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    Shoutmeloud Review on New Google Adsense Interface

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    Google Adsense, which is one of the best monetization method for Bloggers launched a revamped new Adsense interface. This new interface is way better than earlier one and makes the navigation easy. More over, you will be getting detailed report right on the login page. In this article, I will quickly guide you about new Adsense dashboard and my first impression:

    First Impression of new Adsense dashboard:


    I really liked the new Ajaxified interface. You can monitor your report custom channel quickly and this will save lots of time. Specially when you want to check adsense earnings and all, this will save lots of time.

    Quick Navigation:

    Navigation has changed a lot in this new interface but if you are familiar with old google adsense interface, you will never feel lost.  See the navigation placement on the left hand side and at the top.

    adsenseinterface thumb Shoutmeloud Review on New Google Adsense Interface

    New Tab: My Ads

    My ads is new variation of adsense set up. This one is much better and the best part is, you can quickly manage your channels and add ad unit from here.

    Though one thing which I seriously missing is option to delete ad units. Google adsense team should do something about this and should give an option to remove any previously created ad unit. Getting code and editing ad type can be done with single click.

    editadtype thumb Shoutmeloud Review on New Google Adsense Interface

    Performance Report:

    If you are one of them who like to monitor their ad unit performance report, you going to love this new added tab call Performance report. Here you can track the performance of your adsense channel based on different filters.

    adsenseperformancereport thumb Shoutmeloud Review on New Google Adsense Interface The only thing which is not working at this moment is Allow and block ads. If you remember I have written about Ad blacklist adsense competitive ad filter, you might not be able to use this feature in new adsense  beta. Seems like this is just a temporary arrangement and will be fixed soon.

    Over all I’m very happy with the new adsense interface and my kudos to adsense team for giving us new interface.

    Do let us know your  honest review about this new adsense interface?

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    Mukundan Srinivasan

    Wow the new adsense interface looks superb. Packed with great features. Thanks for sharing.


    Avi Singh

    Yeah Looks Nice.
    I still have to apply or Google Automatically includes it?


    Dev | Technshare

    Hey Harsh,

    New Adsense interface looks awesome :).

    Thanks for sharing this awesome review man.




    Oh yeah, it’s pretty Cool.



    Nice review of Adsense Interface . i got adsense account few days back , but my earning was just less than one $ . i am so sad of it


    Digital Imagination


    i didn’t know that adsense provide these many features too……

    Well u kept me updated on these things also……..


    Arun | A Shout

    I don’t have adsense account yet to give honest review :(



    Google is updating PR for sites. Why no updates from shoutmeloud or DW?? It is happening silently.



    New review is cool with all efficient and user – friendly features.



    Cool bro, love it!


    Faisal umar

    Performance report looks fantastic which help me to measure and decide how to judge our performance and help to plan for our future bloging policy
    thanx for sharing this good article with us


    Anish K.S

    From new interface, i have seen that Text ads generating more income.



    for update new interface and features.


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