static page? I’m using Business Theme skin from Thesis Skin and version 1.8.2 Thesis Theme framework.

  2. Sathya says

    hi, I’d like to ask something. Can smooth slider generate or render the javascript and php codes in the post content?
    if so, that would be great. I’m imagining sliding adsense ads.. I haven’t tested this yet actually.

    I have one other thing for feedback. The idea of multi slider is great. it’s just it seems there’s no way to customize each of them in different setting and style to be showed up at the same time at one page. there’s only one setting panel.
    it would be great if you can code an update about this. in the meanwhile, is there any way I can manually call defferent slider using functions?


  3. Talamentes says

    hi, it´s a pretty and usefull plugin (just what i need) but i can´t find how to insert it only in one page (my blog starts on a static page in wich i want to add it)

    Thanks for your help

  4. Gabe | says

    Looks very promising. I just grabbed Smooth Slider and am experimenting with it now. Thanks!

  5. Sanjeev says

    @Surender Thanks a lot buddy for the compliments.

    @Suneel I am glad that you liked he plugin, hope to see more updates from your side. Thanks

  6. Suneel says

    I was unaware of this plugin. I intended to use jQuery and PHP to attain a similar feature. But, now its just install and activate using this plugin. Thanks for letting us know.

  7. Surender Sharma says

    Hi Sanjeev,
    Nice work done by you.I am happy to see you here as a guest writer.
    Anyways,the slider is really cool and simple to use.