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    Shoutmeloud Monthly Traffic Report April 2010

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    Last month when we released our monthly traffic report I thought I will touch 100,000 unique visits milestone this month but we missed it by few thousand visits.  Good news about last month traffic is we lowered down our bounce rate from earlier 67% to 26%.  One reason for lower bounce rate is niche blogging. Last month most of posts published at Shoutmeloud were related to topics like blogging, SEO, wordpress and Social media.

    This helped me to interlink most of my new posts with old posts and resulted in lower bounce rate.

    Do read:

    Monthly Traffic stats:

    monthlytrafficreport thumb Shoutmeloud Monthly Traffic Report April 2010

    • Visits: 98,918
    • Page views: 333,441
    • Bounce rate: 26.37%

    Traffic source :

    trafficsource thumb Shoutmeloud Monthly Traffic Report April 2010

    Like every month search engine is our major source of traffic.  Stumble Upon traffic is increasing and since we lowered down repeated tweets, twitter traffic lowered down a bit.

    Do let us know how was your month of April for traffic?

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    Vivek Krishnan

    Thanks for sharing this with us!


    April was an awesome month for NPXP ;)


    Harsh Great Going Congrats, and last month I got around 51,000 page views..


    About 10,000 unique visitors for me. Still a long way to go :-) But, the good thing is I’m still having fun :-)

    I am seriously impressed with the bounce rate. My bounce rate right now is almost 80% and the related posts plugin is not helping at all. I guess manually interlinking posts inside articles is the only solution.


    Hey dear, congrats :)

    btw can you tell me which plugin do you use for stats ?


    Congrates Harsh, my search engine traffic got down due to my mistake of changing my URL style two months back. Site Usage

    * 931

    * 1,808

    * 1.94

    * 65.31%
    Bounce Rate

    * 00:04:58
    Avg. Time on Site

    * 74.44%
    % New Visits

    It was 5000 visits earlier.


    Just starting new blog.. not yet added stat counter. Your stats seems really nice.


    Great going….
    I think it would have taken a lot of time to reach at this point I have started my blog last month only and I would like to grow it as you did!
    Wish me luck as sometimes I start to lose hope but its your blog that again gets me going!


    From the monthly traffic status, I can see that your blog has been a popular blog indeed and you must have spent much time on it.


    Harsh,Congrats for such a high traffic. Well good news about me is that last month my traffic increased from 16k unique visitors to 26k. I hope i do better this month :)

    Mani Viswanathan

    Me too started a new blog, got indexed quite fast, now will start blogging after may 6th :)

    Arafat Hossain Piyada

    That’s great stat. I get 50k+ last month and my this month target is 75k. Let see what I can achieve.


    Quite impressive stats. Bounce rate is unbelievable! April month traffic for Techno-Pulse was approx 2500 unique visits. Bounce rate is at a higher side approx 70%.

    Anish K.S

    Nice figures, keep it up friend.


    Good stat. I am getting very low but still working hard for my new blog.

    Shekhar Sahu

    That is still good :)

    Pavan Somu

    April was a good for me too. My traffic increased twice than before.

    Dragon Blogger

    I hope to get that level of traffic in one month, that is incredible. I am only about 16k for the month with most coming from Google search.

    Udegbunam Chukwudi

    WOW. Going from a bounce rate of 67% to 26% remains an illusion for me but I’m working at it. As they say every little bit counts ;-)


    That’s a nice bounce rate and I’m surprised about the high number of Stumbleupon visitors…never paid too much attention to it.


    compared to previous month Your monthly visit is moreoever same…but how did u “increase your pageviews” 3 times faster….great………..Please
    Share some Tips ……..????????????

    This is one of your best traffic stats …..ALl the best

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