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    Shoutmeloud Monthly Income Report October 2009

    By in Shoutmeloud

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    I was not planning to reveal my monthly income report this month but many readers asked me about it so instead of not revealing I thought of posting my monthly income report. To be honest I lost the track of income last month so I’m summing up in round figure and showing the minimum figure where ever I’m not very sure.

    monthly earning report 2009 Shoutmeloud Monthly Income Report October 2009

    Google adsense :                                230$

    Direct advertisement :                    350$

    Affiliate Marketing:                         750$

    Thesis Theme customization :    450$

    WordPress SEO :                               350$

    Blogspot to WordPress :     560$


    Total :                                               :    2490$

    This month earning was not as effective as last month earning but considering the number of vacations in last month where I didn’t worked for one week. I’m happy with the earning.

    Right now me and my partner is working on a big Thesis Theme project and that will have a good impact on my November month earning.

    As I predicted earlier that my adsense earning will increase because I started using quick adsense plugin to add a small as unit in between the post.And It’s increasing . My other websites are also doing good and just for the info, I’m working on a brand new premium like free wordpress theme which I will be giving away to shoutmeloud readers for free in the month of December. Along with wordpress theme, I have also compiled an EBook on WordPress and blogging, but finding time for proof reading and styling is getting tough for me. Else I would have released that book by now. I will try to release that book along with wordpress theme.

    Meanwhile do Check out our previous month Traffic report and you can contact us using our advertising page.

    This month and December is going to be very busy for me as working on my plans to extend Shoutmeloud and take it to the next level.

    Do let me know about your previous month earning?

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    keep up….
    all de best for next month..



    This is Exciting!


    Lee Ka Hoong

    I love to see others’ blog earning, it pushes me to work harder to beat their earning. Harsh, you’re doing very well with your blog and online business, you deserve this earning. Congrats and keep it up! :)

    Don’t forget to tell us about your Thesis Theme project when it’s done.



    That’s great, but still not that much happy as you were not able to beat the last month :-(



    Harsh, well done on this…but your adsense earning is pathetic…that should be a one day earning…and not a month’s…


    izzat aziz

    that really good numbers, your adsense really work uh?
    I still stuck at $50 and currently not using it, so don’t know when i can get $100 to ask for payment. You service really bring great amount of income uh.. hope can be like you someday.. :D


    Surender Sharma

    Congratulations Harsh !
    Your monthly income report is good but the report of the last month was really handsome.
    Anyways,this is also handsome earnings of the month.


    Bollywood Wire

    Your Adsense revenue is good but it need more clicks.
    Congrats for the reward for your efforts.


    Rajesh Kanuri

    Although it less.. Keep going.. you ll have your day…


    Muhammad Qasim

    Thats very sweet earnings
    keep it up and best of luck for the next month


    Rakesh Waghela

    No worries buddy ! You would improve it over time :)

    ♥ there is a reason to cheer buddy ! 1000 Posts by you !
    ♥ This might be your 1001-st Article !
    ♥ Congratulations for both : Earnings as well as 1000 posts milestone !



    Hello Harsh,
    I analyzed that you started this blog last year and you earning reports(thanks for sharing earning reports :) )..I want to start a blog ,My question is “Did u started this blog alone or you had a partner form the beginning.



    Great earnings this time also.


    Helen Neely

    Nice to see how much you are making. Good luck and let us know how this month’s earning works out.


    CA Karan Batra



    Shabnam Sultan

    Congrats keep it up :) .



    Atlast i see the OCT earnings!!:p
    guys believe me harsh’s earnings are more inspiring and since the end of OCT month, I was bugging him asking this for this post….lol

    thanks harsh bhai….
    lemme read the post now :D


    Teen Blogger

    I see your doing quite well with Adsense. That’s pretty impressive as not many webmaster blogs earn a lot with Adsense.

    Nice work.



    I really get surprised that your earning is high. Congrats lots bro.


    Malhar Parve

    Hi Harsh,

    I am your blog follower and inspired by you to get into blog world. I too have started earning money by following your blog posts on blogging and adsense.


    Neeraj K


    You deserve the name, fame & money….u truly deserve it.

    Happy Blogging!!



    Thank you for revealing your monthly income to your readers.

    Keep it up



    Deneil Merritt

    Wow, the income is great. Can’t wait to reach and maintain your income levels.


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