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    Shoutmeloud Monthly Traffic report November 2009

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    Another great month ended with great black Friday sale and now we started with the last month of year 2009. Which will be a vacation month all over the world.

    As expected after October Traffic report we were expecting better traffic and shoutmeloud traffic has increased a lot in past few months. Our Alexa rank is constantly growing and now we are close to 10K Alexa rank. Which is an achievement for a Blog based on blogging niche to get such rank within an year.

    Here goes the monthly traffic report for the month of November 2009.

    traffic report dashbaord thumb Shoutmeloud Monthly Traffic report November 2009

    Site Traffic

    • Visits : 113,089
    • Page Views : 170,009

    Traffic Source

    Shoutmeloud Traffic source is mostly Search engines. Here are few of the major Traffic source of traffic

    traffic source thumb Shoutmeloud Monthly Traffic report November 2009

    Almost 75% of Shoutmeloud traffic is from Google search engine and Twitter and Facebook are again one of the major source of traffic for Shoutmeloud.

    If you still wonder how I drive traffic from facebook, you should read my facebook related posts :

    Do let us know how was your month of October in terms of traffic and income?

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    Sagar @ TechVoir

    Great going buddy!!

    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks Sagar!

    Bhanu @ HackingArticles

    Man, That’s totally awesome! :D

    John Samuel

    Great Results. Keep Going

    Online Movies Temple

    Great achievement Harsh month over month :)

    Hope I get similar traffic on my blog too following your blog :D


    good static buddy, keep it up

    Malhar Parve

    Another milestone achieved with a big shout! Keep it up :)
    One question, are you working on your blog’s high bounce rate? Because this is only one region where I can see a red signal.

    Greg Ellison

    Those are great numbers. Keep up the great results. Greg Ellison

    Blog Handbook

    You get an amazing amount of traffic. Google seems to be your friend :)


    I was looking at your old alexa rank post. 1,70.000 to 10k in less then 10 months. I wonder how much SE traffic increased on your blog.
    Great achievement for any blog.


    well stats are going good


    Wow man you will cross 2,00,000 mark next month. This is great.


    one more awesome month for ShoutMeLoud…..congrats harsh….


    My blog averages more than 350000 hits per month. Nearly double!! My Alexa rank is 39000. What can be the reason for this? I would appreciate if you can publish the stats in detail.

    Harsh Agrawal

    Chris one thing which I realize lately about Alexa is , it is mostly dependent on
    Alexa Toolbar
    Regular Updates
    Constant traffic
    Since my blog revolves around blogging tips and most of blogger are using Alexa toolbar, thats one of the reason for this shining Alexa rank :)

    Hope this will answer your query… :)


    That’s a lot of traffic!!!
    Wondering how you make so much through mail referral?

    Harsh Agrawal

    Thats from Feedburner Email updates :)

    Rajesh Kanuri

    Hope my blog have half of your traffic.. :P
    Good Going Harsh..


    It’s a great opportunity for all of your to learn about the monthly traffic and income figures of Shoutmeloud.com. Regarding our blog in received 82,000 unique visitors and 132,000 pages view. Current Alexa Ranking : 43,250.

    George Serradinho

    Over 170,000 page views. That is amazing and just shows how popular your site has become. Mine was just under 15k and that is still better than the previous month.


    wow, great, wish you good luck.

    Steve Yu

    Your traffic stat is always impressive. Keep up the great work. Hope you break 200k pageviews for this month.

    neelmoney dot com

    I like this blog and you are improving well,but your blog having high bounce rate,so try to keep bouncing low. Bounced visit is not useful in any way..it is just helping in increasing your daily visit numbers.


    Im seriously jealous :D.. ha ha kidding, Good stats dude. You have become my inspiration

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