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    Shoutmeloud Monthly Traffic Report March 2010

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    Finally one good month come to end in terms of traffic and revenue. Like every month I’m giving away my traffic report and source of traffic. This month was better than the earlier month in terms of traffic and also bounce rate. Shoutmeloud bounce rate moved down to 67% from earlier 76%, which is a big win for me. Though I’m trying hard to move it down to 50%. Since we cover lots of topics like technology, SEO, blogging tips, WordPress and so on, so bounce rate are supposed to be high.

    Here is a screenshot of the traffic for the month of March 2010:

    trafficreport thumb Shoutmeloud Monthly Traffic Report March 2010

    Traffic report:

    • Visits: 97,810
    • Page Views: 170,254
    • Bounce rate: 67.58%

    Traffic source

    Like every month most of traffic is generated by Google search engine. This month major change is traffic from Stumble upon. Our Stumble upon traffic has increased by 200% .

    trafficsource thumb Shoutmeloud Monthly Traffic Report March 2010 Though my target of touching the 100,000 is still pending and I hope this month we will touch that milestone.

    Do wait for our monthly income report, which I will be publishing it soon.

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    Congrats Once again Harsh!


    You almost touched the one lakh mark..


    Good to see that Stumble upon is contributing to your traffic by a huge number.

    Well Harsh I guess you can reduce the bounce rate a little I guess.


    hey can you post about how to use stumble upon for traffic…..


    yes man what a great question !!! I am just wondering how you are getting that much traffic from stumble upon .

    Harsh Agrawal

    Aarif there are many factors which determine the traffic from stumble :
    Stumble upon people like posts which have lots of images, programming and should have a neat interface. More over your posts should be submitted by different people. If you will keep submitting your post from your pofile, it won’t help much and you might get Ghost banned.


    congarats harsh .. soon u will recah ur milestone of 100000



    Great, I reached more than 4k visits this month. You rock Harsh! Congrats

    Harsh Agrawal

    Your growth is steady and it’s good. :) Thanks Tinh!


    Your traffic not reach 1 lack, but you get good alexa rank, why?

    Harsh Agrawal

    Kokkada many reasons for the same.
    1. Regular updates
    2. Most of my traffic is from search engine
    3. Most of Shoutmeloud readers are bloggers who use Alexa toolbar.

    Michael Aulia

    Amazing traffic Harsh. I’m still trying to get my StumbleUpon traffic back again like my old domain :( Kinda miss seeing occassional spikes from a post being stumbled months before


    I can never seem to get much traffic from StumbleUpon, what’s the secret?

    I get more traffic from digg.

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