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    Shoutmeloud Traffic report for May 2009

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    This is the roundup of shoutmeloud monthly traffic for the month of May. One good thing which happened last month is my bounce rate and page views.

    You can also read Shoutmeloud Monthly traffic report for April 2009

    Here is the quick summery of shoutmeloud traffic report for the last month. I.e May 2009.

    traffic report may thumb Shoutmeloud Traffic report for May 2009

    One thing which went bad in the end was the sudden increase in bounce rate. Looking at the previous record guest posts opened lots of exit point from a post, but that is ok since guest posting is more about giving opportunity to others.


    I’m breaking down the bounce rate before and after shoutmeloud become revenue sharing blog .


    boune rate121 thumb Shoutmeloud Traffic report for May 2009

    After Shoutmeloud started giving love to guest bloggers :

    boune rate2131 thumb Shoutmeloud Traffic report for May 2009

    Seems like my guest author are getting lots of exposure and this is good for me and for them.

    Shoutmeloud Traffic source

    traffic source thumb Shoutmeloud Traffic report for May 2009

    Here are traffic source in detail :

    traffic source in detail thumb Shoutmeloud Traffic report for May 2009

    I have been working more on Twitter and Facebook and they comes out to be good. I will let you know how you can drive traffic from Facebook and Twitter. For now I will suggest have a look at this two post, which will help you to drive traffic from facebook :

    Facebook simplaris blogcast application for bloggers

    Facebook networked blog application

    Meanwhile if you remember my previous post on

    How to Drive traffic from Image search engine

    You will also see traffic coming from   images.Google.com   in the referring sites.

    So do let me know about your traffic stats for the last month?

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    Hmmmm……this is cool analysis, it gives us nice information and building up strong market strategy.

    Hoping to read some posts related to the analysis reports for website / blog.

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    Michael Aulia

    14% bounce rate??? My goodness, it’s probably the first time I’ve ever seen it in a blog. I’ve got around 70-80% and I’m already happy about it lol

    Good work with the traffic. Gonna post mine pretty soon



    Good to see your report. we like to know how we can drive traffic from facebook.
    because recently i received friend request from one india famous blogger on facebook.
    so, facebook can be one additional source of traffic.


    S.Pradeep Kumar

    Nice ! :)

    Pretty interesting post buddy ! ..

    Cheers !



    Nice traffic but u have not displayed ur earnings of this month … i m waiting for that also..


    Nischal Shetty

    Even I’m waiting to see your sources of income :D Helps us figure out the best way to earn!


    George Serradinho

    Wow Harsh, your stats are impressive :)

    My get some traffic from search engines, but not half as much as you do. I guess I will have to work on that.

    My earnings also need some attention, but I want to concentrate on other more important things at this stage.


    used cars sioux falls

    Excellent post! I didn’t know about those Facebook apps. I’m going to read your other posts on it and implement them. Thanks!




    Great stats. I will wait for your future post on how to get traffic from Twitter and Facebook


    Harsh Agrawal

    For Facebook you can refer to this post,
    you might get an idea how to get traffic from facebook



    Nice stats, but I am very sure you can improve upon them over the next few months. All the very best :)


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