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    Shoutmeloud April fool contest winner 2009 : prize money 8000$

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    I hope with the title of post, many of you can guess what’s this post is all about. icon smile Shoutmeloud April fool contest winner 2009 : prize money 8000$

    On March 31st 2009, I wrote a post on Shoutmeloud sold for 8000$ and despite the fact that, the next day is 1st April: fool day many of our sweet readers believed it.I apologize for playing such prank but I hope you understand the vibes of 1st April. I   feel overwhelmed to see such a great response from my readers.

    @serious note : I love shoutmeloud more than anything. Its been 6 month and we have brought in our earnest effort to maintain quality and loyal readership for shoutmeloud. (Thanks to you friends) It was not started with an intention to generate revenue, the process to generate revenue started by the end of January, when I started putting up advertisement. So Friends, I would withhold my promise made to you about my new program for newbie’s and bloggers Blogging: step by step which will be rolled out as per the schedule and more details will be posted on a separate post in days time.

    april fool crown thumb Shoutmeloud April fool contest winner 2009 : prize money 8000$

    Coming back to shoutmeloud lovely readers and April fool contest winners :

    shoutmeloud April Fool contest Winner

    From Post Comments:

    comments shooutmeloud april fool 2009 thumb Shoutmeloud April fool contest winner 2009 : prize money 8000$

    From Twitter

    shoutmeloud twitter april fool thumb Shoutmeloud April fool contest winner 2009 : prize money 8000$

    From facebook

    faceboook shoutmeloud april fool 2009 thumb Shoutmeloud April fool contest winner 2009 : prize money 8000$

    We have few members from Facebook who are also winner of this contest

    @nitmeh3 @Gautamgupta @hiren @shanky @piyush

    People who can’t become a part of shoutmeloud April fool 2009 contest :

    commentsnone shoutmeloud nofools thumb Shoutmeloud April fool contest winner 2009 : prize money 8000$

    • Gagan from 84 production
    • Raju from techpp.com
    • Sumit from Dreamdonkey
    • PC from pcsplace
    • Honeysingh from Honeytechblog
    • Harshad from tech-exclusive
    • Abhishek from whoisabhi
    • Chetan from thechetan
    • Bariski from tutzone
    • @PavanKumar from http://twitter.com/PavanKumar/statuses/1425790316
    • @Rahul286 from http://twitter.com/rahul286/statuses/1425798617

    Hey friends even though we are not distributing any prizes for the lucky winners, but I really like to congratulate them for engaging themselves and devoting their time here. I feel emotionally attached to shoutmeloud readers after seeing such a response.

    I assure you friends that next time there would be some exciting lucky bumper prizes for next year april fool Shoutmeloud lucky winners icon smile Shoutmeloud April fool contest winner 2009 : prize money 8000$

    So don’t forget to tweet about the winners of Shoutmeloud April fool prank contest.

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    { 20 comments… read them below or add one }


    Well see it wasn’t hard to get that :P


    Harsh Agrawal

    You were lucky… Atleast those previous comments din let you fall into the category of today Winner :)



    u r cheecky b**stard………….LOL

    if you posted that article today. i think 90% of your readers will think of it as prank…..u r one step ahead of us… :)

    Gud thing is that i m in the list…. LOL.



    Lol, my friend convinced me that you had sold your blog, but still my mistake…hehe…



    I am very happy to be a part of prank,because after knowing about this prank ,i am glad that Shoutmeloud is in safe hands, i already got the point of Honey,but a firm believe in you made me think about all. Waiting for some fine articles from you. Keep writing..



    I came to read this post today so I know it is prank,:)whether it is today or day before April 1st.


    Rahul Bindal

    Hey Harsh,

    This was really cool…but you know never know when things will come true…as i mentioned to you that I am living in Bulgaria and Here one Indian It company called Sutherland going to invest a big money And i personally know company manager Mr. Moin Kazi who is taking care of this investment here.

    So previous weekend i was on dinner with him ..and during our conversation i discussed with him about your blog stuff..he seems quite intersting about it….

    Brother i think i choose the wrong time to tell you this…but i simply wanna say you never know when THINGS COME TRUE FOR YOU this is my personal experiance.

    wish you really once again big success in life.




    Harsh Agrawal

    @ Rahul
    You are right..
    But I will tell you one thing…
    when anyone start with a blog its become its first baby (new born)… :)
    you nourish and take care of it and let it grow…
    After a while it become mature and start earning..
    Doesn’t matter how much anyone is offering.. No blogger will be interested in selling his first blog..
    Though selling second or 3rd blog might make sense…
    Meanwhile let us know what kind of discussion you had with Mr. Moin Kazi ?



    Hey Harsh….

    You are really very much right about your blog…

    And it was my try to make you April fool :)

    I saw him once in Bulgaria but havnt got any chance to meet him yet.





    Now you should re post WINNER of APRIL FOOL DAY :))

    You are also winner :))

    Harsh Agrawal

    Meanwhile I just looked for Mr. Moin Kazi profile and found his Linkedin profile


    Thanks a lot for good wishes :).
    Appreciate that!



    Haha. Nice prank. :)


    Honey Singh

    Totally enjoyed the way you create the interest.
    Yesterday in office,you are on the topic of discussion with @praval. :P


    Harsh Agrawal

    I feel good to know this. :)
    Will look after our plan for Delhi blogger meet soon.



    Hahaha…After looking at previous post i was shocked, but i thought how a blogger can sell his OWN POWER ? :)
    You worked a lot on this blog, so i bet in whole life u will never sell this.
    Best luck dude.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Chetan you are right..
    Blogger can sell his blog but he will never sell his first blog ever because of the attachments and emotions involved.
    On the 2nd point you are right..I will never sell it. :)



    I have seen lots of peopl talking about idea of 1st april prank but none of them actually dare to perform them.
    It’s great to see that you started and ended everything with happy note.
    I like your blog a lot Harsh and you seems to be popular among your blogger group.
    Best of luck bro.



    buddy that was awesome.. I couldn’t even guess a single percent that this was one of the April fool’s prank.. hard luck piyush, I will make sure that none of my friends read this post otherwise m gone.. “izzat ka faluda ho jaega”.




    & wat abt ur gf? she lives in thailand?? ;)


    Harsh Agrawal

    Lolz.. She was a hypothetical Girl for the Prank :)


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