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    Shoutmeloud Monthly Traffic Report January 2010

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    We just published Shoutmeloud Monthly Roundup . Here is monthly traffic stats post, this will help advertisers to determine what they are going to get this month and also will help other bloggers to find out the traffic source and they can try their hands on those missing places of Internet which can help them to grab more traffic.

    We have seen a great improvement in traffic of Shoutmeloud compared to December 2009 traffic. Search engine traffic got a boost and also bounce rate decreased by almost 5%.

    january traffic stats 2010 thumb Shoutmeloud Monthly Traffic Report January 2010

    Site Traffic

    • Visits: 91,083
    • Page Views: 147,361
    • New Visits : 84.84%


    Traffic Source

    Traffic source was almost same but traffic from twitter has increased tremendously.  Almost 200% traffic hike from Twitter and hootsuite traffic.

    traffic source 2010 twitter thumb Shoutmeloud Monthly Traffic Report January 2010

    One traffic source which decreased is Stumble Upon and one major reason is my lack of time for social networking and social bookmarking websites. This month my target will be crossing almost 1oo,ooo Visits and 1,75,000 Page views atleast.

    We will be publishing our monthly Income report soon. Meanwhile do let us know how was your month of January in terms of traffic and income?

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    Arafat Hossain Piyada

    Your traffic stat look impressive as always. My last month over all visit was around 33K and Page View was near 50K. I want to take those mark into 50K and 75K respectively. Last month earning was also good but as a full time blogger I have to work hard to reach my expected earning goal. :)

    Debajyoti Das

    This is great …. you almost touched 1 lakh visits. I am also waiting for your Income report…

    This time why don’t you publish a detailed income report…. I mean esp. on the affiliate part… how many sales you made and which were the most fruitfull affiliate…

    Btw, mine blog is not fine, losing traffic everry day.. since I got a google penalty, I don’t know why yet… You have any idea…


    This month MobiGyaan got over 1,00,000 pageviews


    Thats a great statistics.My site site just got 3200 visits,hope it will improve in month of febuary….

    Rakesh waghela @Webiyo.com

    Caution !
    1.5 Pages/Visit and Bounce rate of 70%

    Harsh !
    You need to have some catchy interlinking strategy so as to increase the number of pages per visit !

    Bounce rate was around 60% not so long ago ! It is supposed to come back to at least 60% again by the end of this quarter :)

    More Hits turns into fatal Misses if bounce rate like this prevails ! Do something buddy !

    Rishabh Agarwal

    The stats look impressive :)

    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks Rishabh.

    Sourish Nath

    cool , carry on bloggers . cheers !!! :)

    Michael Aulia

    Wow, almost double than my traffic! I hope you’ll reach the 100K mark soon. I got most of my traffic from the search engines

    Harsh Agrawal

    Hey Michael thanks for comment. Getting organic traffic is best traffic and I’m sure the way you are doing, in short time you will also reach 100K milestone. Thanks for your wishes.


    hope one day i’ll achieve this. great stats man

    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks for comment himanshu. best of luck :)


    You are simply superb harsh….
    All the best for your upcoming month projects…

    Sushant @ Techooze

    Your stats are steady, Good and I hope this blog will continue to rise.Waiting for the income report for jan 2010 and to be true your monthly income report is very inspiring for me.


    I don’t believe this because these many visitors you should be getting in a day and not monthly.

    How many visitors do you get each day?

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