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    ShoutMeLoud Top Posts in September 2011

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    September was a slow month for me as I was dealing with lots of client projects and some personal issue. We missed publishing post on couple of occasion but it’s alright as I was busy with working on some thing better. I was trying to push ShoutMeLoud SEO and was setting up guest campaign and other stuff to boost current ranking. Anyways, this is a part of pro-blogging and every single day you end up learning something new and every day is a new day.

    Here I’m sharing top posts from the month of September, so that if you missed out reading any post, you can quickly go through it and update yourself.


    • Blogging Success revealed: Blogging is certainly not a Kid’s play and here is a nice article from Guest writer Michael in which he shared a nice strategy which will work 100% for every blogger out here.
    • Mind & soul enhancement tips for every blogger: As a blogger it’s important to keep our mind and soul healthy. Something from my own experience, I have shared some tips which will help every human being.
    • Google AdSense account approval process changed: Well, I still can’t figure out why Google needed to convert it’s simple one step process into complicated one. Here is new account approval process for Google Adsense.


    • Instant WordPress: It’s one cool software to install WordPress on your local system. Other options which you can consider is Xampp and Wamp.


    • Optimize blog after Google panda: A very useful guest post by Mike and this is for those who have received Panda as a gift by Google. Even if you are not hit by Panda, this post is a must read for you as this will help you to get better ranking in long run and you will learn how you can optimize your content  for future.
    • Fixing Replytocom link issue in WordPress: I updated this article later after learning from my mistakes and things which I implemented to fix 35K replytocom links. It was quite an experiment but worth the time.
    • Free Keyword monitor Software for Google: Someone could actually sell this software for $49 but it’s free and one hell of a software for any blogger to keep track of their Keyword ranking. One SEO software that you should add in your arsenal right away.
    • Shared hosting and search engine ranking effect: Ever thought if shared hosting is doing harm to your blog SEO? At times, it does. Wondering how?? Read what experts have to say about this.


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    Social Media:

    • Will Google+ Survive: Google plus has created lots of buzz in past few months and it will continue to do so in coming days. Anyways, this post is for social media lover and view point about how Google Plus will survive in long run.
    • How to enable Facebook time line feature right away: Facebook announced Timeline feature @f8 dev. meet and it’s seriously cool. If you are a developer and if you have not got timeline feature yet, it’s time to give rebirth to your geekyness and follow our tutorial to activate timeline feature right away.
    • How to Get rid of Facebook ticker: Facebook ticker is a useful feature but still it’s hated by many. Here is a useful post added by @droidsid on how you can disable Facebook ticker feature.
    • LinkedIn plugin for your Blog: LinkedIn is one hidden social media treasure which you can use to effectively drive traffic to your blog. Here are 5 useful LinkedIn plugin which you can use on your blog right away.
    • Facebook Subscribe button: Facebook subscribe button feature is very useful for every webmaster, celebrity and for Bloggers. Here is everything which you should know about it.


    • Popular free Blogging Apps for iPhone: I have been using an iPad for some time and here I have compiled a list of some of the amazing Blogging apps which I’m using on my iPad.
    • Google Wallet: Another interesting thing which happened last month was Google wallet and if have no clue about it, you got to read this post right away.
    • Create Bootable Windows 8 drive: Windows8 is seriously an awesome OS and we played and tested it in our headquarter. If you still use default CD/DVD for OS installation, welcome to 21st century and learn how you can boot OS using a USB drive and how to create your own bootable USB drive for windows 8.
    • Windows 8 dev. preview: First Impression: I know many of you are still not using Windows 8 because it’s in dev. mode. But it’s worth a try. Even if you don’t want to try until final release, in this post you can learn more about Windows 8 and how it’s different.

    We have again started accepting guest posts and after bit of hiccups every thing is back in place. You can join our Adsense revenue sharing program here.

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