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Harsh Agrawal

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On October 4, 2012
Last modified:August 8, 2014


A useful one time use plugin to check your WordPress installation for better setting and fine tuning your WordPress server, security and helps in WordPress troubleshooting.

ServerBuddy WordPress Plugin to Analyse Server Configuration

Accept it or not, most of time when you purchase a WordPress hosting you go with the recommendation and half of the time, you have no clue about what version of PHP script, What SQL version and other server configuration details. In most of the cases it’s not necessary but at times, it’s very useful to find your server settings and configuration. How many times you tried uploading an image and got errors like memory limit exceeded or upload limit error?  A quick look at PHP Memory Limit could tell you how much memory you are allowed according to current server configuration and then you can contact your host to make changes in your server settings.

Meet ServerBuddy WordPress Plugin:

Server Buddy is a free WordPress plugin which does the simple job of showing various server related information and configuration details, which will be helpful when you need to tweak or make changes to your site. For example, here is a WordPress blog detail, which is hosted on Dreamhost server:

Server buddy configuration

One interesting thing which you should notice in this plugin is, suggested value. Suggestion column displays the minimum setting for your server and value field shows your actual server configuration. If you see status bar as red for any parameter, you should contact your hosting support and ask them to add or upgrade particular parameter.

File Permission ensure better security:

This plugin also shows file permission of your directory and check if your current file permission is secure enough or not.

Database Table Size:

This feature can be seen by using Wp optimize or Wp db manager plugin but here one thing which I particularly liked is last updated table. Earlier, I talked about clean options WordPress plugin which helps to clean un-necessary tables and here this column will quickly help you to identify which WordPress table has not been updated from ages. For example, see below screenshot in which few tables has not been updated for long:

last updated WordPress database table

Check WordPress cron jobs:

WordPress CRON jobs

CRON jobs are usually scheduled job which performs itself at a given time. Depending upon the list of plugins you are using, you might notice a big or small list of WordPress CRON jobs. This section shows the list of all scheduled job. This is very helpful if your blog goes down at particular time of day, by checking which job gets executed at time, you can find the source for server load at particular time.


This is one of those plugins which you install once in a while to diagnose your Website and server. You can download Server buddy WordPress plugin from official repo here. Do let me know if you use any other similar plugin to check your WordPress site server configuration?

A useful one time use plugin to check your WordPress installation for better setting and fine tuning your WordPress server, security and helps in WordPress troubleshooting.
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    Hi Harsh Agrawal, Really Shared a Nice Plugin bro. I never heard this ServerBuddy plugin before and will surely try out the plugin now. Thanks for Sharing :)

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