SEOPressor Vs. EasyWPSEO : Which One is Better?

Since Panda update, I’m very particular about SEO plugins that I use here at ShoutMeLoud. I keep sharing my experiences and tutorials to use all new plugins that I try. The latest in my plugin list is SEOpressor V5, which is written from ground zero, and come out as a clear winner in the race of On-page optimization.

I have already talked about confusions created by unlimited SEO plugins, and when we have so many plugins for the same purpose ( WordPress SEO by Yoast, EasyWPSEO, SEOPressor), selecting the best one become a task.

SEOPressor Vs EasyWP SEO WordPress

I have used all the above-mentioned plugins, and here I will be comparing SEOPressor Vs. EasyWPSEO, which will clear all your doubts. Do remember, both are premium SEO plugins and comes with single and multi-site license. Though, there are big features difference between them, and we will learn about it here:

Note: EasyWPSEO is no more recommended as it’s not functional!

SEOPressor Vs EasyWPSEO Plugin:

Before Panda update, I hardly used to focus on On page optimization. That means, making my content keyword targeted, and doing what all others are doing to rank higher in the search. I was one stubborn kid, who used to think a good content will always rank higher, and I was not wrong until I realized: Search engine uses machine language, and they look out for signals to understand a content, and rank it accordingly.

If I’m not ranking high enough, that means I’m missing something. When I was in the process of recovering from Google Panda, that’s the time I took a deep dive into the world of SEO, and believe me I never felt so SEOized before. That’s the first time; I got to know about Keyword optimization plugins like EasyWPSEO and SEOpressor.

Deciding between EasyWPSEO, and SEOPressor was tough that time, as both have created a brand value in short time, and I opted for EasyWPSEO, because it offered few features (LSI feature, Readability), which no other plugin was offering at the same price.

In fact, after using EasyWPSEO for a month, I endorsed the plugin here at ShoutMeLoud. Whenever, I review any premium product here at ShoutMeLoud; I make sure it’s worth your investment and worth my time to write a review of that product. If I find a better product, I make sure that none of the ShoutMeLoud readers are buying outdated products.

My journey with EasyWPSEO was amazing, infect I was all hands down when It came to EasyWPSEO last year. One thing that I didn’t realize that time, EasyWPSEO copied all the feature of SEOPressor. But, it was none of my problem as I was getting more features with EasyWPSEO, and at a better price. The problem started almost five months back, when LSI feature of EasyWPSEO stopped working. (Update: EasyWPSEO 1.8 fixed LSI feature).

Now we have SEOPressor V5, and I will quickly going to compare EasyWPSEO Vs. SEOPressor V5, and give my verdict in the end:

Why Did I ditch EasyWPSEO for SEOPressor plugin?

I know, with my title it’s already cleared which one is going to win here, and I will explain why SEOPressor is better in term of features:


If you read my complete story above, you would know how one most important feature of my plugin was not working, and I was left with no support. EasyWPSEO doesn’t come with any support and seems like I’m not the only one here. You can go to their WSO Sales page, and browse to the end of the forum, and find out how many other existing customers are missing support.

Lesson learned: When buying a long-term premium product, stick with a company that can not only offer upgrades, but also support in time of need. Do remember, Quality comes with a price tag.


EasyWPSEO vs SEOPressor pluginSEO is changed, and it’s constantly evolving. Things that used to work, one year back is not the same. If you look at the changelog cycle of WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin, you would realize how often he update the plugin to meet the latest standard. SEOPressor plugin evolved from V1 to V5 in last three years, and  guys behind SEOPressor plugin are working day and night to make this plugin compatible with latest search engine algorithm. That’s the reason, we have over optimization check, to avoid over optimization penalty.

Whereas, EasyWPSEO has got two minor update, which is only compatibility fix with WordPress, and no future update. In fact, the best feature (LSI) stopped working later on.  There is one feature which I still miss in SEOPressor, and that is readability check. One place, where EasyWPSEO gets an advantage.


SEOPressor is little costlier than EasyWPSEO. There is the marginal difference of $10 for the single-user license and $23 for the multi-site license. Since we talking about On-page SEO plugins, I would highly recommend you to “Never compromise with quality for a small price“.

