Solution: Paginated WordPress Comments Causes Duplicate Content

When we talk about WordPress, first thing which comes in our mind is SEO friendly and it is very true when we compare wordpress with blogspot. But if you install wordpress and think now you have a big SEO giant with you, you are wrong. There are so many things which you need to learn, understand and implement to make your blog search engine friendly.

When it comes to SEO of a blog, major issue is post duplication, Post duplication is nothing but when same post in being indexed in Google with 2-3 Different URL’s.

There are many reasons for post duplication issue like , You keeping your category /tag/feeds as do-index and bingo!(Sarcasm) . Now you have same posts in Google search engine with two different URL.

What’s problem with Post duplication?

One of the major issue is Google will find it hard for which page , he needs to rank you. If same page is indexed with 2-3 different URL’s . You might not rank for Direct URL but can be ranking for indirect URL. This will be a big problem for you and your blog page rank.

There are many ways to avoid these post duplication issue, but for now. I will be discussing on Post duplication issue with comment form of WordPress.

How to Find your WordPress Blog have Post comment duplication issue ?

Simple way is to search Google for Following link and replace with your blog domain name

[ inurl:comment-page-1]

I search for some major websites and found bug in one of my friend blog.

How to prevent WordPress post duplication Problem Via comments?

In my 8 Essential Settings after installing wordpress post I have mentioned about WordPress Break comment features. Which is under Settings > Discussion.

Simple solution is Uncheck the option which says Break comment into pages.

This will work only for themes which are compatible with wordpress 2.7 .

If you still have that option checked, make sure you uncheck it.

I hope this post will be useful for those who are suffering from Post duplication issues with wordpress comments.

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COMMENTs ( 12 )

  1. Andrew says

    I unchecked the option to break comments into pages and now /comment-page-1 actually does a proper 301 redirect to the parent page. Wow! Smart of WordPress to do that.

    Thanks for the tip.

  2. Sanjiv says

    Hi Harsh,,

    How do you solve the problem of duplicate title tags and duplicate meta descriptions which come due to multiple pages of a post. I use the “next page” tag to split a long post into multiple pages in wordpress.

    As usual this post is a again a gem!

  3. Navin says

    Thanks for the great tips (As usulal ) Harah. Your tips and advices always useful for new-bee bloggers like myself. Thanks again and I must say, yor are doing great job by sahring them here in your blog.

  4. Raghunath Pillai says

    hi harsh,

    interesting read!

    My category section in my site has been set to do-not-index now. I did not think of the tags and feeds. I will change it to no-index now. Valuable input Harsh!!

  5. Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats says

    Post duplication is the issue which is worrying me, I am concentraing on SEO for my blog and want to be more cautious.. Thanks for the tips mate.. :)

  6. Shahab Khan says

    Hey harsh i found this problem with my blog…though i’ve unchecked that checkbox i just want to know how long this problem is going to stay in google. I mean will it be rectified on next crawl from google??

  7. Michael Aulia says

    Wouldn’t this make the post loading time very long though if you have lots of comments on a post?

    I’m still wondering whether the duplicate content is really an issue or whether it’s no longer applicable nowadays

    • says

      You are right Michael, This will increase the page load time by some milliseconds or few seconds. I think there is also one plugin for the same in case if you want to break your comments in page format. Though instead of adding one plugin I will prefer using the simple wordpress feature and let all the comments flow on the same post.

  8. George Serradinho says

    I had a look and mine returned 2 posts. These posts were still when I had my old permalink structure which included the year and month. I also double checked and the box is not checked for breaking up comments. Thanks God for that ;)