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    Shoutmeloud Monthly Traffic Report October 2009

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    Another Good month is gone and in comparison to last month traffic report, I have some good news here, as Shoutmeloud crossed the 100,000 PV target in a month. This is the first time we have achieved 100,000 PV and this matters a lot, because we are getting targeted traffic. Here is the monthly traffic report of shoutmeloud for the month of October 2009.

    monthly traffic report thumb Shoutmeloud Monthly Traffic Report October 2009

    Site Traffic :

    • Visits : 74, 337
    • Page views : 120,239
    • Bounce rate : 73.40

    Traffic source

    In traffic source , Twitter traffic has increased and its good to see increase in organic traffic. That’s one of the main reason I’m getting targeted traffic.

    traffic source thumb Shoutmeloud Monthly Traffic Report October 2009

    Our Alexa rank is about to reach 13K and I hope soon Shoutmeloud Alexa rank will go down to 10K. We have around 2800 feed subscribers. One of the factor that drive good traffic is quality,unique post with regular posting.

    Do let me know how was your traffic for the month of October 2009?

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    Rajat Kumar

    yay. cool man. thumbs up.


    Rahul Jadhav

    Hey buddy…congratulations. Those are great stats



    Hey harsh, this post makes me happy. You are doing awesome there and yeah you dont need to worry about 10k alexa, its coming over soon ;)



    :) good work, keep it up.
    Do you guys Believe it now? “Alexa is Irrelevant”. I have higher PageViews (1.5x) than ShoutMeLoud, still a lot higher Alexa Rank (71k).
    PVs is all that matters. Never bother about alexa, cheers!


    ankit @ all about india

    Just started my blog and last month traffic was ard 5500 Visits n 10000 PV :)



    Congrats, Harsh
    Keep doing,,



    You deserve it man! I think your blog is bible for all the bloggers. Keep it up!



    Congratulations for your this mile stone. This shows how a blog can grow exponentially, If you do every thing in correct way.


    George Serradinho

    Well done Harsh ;)

    This is great news for you and your site in general, your followers and new visitors will always appreciate your valuable posts.


    Teen Blogger

    Wow, very nice stats.

    Congrats on your success. You get a lot of organic traffic and that’s the best kind of traffic to get. I don’t get much traffic, but hopefully will one day.


    Greg Ellison

    Congrats on getting 100,000+ page views. I am up from last month so that is cool. Greg Ellison



    congrats, your sites graphs are going good each month.also waiting for your monthly income report



    great Harsh
    I am nowhere near you, I like your efforts.


    Gabe | freebloghelp.com

    Thanks for the transparency. Those are some great traffic stats!

    What are the top keywords leading to your site? The bounce rate seems high to me.


    Blake @ Props Blog Reviews

    Wow! And I was just starting to feel good about my recent best day (650). LOL. Great work. The amount of traffic you get from search engines is really impressive to me (since I only get about 1% of my traffic that way).

    You’ve got an awesome blog here, and I always enjoy reading it. I look forward to seeing how things turn out this month.


    Sanjeev Mishra

    Congratulations Harsh, 100K+ PV is really awesome and targeted traffic sounds good. Please let us know if any major difference occurred after migration on VPS in traffic benefits.



    This is Outstanding Performance!


    Rajesh Kanuri

    eagerly waiting for your Oct Income report.. hope u ll be in 4k$ club this month..


    CA Karan Batra

    Keep up the good work boy



    Congrat, congrat.. very nice stats



    congratulation harsh good achievement and best of luck for this month



    great stats harsh…..good going..i wonder when i will reach this level


    Avi Singh

    Thats really a very very impressive stats.
    Keep it up your good work harsh.
    and ofcourse you deserve it!!!


    John Samuel

    Great news!!
    Hope you reach your target soon!

    All the best



    Wow! That’s very impressive. Congrats :)

    I have my target to break into the Alexa 100,000 mark in a month. Lets see if I am able to do so.


    Somenath Sen

    wow ! 74, 337 visit and 120,239 pageviews in one month…….that’s osum….


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