ShoutMeLoud in “The Week” National Magazine & My First Presentation on Blogging

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ShoutMeLoud in “The Week” National Magazine & My First Presentation on Blogging

I always love to share my joy with ShoutMeLoud audience (Shouter), and this is one of those things, which is a moment of joy for me and for ShoutMeLoud. ShoutMeLoud got a mention in “The week” magazine, and I find it worth sharing it with ShoutMeLoud readers. Last month I got a call from one of the journalist from “The week” and we talked a bit about blogging, entrepreneurship and life of being an internet celebrity. Though, we talked for an hour on various aspect of blogging (off the topic), as journalist wanted to understand how blogs make money and some other usual stuff related to blogging.

Here I’m sharing the image and a little text which was mentioned in the article title “Khans, Virtually” by Shweta Thakur Nanda in May 5th 2013 edition of the Week.

ShoutMeloud on the Week magazine

Here is the text:

Apart from fame and financial gains, being a cyber celeb means self-employment, flexible work hours and pursuing your hobby as career. “What else can one ask for?” asks Agarwal. “It is, however, very difficult to make your parents understand what you are doing. It is new-age career.” But freedom comes with its share of problems. Agarwal says that the process of growth and mentoring that happens in corporate set-up is missing. And the ever-changing technology and short interest span of netizens often lead to insecurities about the future, as you are self-taught and your venture is like an experiment.

ShoutMeLoud already got mention many time on various magazine, and here is an online version of one such mention in MyOD magazine.

On the other news:

Guest of honor

This weekend I also gave my first ever presentation on blogging at SAS Mohali (5th May 2013), and it was a great experience. More over, it was an incredible feeling to be the guest of honour at the event.  Special thanks to Shankar Bakshi for making this event happen. I will soon be sharing photos and seminar videos, as soon as I get my hands on them.

I usually don’t post such updates, but realise it’s because of you “Shouters”, I’m able to achieve such kind of honour, and I should definitely share my moment of joy with you.  I also put up a media coverage page to maintain an index of all such mentions. I will be doing a seminar on blogging soon, and keep an eye on ShoutMeLoud updates. You should subscribe to ShoutMeLoud newsletter, if you don’t want to miss an update regarding blogging seminar. I will be hosting it in Delhi.

Till then, Happy blogging! :)

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Harsh has written 1038 articles.

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  1. arjun salyan says

    You deserve it man. Your hard-work deserves. You are the biggest inspiration for me.

  2. says

    Awesome! This is awesome. Many Congrats Harsh :)

    Well, you are are no doubt an inspiring internet celeb. We’ll be waiting for seminar on blogging.

  3. Edson Hale says

    holding of seminar is brilliant idea but try to make it a webinar as well to make all benefit from it even someone lives far away from India like me. Secondly I will be waiting to see your photos because your profile photo seems to be little stale and want to see your latest version (lol). Thanks for sharing such wonderful experience with shouters

  4. Anmol says

    Congrats for being published on a National Magazine. :)
    It was a pleasure seeing you in the Chandigarh Bloggers meet and thanks for coming there for motivating and teaching us :) :D

  5. says

    oohhhh …nooo…
    i have missed the chance of seminar.
    i am also from chadigarh. if i know that u are coming for a seminar in Chandigarh i will definitely come.
    i hope the video of seminar will come soon and i can learn some thing great from the seminar

  6. Arjun says

    Yeah Harsh !
    You are an inspiration for all Bloggers and you are no less than a celebrity !
    ~I am a Fan
    and Ya, why don’t you try vlogging ? it can take you to the next level I guess !
    It is just my opinion !
    God Bless You !
    Keep Blogging!

  7. arun says

    I am feeling lucky that i attend this meet on mohali and learn lots of things from Harsh. Lots of thanks to Shankar, Mohit and rhour for their great presentations.

    Congrats u harsh for your achievements and wishing u lots more success, fame, good health and happiness.

  8. himanshu says

    Yes Harsh due to end term exams i was unable to come. But surely i want to meet you some day, hope if my dream would come true.

  9. says

    Congrats Harsh,

    You have been an internet celebrity for long and you being featured in the Week Magazine is not at all a surprise. I wish you make it in the forbes list dude. You rock the Blogosphere… Keep rocking…

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