Shoutmeloud Migrated to Knownhost VPS from Shared hosting

I have been waiting from last 2 days when I bought VPS server from knownhost and now I’m feeling good to make it official that Shoutmeloud is migrated to Knownhost VPS.

I know many of you will have question why VPS? I will answer that later but I will suggest you should read my previous post on What is VPS hosting and best manages VPS hosting?

Why ShoutMeLoud migrated to VPS?

I know many of you will have this question, from last 2 weeks shoutmeloud traffic has increased almost 2X and we have been getting lots of connection at same time. Though Dreamhost shared hosting account was handling the load without any issue but I know if I will get another traffic boost, my shared hosting account will not like it.  I was getting internal server error for a minute or two maximum, but still a downtime is always a downtime. The problem was the load on my server and I have no complaint  against dreamhost because they have been working great till now. Even I migrated to VPS, My dreamhost account is still there. I will use it for testing purposes now. More over I have now 3+ blogs and instead of operating them on different server its best to have them on single server.

So I started hunting for VPS, I was undecided between managed and unmanaged VPS and finally I decided to get Knownhost VPS.  I got some strong recommendation for Knownhost VPS from webhosting forum and Raju from techpp.

So I finally bought knownhost VS2 plan and used coupon code KH4LIFE to get 50% off on first month and also 15% off life time. Probably the best deal I can get.

Till now I’m extremely pleased with Knownhost customer service and I will rate them A+ for the prompt reply and detailed reply.

Special thanks to Sandeep of and Dav of for helping me fixed the various issues I faced in between.

Migration was easy and within 3 hours I was on Knownhost server. Though Name server replication took some time and many users reported 404 error in between. I suggested those users who reported my 404 error to use Open DNS so that you can see the site without any issue. Though after wordpress migration I faced lots of issues like

  1. Google apps
  2. WordPress Weird Character
  3. WordPress Image upload problem
  4. Super cache plugin problem and more.

but all together it was a great learning experience for me and managing WHM over cpanel is real fun. I’m still learning the other side of cpanel and WHM. Though one thing which I learned from here is, either be it, WordPress , shared hosting, Computer or VPS, every thing is  just a raw machine and you need to optimize it to make most out of it.

I will be sharing lots of tutorials in coming days regarding my migration and problem which I faced. This will ensure you that you will not face any such problem in future.

Update: We have moved to Linode unmanaged VPS. (Complete announcement)

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 28 )

  1. Sagar Patil says

    Hello harsh,
    post helps me alot but still have few question hope you’ll reply.-
    1.How much time it take to migrate from shared to vpn hosting
    2.does website gets offline till migration process complet.
    3.does migration affect SEO

  2. Viraj says

    Hello Harsh,

    Will you recommend Knownhost for shared hosting? So far I’ve tried Hostgator, Eleven2, Media Temple (MT) etc. And I’ve experienced lots of problems with them. If you could suggest any better host than Knownhost then I’ll go with that.

    I’ll really appreciate your reply. Thanks!

  3. BlogrPro says

    That’s a good news for you Harsh. I always want to try VPS and will do that after an year. Right now I am 100% satisfied with my hosting provider.

  4. IndianCashMaker says

    congrats harsh….i was also getting downtime error when i tried to access your blog….nice move

  5. izzat aziz says

    that is good move, you blog is growing and you need to prepare for it.. i think it about time when you actually need to migrate to dedicated server.. :D

  6. Surender Sharma says

    Hi Harsh,
    It’s really good if you shifted to VPS instead of shared hosting.VPS is the best for individuals and high traffic generated sites like SML.Even it has enterprises solutions like add on features like RAM or disk space etc.
    I am sure you gained lot of knowledge about VPS while transferring the files of SML.

    • says

      Surender I can say I had nightmare and some great experience with migration. I will not say it was easy but it was not tough and the learning part was most important and I’m glad I learned lots of thing @cost of Vps :)

  7. Sagar says

    Congrats for VPS !!
    Harsh please dedicate a post sooner or in the future for steps to be performed (without any problems) while moving from one host to another because I will need to move to another webhost very soon and I don’t know anything of the process involved in it. I am with my current host only because I don’t know how the process of moving is done and so I face many downtimes [:(]

  8. Amandeep Singh says

    Great going Harsh. This is yet another milestone for a blog to having shift to VPS because of the boost in traffic.

    Wonder I could ever achieve that.. :)

    Keep- up the good work… you have convinced me as a regular visitor to your blog :)