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    Shoutmeloud Monthly Income report for June 2009

    By in Shoutmeloud

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    This is the time for monthly Income report. Last month monthly income report was 901$.

    In the month of June, apart from affiliate sales, I managed to grab some private advertising, which is so far doing good for me. Here is the break up of my monthly income report for the month of June 2009.

    howimakemoneyonline 235x300 Shoutmeloud Monthly Income report for June 2009

    Google Adsense —       160$

    Direct advertisement “ 50$

    Affiliate Marketing –     450$

    Blogspot to wordpress service – 350$

    Thesis wordpress theme sale – 50$


    Total                                                                                                       1160$

    Remember few days back I talked about buysellads, out of 3 direct advertisement , 2 has been sold by them. Moreover in the last Google PR update, we reached PR 4 and compared to last month Alexa 30K , this month our Alexa rank is around 24K.

    One thing which I need to make better it my adsense earning. After affiliate sales I have been ignoring adsense a lot and which is not a good sign. Though the number of adsense units I run here, 160$/month sounds ok to me.

    I have been planning to replace the adsense unit completely by affiliate banner. Though before that I would love to know your opinion on it.

    This month another thing which I’m going to target is CPM based advertisement. Right now I’m using adsdaq, but it’s fill rate is not impressive.

    Another advertisement program, which I tried and didn’t worked for me is technorati media. They have been displaying public service ads in my country, but for US traffic they have been showing proper advertisement. If you are running technorati media banner and ads, I will suggest open you website using some US based proxy websites.

    Meanwhile to grow your online income, I will recommend read this articles :

    What is CPA,CPM,CPC advertisement

    Adsense font size

    Infolinks affiliate program

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    congratulation harsh for reaching this amount and best of luck for next month.



    Your site is earning gud income you have also asked suggestion for replacing Google ads to affiliate banner i think ur thinking is right because your having gud traffic and as in ur earning report affiliate Marketing got more income than google adsense
    .-= Arun ´s last blog ..Translating webpage in a singel click without leaving webpage =-.


    Harsh Agrawal

    That’s true Arun, but affiliate marketing is a strategy based thing. If I will replace my adsense with Aff. links banner, it might not be helpful in anyways… so I will keep adsense before I will start working on my Aff. marketing strategy. Anyways thanks for heads up.. :)



    Thats a good report ! :) Makes me interested to know more about affiliate marketing.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Mr. R
    I have already compiled few articles on Affiliate marketing, I hope that might help you. Wait for 2-3 days before I will publish them.



    Nice. I wish someday i could earn like yours.
    .-= Misao ´s last blog ..Youtube tăng dung lượng upload lên 2GB, HD Embeds! =-.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Misao it might take some time but I’m sure you will earn more then this. :)



    Hi Harsh, Congratulations. Its good to know that your main source of income is not Adsense.
    .-= Prasanna ´s last blog ..Get instant access to 2780 Live TV Channels directly from your Firefox browser =-.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks Prasanna. :)



    Nice one Hearsh. Well i think its just an start. You can earn better via adsense. Do some adsense ad optimization it will work for you.
    .-= Youngistaan ´s last blog ..Download AIM On Iphone =-.



    Awesome stats Harsh. Congratulations on being successful in making money from sources other than adsense.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks Sita.. Good to see you after long time. :)



    good stats… all the very best for July :)


    David Dunn

    I too can’t wait until I am earning a monthly amount similar to yours – pretty impressive, well done :)

    I’m looking to start a couple of niche blogs soon rather than my personal blog so hopefully it will be easier to make money with them.


    George Serradinho

    Wow Harsh, your income is increasing. I would love to be earning just half of that, but I have made some extra cash in the last month and a half.

    If you want to replace your adsense then do a trail run. Replace some of your adsense with links or banners, but no all of them. Test the waters so to speak.

    Could I ask you what you do for the service of Blogspot to WordPress?
    .-= George Serradinho ´s last blog ..Thesis and my Traffic Sources =-.



    Hi good posts .Ihave one question. Can iahve more posts different posts on my blog not only one? And how i will replace ADS whe ngoogle put on my sites? Can i do by myself? Thanks.



    Great improvement buddy.

    But I’m surprised with one thing that you are not using in-text advertising on this blog. It would have added extra $$ to your monthly income.

    Anyway, keep working hard. Best of luck for July. :)
    .-= Harshad ´s last blog ..Guide to Jailbreak iPhone 3G S OS 3.0 with Purplera1n =-.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks Harshad, yah I removed in-text advertisement for the benefit of my readers. Though I might put it back with few changes, so that it will not distract regular readers.



    congrats Harsh nice earnings



    That’s a very good amount….Keep it up


    Kamal Hasa

    That is some good numbers. Adsense is a piece of cake if you experiment things the right way..



    Congrates buddy……You will get better and better in future.. i know that… about replacing adsense i would’nt recommend u to replace them completely. agree with u that putting affiliating banner will not increase anything but u will loose your adsense earning. about CPM try vcmedia they are gud. looking forward to read ur articles about affiliate marketing….. they will be fun to read :) best of luck mate………


    Deepak Jain


    It proves that hard work is always fruitful :-)


    Deneil Merritt

    Wow, $1,000+ income. I can’t wait to reach that level. :)


    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks Daneil. I’m sure you will reach it soon. :)


    Deneil Merritt

    I am working hard to reach that level. Hopefully I will reach it this month.



    Cool!, congrats for crossing 1000$!!


    web about theme

    You are great, In the feb i remmber you make $400, but now you have made 1160$. More than me. In june I have made $680, And this month, I think it’s more. It’s $720 until today.


    Chintan Patel

    As a tip, you cant place AdSense code directly under your post’s title. It is against their T&C.

    I read on the AdSense Support Forums about some users getting warning mails from AdSense Support regarding that. You may consider moving the Large Rectangle code above the post’s title. Please monitor the change in the earnings and let us know.


    Anish KS

    Nice figures :)


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