ShoutMeLoud Moving to Linode Unmanaged VPS from Knownhost Managed VPS

We have already shared about what is VPS hosting and best managed VPS webhosting and
it’s time to come with an article on unmanaged VPS hosting. ShoutMeLoud started it’s blogging journey with Dreamhost Shared Hosting and after a year due to traffic we moved to managed VPS at Knownhost. We have been happily hosted at Knownhost but from last 3-4 days ShoutMeLoud is facing lots of downtime and Internal server error, I understand issue is because of lots of php calls and database queries. Since we use 30+ WordPress plugins, such issues are common and has to happen.

Shoutmeloud Moving Hosting

But before I would have upgraded my hosting plan to one more step, I thought of moving everything to unmanaged VPS hosting at linode. I have been hearing some great words about Linode server and how good they are.


I have already bought their level 3 plan with 1024 MB RAM, 32 GB storage and 400Gigs of data transfer. This server is costing me $40 every month and it’s more powerful and cheaper than Knownhost, but major difference is managed and unmanaged VPS. Unmanaged VPS is not for everyone and it’s better to stay away from them, if you don’t know about networking and not used to Linux and shell command.

How it will change your experience?

We are expecting that ShoutMeLoud will be 2X faster and with almost 0% downtime once we will move to Linode server. You might face little difficulty accessing ShoutMeLoud for next 1 day as we will be playing with DNS, and more over we might lose few comments in between.

If you are a guest author at ShoutMeLoud, please don’t submit any post till 30th and once we are back with announcement post on ShoutMeLoud hosted on Linode, everything will be resume into normal state but with faster speed.

WebHosting recommendations:

If you are looking for Server recommendations for your hosting here are few recommendations which I have for you:

Lets hope that our migration process will be done as smoothly as we are anticipating and like always I will be sharing my experience of migration once we are on linode. Don’t forget to wish good luck for smooth transition from Knownhost to Linode.

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 39 )

  1. says

    Although a bit dated, its a very nice post Harsh! I wanted to ask you hosting related query, I have a wordpress website currently hosted on Hostgator shared server. I was thinking to move to VPS but hostgator’s VPS is too costly.

    Is your site still hosted on Linode or did you move to another host? As you have several blogs, I was wondering if all of them are hosted on linode? Can you even host multiple websites on unmanaged VPS? Reply Soon. Thanks.

  2. Lee | Money4Invest says

    Just want to ask, before migrating to Linode VPS, how many blog you installed at Knowhost and total pageviews averagely per day? Do you facing VPS RAM not enough problem while using Knownhost? Do you think 512MB RAM is enough to handle WordPress blogs (with Cpanel)

  3. Kimi says

    Hey Harsh,

    I have noticed it runs faster than usual, good luck with the moving.

    Eespecially with 30 plugins..I have a question though, do you use any plugins for your “read more” in the front page?


    • says

      Thanks for dropping by Kimi. We are now on Linode and server is faster now and more stable.. :)
      For read more thing: I’m not using any plugin but it’s a custom code.

      • Kimi says

        Great it went well, Harsh!

        People tend to choose VPS when they get loads of traffics, i have no problems until now, so it is ok for me.

        Thanks for the read more thing, because i have got Thesis, and it’s all new to me :/

  4. Sourish says

    not a prblem till now , but need to twice the RAM on knownhost . Its on 1GB – handling 44k page views each day …. i think the SMART SEO plugin is doing the harm …. cant post a blog when the traffic is at its peak … how much RAM you are having + daily page views ?

    • says

      Sourish most of time it’s plugin issue..I was running fine and smooth on Knownhost with 0 down time but 2 faulty plugin started giving me issues
      1. Super cache
      2. VaultPress
      and then Linode was cheaper with better config, I moved to them and now I’m happy..
      SML daily PV= 15000+

  5. Vaibhav says

    Hi Harsh

    All the best for the migration. I understand it can quite a challenge moving over a big database and the files across making sure everything goes on smoothly.

    As you very rightly said, unmanagemed hosting is not for the faint hearted. Even if you are not able to come up with guides for migration process, hope to expect some guides at later stages on managing the server.

    All the Best!


  6. Simrandeep Singh says

    I also faced internal server error two days back on SML. Glad to hear that you are migrating to better server now. Hope it will load faster after moving to its new place.

  7. Bisomber says

    Hi Harsh,

    NoDoubt Linode is good, But you should consider rackspacecloud first. So that in future u don’t have think migrate again as in cloud it can be done seamlessly. Can u share one thing: What is ur approx monthly bandwidth for this site as you have taken 400GB transfer plan of linode.

    Happy Linoding….

  8. Namit Gupta says

    Hey, All the best for the migration process. :-)

    PS: Why you have again added the tags cloud at the bottom of the page. You had it earlier for a long time but then you had removed it. I read about its negative impact on SEO, what you say?

    • says

      Hey Tushar
      It was going slow and facing lots of downtime and internal server error..Though I know issue is not only the hosting and more coz of external script which I was using.. Still ShoutmeLoud is on Knownhost and it’s working fine since morning..but Its always a good idea to gear up for big one.

  9. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    Looks like both of us are doing the migration at the same time. I am moving to nethosting virtual private server 2 gig ram, 80 gig hd, 350 gig disk space and centos.

  10. Sahil Kotak says

    You would surely require some technical knowledge as it is Unmanaged. And $40 is very cheap for the specifications it has. Good Luck Harsh. :)

  11. Dinesh says

    Harsh, forget to tell, why don’t you do this after Google’s PR update ( Hope, it’s nearing)?
    I know nothing will be effected if all transfered and fixed, but …just to be in safe side.

    • says

      Hey Dinesh
      Thanks for suggestions..but at this moment I need to proceed with the migration ASAP.. Already having issues with downtime..So can’t avoid it..I know changing hosting can be tricky sometime arnd PR update..but I have to take this risk.
      Thanks a lot for your concern..

  12. Pankaj Gupta says

    But now SML is taking more time to load. Today I have written one Guest Post and hope it will be approved soon, tool 3 hour for me to prepare, but while submitting it took more time because the site was not loading properly. Hope it will be solved within few days. :) Congrats for new server. :)

  13. Dinesh says

    Good luck for your transfer. Expect one more detailed post with steps to move hosting plans.
    $40 is really cheap for VPS hosting.

  14. dr vikram singh yadav says

    All the best Mr Harsh, please do make a video of all this process what you will do, means all steps, lake making backup, uploading to new server, what are the commands you will use in ssh, or any other fact what you think is important to you, because i faced a lot of problems while I shifted my site to vps. Once more all the best.

    • says

      Thanks for your comment and suggestions. This migration process will be done by my team so I’m not sure if I will be able to come up with a post or tutorial on this..but I will try to come up with a post on outlining the process.

    • Rajat Kumar says

      trust me, once you start getting the amount of traffic Harsh does, you will see its more than worth the price.