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    Shoutmeloud Monthly Traffic Report December 2009

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    We already started with a new year and with new goals and new targets. This is time for monthly traffic report for December 2009.

    December was a cold month for Shoutmeloud. We have seen a good no. of traffic in the month of December which is quite justified with long list of holidays and specially when I was also out of work for 5 days. Post frequency were as usual and we have accomplish the target of 80 articles last month.

    Here is the traffic report :

    monthly traffic report december 2009 thumb Shoutmeloud Monthly Traffic Report December 2009

    Site Traffic

    • Visits : 85K
    • Page views : 129.5K

    Traffic Source :

    Our main source of traffic is search engine and that is so far the best traffic source any one can have. Followed by Feeds, Stumbleupon, and Facebook.

    traffic source thumb Shoutmeloud Monthly Traffic Report December 2009

    It’s good to see jump in traffic from yahoo and Bing search engine. Since holiday season is gone and now we can expect some serious traffic like the month of November.

    Do let us know did you notice drop in traffic in the month of December or for you it was smooth?

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    Lee Ka Hoong

    It goes same to me, December traffic dropped a bit due to Christmas and New Year, all the people off for quite some days. But January may be back to normal. :)

    Happy New Year Harsh!


    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks for your comment Lee ka Hoong, and you are right about the traffic drop season. :)
    January is picking up nice and I can expect a good amount of traffic this month.
    Thanks and Happy new year to you :)


    Alexa is strange….I get over a million pageviews a month and my Alexa rank is 29,000.

    This site gets a piddly 129K and is ranked 8000+.


    Check out my site.

    Greg Ellison

    That is some traffic that you pulling in. That is very nice work. One day I wish I can do that. Greg Ellison

    Harsh Agrawal

    I’m sure you will get it soon Greg. :)

    provamsi @ India365

    The numbers were truly impressive numbers, however, your traffic touched 5000 daily mark in the previous month, any reasons for reduction in traffic.

    Uttoran Sen

    I guess its mainly due to Christmas and new year, in the holiday times not everyone is online as much :( i saw a slight dip i my traffic too in that time, specially in the organic search traffic,

    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks for adding reply Uttoran
    @Provamsi Uttoran is right about the reason behind traffic drop.

    Rishabh Agarwal

    The bounce rate is so high. Why so?

    Harsh Agrawal

    Rishabh Even im working on it.. Trying diff things to figure out why is it low. ..One reason which I can think of after checking analytic is variation of topic..Since I cover various topics, like PC trouble shotting, Softwares, Blogging, Wordpress, Wordpress SEO and so on… and more over most users come from search engine searching for a solution and after getting the solution they say good bye to Shoutmeloud. I know I need to Work hard on decrease down the bounce rate.

    David Hobson

    Congrats on your traffic stats.

    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks David.

    Sushant @ techooze

    Everytime you post those stats, they are like an inspiration to me. Also looking forward for your monthly income report.

    Harsh Agrawal

    Sushant Shoutmeloud Monthly Income report is live now

    Vikash Dhankar

    Hey Hash,
    excellent traffic from google. Wish that this month it doubles
    go on blogging.

    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks Vikash , I will be so happy if that happens :)

    Malhar Parve @ MyTFace

    In Dec, Shoutmeloud had received 85.48 new visits. Thease numbers are impressing. But still need to look at Bounce rate.

    Harsh Agrawal

    @Malhar Actively looking into it…


    I have also planned to show my traffic stats from coming month. So far good for me as i am new.

    Harsh Agrawal

    Pascal do it, trust me it encourages bloggers..and your reader will feel more connected to you.

    Tom - StandOutBlogger.com

    Wow! Very impressive quantities there. Makes me reconsider my efforts.

    Harsh Agrawal

    Tom the basic idea of revealing my monthly traffic report is give an idea to other bloggers, This traffic is nothing in front of many big blogs, but I’m still happy with this much traffic, since its growing every month.


    Impressive stats but why the traffic is less than last month
    All the best for new year buddy. I hope Shoutmeloud touch new heights this year :)

    Harsh Agrawal

    Loveish December was a month of holidays and I have seen very less traffic in the last 2 week of December.

    Amandeep Gulati

    Really impressive numbers, but necessary to earn good revenue.i hope january will be more impressive

    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks Aman, I hope to reach new heights this month.


    i am amazed to see that your page views are less…..

    Harsh Agrawal

    Tushar and that’s a big reason for higher bounce rate.

    Uttoran Sen

    excelent feagures, congrats for the great traffic, always feels good to see search engine traffic as the biggest traffic source :)

    now that the holidays are gone, the traffic will increase further in jan,

    Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

    share some exclusive tips to maximize traffic .. Your stats were always impressive.. waiting for ur income report..

    gautam hans

    This is really awesome, 129k visits is a huge number, i just get between 12-20k visits


    85K visits.. This is what I want ;-)
    Awesome dude, keep it up!

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