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    ShoutMeLoud Monthly Traffic Report March 2011

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    So this month I already published our monthly income report and now it’s time for monthly traffic report. Our traffic has gone down by a significant number in past 2-3 months and before I will share how it happened and how is it good for the future of ShoutMeLoud. Lets, check our traffic report:

    shoutmeloudmarch2011 thumb ShoutMeLoud Monthly Traffic Report March 2011

    Our total visits remain the same compare to our old traffic report but the traffic growth is too less compare to old months.

    Traffic source:

    trafficsource thumb ShoutMeLoud Monthly Traffic Report March 2011

    Why ShoutMeLoud traffic dropped and how is it good?

    So you might be thinking how traffic drop is good for ShoutMeLoud. If you are a regular reader of ShoutMeLoud, you must be aware that we have turned ShoutMeLoud into a niche blog for MMO, Blogging and SEO tips. We have stopped covering all latest articles and news on Technology and such posts are being published on CallingAllGeeks now.

    The reason it’s good because now our traffic is more targeted and therefore it significantly increased my affiliate incomes, more conversation and number of advertisers. We have also raised our ad slot price by 25% and despite of that, all our ad slots are sold at this moment. (Check BSA)

    Also due to my busy time-schedule I can’t comment on many blogs which used to contribute at least 7-8% traffic every month. I will be trying to get  back to my commenting spree soon, but for now overall the traffic drop is good and now our traffic started increasing considerably.

    One major thing which impacted my traffic drop is because of lack of SEO Smart link plugin, I’m 40% dependent on this plugin for SEO optimization of ShoutMeLoud and other blogs in the network but seems like free version is not well optimized for large blogs. Finally I grabbed premium version of SEO smart link and now I can see the significant increase in traffic for certain keywords which I have been targeting.

    Though I’m trying to increase the set of targeted keywords and increase the traffic of ShoutMeLoud in coming days. But the good thing is with time, we have developer many niche blogs and you can check out other blogs at:  WpHostingDiscount, LetsTalkRelations, Chromoz, Thesis Customization Service and CallingAllGeeks.

    More over in coming days, I will be coming up with many contest and giveaway for ShoutMeLoud readers, Don’t forget to subscribe to our Email newsletter to be the first one to get to know about the contest.

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    Kavya Hari

    Yeah, it’s very difficult to get high traffic for any new web site. According to me, yours traffic growth is good, but as compare to last month,it’s little bit less. But. it’s good only :)


    Deepak yadav

    man i get emotional by seeing others monthly traffic reports, i don’t know when i would be able to get those big huge visits on my blog………..



    nice stats..But don’t you think your bounce rate is quite high ?



    Don’t you think you need to do something with high bounce rate ?



    wow nice stats :-) nice traffic from yahoo as well :-)


    kbharath @ Techntricksonline

    Great stats Harsh and thanks for sharing your Traffic stats again.


    Trung @ Blogging 24 Hours

    Although this month your traffic dropped considerably against previous month, but it look very high with many blogger. Thanks for share Harsh.


    Manikandan J

    Harsh you should try to decrease your bounce rate.It should be atleast more than 80%.try to get it!all the best for your Work!


    shyam jos

    great stats. keep posting!



    That’s freakin’ awesome, Harsh! Way to go, buddy! :D


    Sathish | TechieMania

    Man, this is unbelievable traffic. I don’t see any drop in traffic at all. 7000 visitors per day is really unbelievable.



    Wow, your traffic is awesome! If only I could get about 1% of those kind of traffic, I will be hiding behind my door and laugh.

    Thank you for sharing your traffic report! Again, it inspires me to work harder so that one day I could hide behind my door and laugh! :)


    Michael Aulia @CravingTech.com

    Even if it’s dropping, it’s still a good traffic. Besides traffic doesn’t really drop, more like being “transferred” to your other blogs. Not to mention the CallingAllGeeks got a very good traffic too last month!


    Rahul Ghosh

    Hey Harsh,
    How to get traffic beyond facebook and twitter. Stuck with 100 unique visitors a day for a month. MY blog is 1.5 months old. Is it a good progress.


    Shaswat Patel

    One thing which you should understand that Google Panda effect is also their for all blogs and significant drop reported from US Traffic, I’m sure you hit more to their! Now people getting traffic back so I am sure when you put April reports, we will surely see increment in it!

    Also wish you do reports for CallingAllGeeks too.:)


    Amrish Singh

    Hi Harsh, I would like to say you that this is not the report of shoutmeloud.com ,This one of your another site,According to your alexa ranking you site daily traffic should be above to 50k and you have shown here 5.5k .As you feed reader stat I am seeing here about 12k ,I you are getting 5.5k traffic then how feed reader are 12k. About 20% visitors comes from feed .
    As I think you will delete this comment or not replay me but I want the reason that why you have shown this report .If this is right report then let me know why you alexa rank is so high ?Waiting for you


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