Shout Me Loud: The Next Generation Bloggers

Let me have the privilege to introduce you the next generation of bloggers in India. If you know something about blogging and do not know about “Shout Me Loud” then I must say you are living under a rock. Harsh Agrawal founder of Shout Me Loud had brought a new genre into blogging.

Harsh Agarwal

A New Horizon

The concept of blogging did evolve over a period However blogs like Shout Me Loud have taken blogging to all new level. We never imagined that blogging could be so interesting and intriguing.

It changed the very notion of reading. Now a day reading long articles, newspapers and journals have become a thing of past as people want to read something that connects directly to them. And Harsh’s Shout Me Loud exactly does that, it talks to you rather talking at you. As a matter of fact today there are only handfuls of bloggers that are at par with Harsh.

Objective Blogging

As there is something called objective journalism in print and electronic media similarly, I call Shout Me Loud as an Objective blogging. The information conveyed by it is objective and to the point, it never tries to beat around the bush by trying to convince you through repeating the same thing again and again.

The information presented to you is very creative and well articulated so that an ordinary reader can easily understand the message given by the blogger. Perhaps this is the reason people are getting away from traditional sources of information like newspaper, magazines and moving towards blogs like Shout Me Loud.

Secured Life

Bloggers like Harsh have defied all the rules and made their way. Ten years back not even top notch professionals whether it be doctors, engineers or lawyers, they were not in a position to claim that their financial life is secured. However, bloggers like him have made their financial life secure and full proof with blogging as a career.

The revenue generated by his blogs is more than individuals who are in respectable professions mentioned earlier. In fact, I do not call Harsh a blogger indeed he is an entrepreneur, or net entrepreneur would be the better word. Still he is so young but full of maturity like a sage. He is a true inspiration to all budding bloggers.

The Future

The future and prospect of blogging is quite bright and exciting. Ten years from now industry experts believe that conventional media like Television, print, etc. may cease to exist as more and more individuals will prefer to read blogs online to get information. Reading blogs are very refreshing as compared to reading a mundane newspaper.

Hence, career as a blogger can be very rewarding, at the same time let me caution you blogging is the very challenging job, and it requires a lot of patience. To become a successful blogger like Harsh Agarwal you ought to follow his blogs regularly at Shout Me Loud.

Do let us know if you feel that ShoutMeLoud made an impact on your life?

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COMMENTs ( 41 )

  1. Alif Aziz says

    The first thing that garnered my attention towards ‘ShoutMeLoud’ was obviously, it’s name, why it was named like this? It somewhat sounded a bit cocky too. However, the more time I am spending on this site, I am discovering in more ways how wrong that first uneducated impression of mine was. I like the fact that how informative this blog is on various topics and with detailed explanations, how approachable Harsh is with his humble and encouraging words. Thumbs Up. Keep up the good work.

  2. Mohammed Saimon says

    Blogging is not so easy like drinking water. On the other hand you know every individual has his own identity and own opinion so sometime some people may found you good, some found you bad. So for this reason you can not quit your blog? It doesn’t make any seance. You should go on and on and on.
    And you never know what is waiting for you in near future.
    So keep blogging :)

  3. Nizam says

    Well yes, reading blogs are very refreshing as compared to reading a newspaper and career of a blogger can be rewarding. And yes, indeed He is a Blogger /Entrepreneur and He is truly an inspiration to the blogging community. Thanks Pritam for this wonderful introduction and Harsh you are awesome :)

  4. ajay s bisht says

    yep..harsh is an inspiration for us..enjoyed the line..”so young but mature like a sage”

  5. fazal mayar says

    Yes, Harsh is amazing. The future of blogging looks bright with so many young bloggers. thanks harsh.

  6. Safal Sha says

    I’m a new blogger is a better to learn all the lessons of blogging Thanks Harsh :-)

  7. Gowtham says

    Seeings the above comments its proved that this blog has inspired many people in india and also foreigners to take blogging as a carrier.

    Many people have learned a lot form harsh:-)

    It motives me a lot:-)

  8. Chaitanya.GK says

    To be honest..I come to this blog to check Harsh’s monthly income ;)..that motivates me.

  9. Arun @ dailywiki says

    Amazing to read the article and the comments left by so many bloggers. Seeing shoutmeloud’s success has motivated me to start a blog on totally different concept which is not being tapped by many bloggers, Hope i will be an inspiration for many in the future.

  10. Dinesh @ DailyBlogMoney says

    No doubt Harsh is a great blogger and doing the great job for readers and his part/full time employees.
    But, I don’t understand the connection between your heading and content you tried to convey. If some more people make good money as Harsh by using ShoutMeLoud as a medium, then your title would be suited well.

    Just my personal opinion, Good luck to Harsh and his staff. :)

  11. Vijayraj Reddy says

    yes blogging has a great future and many people are turning full time bloggers now a days..

  12. RealTimeTricks says

    Amazing, people have started writing guest post on the author of the blog. Great idea!

