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Here are the list of our happy clients , who avail our  various  services like :

  • Blogspot to WordPress migration
  • Thesis Theme customization
  • WordPress SET up
  • to Self hosted Migration
  • WordPress SEO

You can have a look at all my services here on my service page.

Blogspot to Wordpress

All The Websites which are Migrated from Blogspot to Self hosted Wordpress by Shoutmeloud.

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Jennifer Reviews lots of Beauty related product and one of the popular personality. Her blog was successfully migrated from Blogspot to wordpress
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Blog-Godown Share information on blogging and Blogspot Hacks.
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Blog was using Blogspot FTp publishing. Successfully migrated from blogspot to Wordpress
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Websites on Technology and Computer tips and Tricks.
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A Football fan Club website by Tanuj.
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Manish talks about various Investment plans and how to secure your future life.
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Photography blog Migrated to Wordpress.
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Blogs on Mobile and Gadgets. Earlier it was on Blogspot platform , successfully migrated to Wordpress. Client reported that his traffic increased within 2 days.
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Marinka lives in New York City’s West Village with her Husband, children and a cat Nicki.
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One of Very popular Website on Cosmetics and Fashion. Her blogspot has almost 4000 Blog posts, which was carefully migrated to her New Self hosted Wordpress blog.
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Swai Rai is a blog by Raijean which we moved to WordPress.

Wordpress Services

Various Wordpress Services like Wordpress Set up, Wordpres hosting Migration, Wordpress SEO.

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Jan Speaks about Dental Management. To Self hosted Wordpress blog

All the Which are migrated from to Self hosted Wordpress blog

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JuJumama is a part of JujuMama LLC which works on create better relationships. This website was Hosted at ( and successfully migrated to Self hosted wordpress blog.
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Migrated Blog successfully from Free Account to Self hosted Wordpress blog

Thesis Portfolio

All Websites whose Thesis Theme is customized by us.

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Amy talks about Networking marketing and cold calling secrets.
CallingallGeeks is a part of ShoutMeLoud blog network which is a niche blog for Technology, Gadgets & Apple products.
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Sharon gives Guide on how to Buy a car.
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Provided Complete Wordpress solution to EU's international cooperation.
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We have migrated KMP WordPress theme design to Thesis Wordpress Theme Framework and migrated all in one SEO data to Thesis SEO tables.
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Lets Talk relations is a part of ShoutMeLoud blog network where we talk about building better relations.
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We migrated MaxiTendence to WordPress and designed a Custom Thesis Theme for him.
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A Blog dedicated to Bloggers, where topic like Blogging,Make money online, Wordpress, Technology are covered.
Techtosh is an iPhone blog which is customized on Thesis Theme.
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Thesis customization Service is our dedicated profile for Thesis Work and Thesis tutorials.
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WordPress Free Setup is a part of our blog network service. We offer free Installation & setup of WordPress blog. This blog is designed on Thesis Theme.