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    Shoutmeloud Traffic report for April 2009

    By in Shoutmeloud

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    Finally I decided to write a post on my traffic sources and how much actual traffic I got this month.

    Though my traffic is not very appealing but I’m not in hurry because shoutmeloud blog traffic is increasing at constant speed. I   believe in Slow and steady win the race .

    If you remember we have given a warm welcome to the month of April be celebrating 1st april with the news :

    Sold shoutmeloud for 8000$ to socialtechinclusive

    and many of my good friends and regular readers fall for the April fool prank.

    That post made me understand the responsibility I have and that made me keep moving.

    Shoutmeloud blog traffic stats from 31st march to 3ost April.

    traffic report 1 thumb Shoutmeloud Traffic report for April 2009

    Though you can see the bounce rate is high but this is from the whole month. I put Thesis theme on 16th of April and thanks to Thesis theme which actually helped me to increase the page views and lower down the bounce rate.

    Traffic sources

    traffic sources thumb Shoutmeloud Traffic report for April 2009

    Referring sites

    referring sites thumb Shoutmeloud Traffic report for April 2009

    This is the traffic before I put thesis on my blog:

    Before Thesis theme

    before thesis traffic thumb Shoutmeloud Traffic report for April 2009

    You can clearly see the bounce rate is very high and page/visit is too low.

    After Thesis Theme

    after thesis thumb Shoutmeloud Traffic report for April 2009

    You can clearly see the huge difference in the bounce rate and pages/visit. Probably last theme was one of the big factor for low traffic.

    If this stats is tempting enough you to encourage buying thesis theme. You can use my referral link. If you need any help customizing thesis theme. Feel free to ask me.

    Get Thesis wordpress theme

    Another factor which helped me to increase my pages/visits is Internal linking.
    Along with yet another related post wordpress plugin , I manually enter the link to the relevant post. You can see an example on internal linking on my previous post:

    How to migrate from blogspot to wordpress with 301 perma redirection without loosing traffic.

    Another good thing which happened for shoutmeloud is it’s alexa ranking

    Alexa ranking as of May 1 : 37,554K

    Another good news is our internal pages also got page rank. Though there are lots of variation like some of them got PR#1 and some of them got PR#2.

    I’m not a hard core SEO guy but I have learned few things from my experiences, If you are interested you can refer to them

    My SEO strategy to make shoutmeloud Search engine friendly

    Another good thing which I have noticed is traffic from Image search engines.

    If you have referred to my post on Using images to drive traffic from image search engine, you will understand how little things can give you extra traffic.

    images traffic thumb Shoutmeloud Traffic report for April 2009

    Though shoutmeloud has a long way to go. I will appreciate if you can give more insight on how to increase traffic and area of improvement for shoutmeloud.

    Stay tuned to Shoutmeloud for further posts on my money generation report for this month.

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    Impressive stats Harsh :) great going! No stats on earnings? ;)
    You have improved Thesis theme nicely. I am sure you will make it even better this month. All the best!


    Harsh Agrawal

    Earning stats will have other post :)
    Theme has a long way to go, Most important thing which I need now is banner and logo. I’m working on it. That will help a lot in branding.



    cool!! All the very best. I see a major increase in posting frequency which is really good, may be you can include those stats as well while writing stats posts.



    I only now realized that it was a prank. I had it for true all this time… Damn! I fell for it real good ;)


    Harsh Agrawal

    Lolz Stratos ..
    I thought you are already aware of it that it was a prank. Neways glad that you are out of April Fool dilemma now :)



    good stats, you have doing well these days


    Tech @ InkAPoint


    Your stats are rocking man. Keep rocking. All the best..


    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks Karkey. :)



    Harsh, great stats. your bounce rate is very good.

    BTW how much does thesis theme cost?


    Harsh Agrawal

    Thesis theme will cost you
    Single user license= 87$
    Developer license= 164$
    If you planning to buy it. You can use my Affiliate link :)
    Download Thesis Wordpress Theme</a>



    @Harsh, before i decide Let me give you some details about my tweaking that i do everytime i go for a free theme :(

    Most of the free themes i like don’t satisfy sidebar width. I then start tinkering with CSS and other stuff to increase the width and the prob then i face is not consistent with all browsers and i end up with bad theme. Right now current theme is also bad… :( coz of My CSS Skills :)

    Does this theme allow tweaking? if yes. Is it easy?


    Harsh Agrawal

    @ Nihar
    thesis design option give you enough option to resize your Content and sidebar.
    I’m also very bad with editing themes but Thesis made my life so easy that I can tweak it easily.
    The best part here is there are only two files needed to edit your theme. So you don’t have to play with every single.php file.
    IMHO this is the best theme for people like me who hate coding and editing.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks Atul :)


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