  13. Anup Kayastha says

    For me, I gotta go with my own way of blogging. There will be no more discoveries if we follow the rule of only one blogger.

    Thanks for the great post anyway.

  14. Suraj @Smartfatblogger says

    Harsh is one among great lot of bloggers out there, And he’s definitely a role model to all niche bloggers out there!
    All Hail SML…All Hail Harsh!

  15. Robinsh says

    Story behind shoutmeloud and it’s successful owner as an entrepreneur is always a fact that motivates me to be a blogger and tweaking ideas for a better business online.

  16. karthik says

    I daily visit this blog and it is much helpful all the credit goes to harsh…he is a great blogger

  17. Sandeep Singh says

    I would say that Shoutmeloud is a successful blog and it is respected world wide. Not many blog in India are as successful as shout me loud. Almost all the topics are covered up here in the niche it belongs to and the money that is generated here is a very important feature. This has evolved the growth and inspires new bloggers to start up and have dream to earn big, i think this is the most important change that shout me loud has brought in.

  18. shyam jos says

    i think most of the new bloggers arises after reading .
    Really a great place for blogging lessons !

  19. ashish says

    At one point of time I used to wonder if there will be no google adsense there will be no earnings ?? but then I realized that one makes much more with services and affiliates than adsense

  20. Naveen says

    I am new to this site as well as new to blogging, but so far going through shoutmeloud has inspired me and i came to know about great tips to run a successful blog. Started blogging 2days ago and created my new blog!. It’s so innovative. Thanks Harsh and ShoutMeLoud, you made this possible. :D

  21. Vish says

    We all know about sites like getting sold to AOL for around $30 million. Hopefully Harsh could strike a decent bargain for shoulmeloud in years to come. But again I would like to caution readers that 90+% of bloggers and their sites fail due to various reasons. Please don’t quit your day job yet :) to start blogging. Start blogging on the side to get a hang of it first

  22. BlogGOOGLE says

    The journey of Harsh Agarwal in Blogosphere is always very inspirational to other bloggers may be professional or newbie and day by day there are number of new blogs are coming keeping in mind that they can get rich quickly through blogging without knowing the difficulties which they will face as the professional bloggers also faced and had success. thanks for sharing your views on Shout Me Loud. As a Blogger i would like to read about the difficulties faced by Harsh Agarwal when he started Blogging as Career.

  23. CA Karan Batra says

    After reading this article and about Harsh Agarwal, I’m reminded of a Quote by Dhirubhai Ambani which perfectly suits Harsh:-

    ” Think fast, Think Ahead, Ideas are no-one’s monopoly”

  24. Rahul Ghosh says

    The next generation blogging will only evolve once wordress comes with a variety of more features. Who knows maybe wordpress will die out and a new company will become much popular. More social connecting features like, having your own profile under a bloggers site, create groups inside a blog will come into shape. Blogging is still evolving in India, pretty fast, the only problem is that you need to select th right topic and do your SEO pretty good in order to get the initial fan following. Can’t wait for the new WordPress 3.2 :)

  25. Lalit says

    I do agree with some of your points above, but I guess these points are not only applicable to ShoutMeLoud but to other successful Blogs as well. And regarding Harsh, even he admires some Bloggers who are more successful than him. So if you ought to write about them, you could write 60-70 lines in excess than what you have written now. And for your “secured life” point, I would say that if your Blog is a successful one, obviously you would generate money out of it and invest that money in some more new Blogs and multiply in this way. However, time is an important factor and I do agree with Harsh’s tactics of Blogging. But sorry to say in my perspective, ShoutMeLoud has not taken Blogging to a new level yet as there are many other Blogs which could influence people’s way of thinking. This is not a “hate” comment, but just my perspective.

  26. Harry Sehgal says

    Yes shout me loud has really taken Blogging to the Next Level and is also my Inspiration…….

  27. Isha Singh says

    Yes, Harsh is inspiration and motivation for many bloggers. Success can only comes with following successful personalities.

  28. Atish says

    yes shout me loud has inspired me a lot… i have just started blogging. I am regular reader of this blog .. every time i come to “shout me loud” I get inspired.. thanks shout me loud for inspiring me.

  29. Internet Marketing Nick says

    Its nice to see blogs like this and people coming together to read them. You make a good point in saying that blogging is the future – eespecially when it comes to the way we get out news. Blogs are the newspapers of the future.

  30. Roy C.C. says

    Many of us outside india can not spend one day without checking this.

    I just motivated to continue when I came across this blog. To be frank, it has blessed me.

    Thank you so much Harsh for been a leader in blogging.

    • Jasmine says

      Me too, everyday, I come to read this blog. Can’t sleep without posting a comment or two here. :)

    • Adil says

      i jus discovered this wonderful blog and this is my first comment.. but i think i will be visiting this daily. Indeed its new generation blogging. Thx harsh for inventing this idea of blogging