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    Should I do Social Media???

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    Social Media is a term which has become very popular today.  Businesses opt for Social Media tool to gain visitors and to convert visitors to customers.  They hire experts to create their Social profile, to increase their visibility in the market, to the customers, to the consumers. They spend hours worrying about how people have seen their message, their service, and their product and do not focus on who is looking at their message.

    Social Media 300x192 Should I do Social Media???

    Though Social Media has become a MUST ADOPT tool today for business, there are many businesses who don’t know much or anything about social media, or if they know the importance of Social Media, they do now know how to use it and others who just are ignorant and do not believe in Social Media.

    To make a long story short, social media is nothing but creating blogs, community sites, video sharing sites etc. to market a product or a business. In today’s market where there is so much competition, Social Media is THE MOST HAPPENING and it is 100% a tool which will remain for a long time.  And why is it so? Simple….Social Media websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube has over five million visitors every day. With so many visitors to these sites, it has become a communication method where people share their experience, their feedback on products and services and it acts like a word of mouth concept and we all know the all of us are easily influenced by what others say.

    Today the world seems to have become so small with internet and social network sites that all of use to share our thoughts, our experience. And so today the WHOLE WORLD is our customer, no boundaries, no differences….the whole world is every ones market place. We can attract visitors; attract customers from around the globe and at all times as well.

    Couple of years ago, businesses used Television, Radio, and Newspaper to advertise for their service and their products. Today business use Social Networking sites to directly engage with the end consumers.

    The opportunity social Media provides to organizations is very clear. Businesses can listen to what the end consumer requires in a way that was previously impossible. Using Social Media it is possible to get feedback from the scraps/discussions people are having online every day and improve their products offerings, customer service and marketing.

    Remember more than 75% of people trust customer reviews and consumer recommendations have now become the most powerful form of advertising.  You need to go to where your customers are. In old days people used to look up information in Yellow Pages BUT TODAY they look into search engines and networking sites to find what they want and need.

    “Although full-scale social media campaigns can be a costly investment, the long-term benefits are well and truly worth it; brands who simply dabble in social media activity could be missing out on important PR opportunities,” stated Mr. Gold from Punch Communications a well known Public Relations and Social Media Agency.

    Of course, what you can do while spending time trying to make a decision about Social media, is just relax, sit back and wait for your competitors to make the first move. HOWEVER, while you sit back and let your competitor experiment with Social media, remember by the time you make a decision, your competitor will have made the connections and built relations with YOUR CUSTOMERS…and hope that it is not too late to get them back….are you willing to take that chance?

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    yes Social Media matters a lot ,



    Social media makes a very good help to promote anything you wish. It helps to spread a buzz. And also it works to improve your position in search engines which are still very much essential in clients supplying.


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