These are the three major area, which I wanted to discuss them. The major difference between SEOpressor & EasyWPSEO comes with features. With the launch of V5 of SEOPressor plugin, it becomes a firehouse of SEO. Along with all the features of EasyWPSEO ( -readability), it added some of the much requisite features like:

  • Support star rating
  • Support
  • Check for SEO Over optimization
  • One click refresh SEO Score, and way faster than the earlier version of SEOPressor.
  • Auto internal link (SEO Smart links feature added in this plugin.)
  • Image SEO Optimization
  • Social integration
  • Better control on links Nofollow.
  • The cloaked redirect feature.


Both plugins are great when it comes to ON page SEO, EasyWPSEO could be seen as a stripped down version of SEOPressor. If your goal is just the keyword optimization, and you don’t worry about other features which are offered by SEOPressorV5, (Specially if you are using plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast), EasyWPSEO is worth buying. Though, support of this plugin is bad. SEOPressor V5, on the other hand, is feature rich and offers all the SEO feature that you need to stay ahead in Google search. So if you are deciding between EasyWPSEO Vs SEOPressor: I would recommend you to opt for SEOPressor plugin.

Check out SEOPressor Sales page || Check out EasyWPSEO Sales page

If you still have any query about any of these plugin, do let me know via comments. Also, I would love to know which On-Page SEO plugin you are using?

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COMMENTs ( 19 )

  1. says

    i have brought seo presser and it ask me to register the purchase code for the plugin to the website where i will be using. i did and i download the plugin and install it. it was working fine yesterday and today it was asking me that the purchase plugin in for and it is asking me to reactivated the plugin. when i have install the plugin to the intended website.

    the question is, my website is made on shared server. does it effect ?
    so far i have a very good experience with it. but now it becoming worse
    please help

  2. says

    Should I remove all the seo plugins before installing SEOPressor?

    I installed seopressor but the data is not imported from SEO plugin which I use already.

    • says


      As I mentioned, plugins like All in one SEO, WOrdPress SEO by yoast, and SEOPressor does the same job, and the major different is features. For example, SEOPressor offers some advance features like Over SEO optimization checker, latest FB Page link feature and so on.
      So, yes you should import data from old SEO plugin to SEOPressor, and then disable old/others SEO plugins. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions related to same.

    • says

      I have not done the extensive comparison between both of them, but they both offer similar features. If I have to use, I would prefer using a combination of EasyWPSEO + WordPress SEO by yoast, or SEoPressor alone..

  3. Juan says

    i came here because i bought seopressor yesterday and this is my first article using seopressor optimization, i already love this plugin

  4. King says

    I am in a fix whether I should use a premium plugin for SEO or not but this post have cleared most of the doubts and also helped me in identifying the right plugin..

  5. Brian Jackson says

    Thanks for the write up Harsh! I am going to be implementing SEOPressor on our blog tonight and probably will do a write up. Going to capture my statistics now and compare in 30 days again after running SEOPressor. We are still using good ole All-In-One SEO, I guess we are behind the times a little lol…
    As always great article. Excited to try out SEOPressor and see the results.

  6. Bruce Bates says

    SEOPressor is definitely not my choice…

    The problem I have with SEOPressor is it breaks other plugins that are vital to my blog – for example hana-flv-player plugin which seems to be the only working plugin for embedding flash not hosted on youtube.

    When you try to get support for such issues, you find you get about the same level of support you get from free plugins “you’ll have to go get support from that plugin”… meaning “sorry we don’t fix conflicts between plugins”.

    When it comes to SEO – SEOPressor may be the best at what it does, but I can get other plugins. When it comes to embedding flash… I have limited options.

    • says

      I understand your frustration here, but this is one most common problem faced by WordPress user. It won’t be appropriate to blame any particular plugin here, as many time it happens for different reasons. For example, some time back W3 total cache was not compatible with Thesis, and not sure whom to blame…

      Mostly, 3rd party theme or plugin developer work on a solution when conflict happens in mass… Giving individual support may not be possible.. Though they could actually create a difference by taking care of individual needs, but for a mass adopted plugin, it might not be possible…

  7. rakesh kumar says

    I was the initial user of seopressor and later on realized that the same features are also available on yoast seo. Now reading this whole article it seems to me, i have to switch over again to seopressor.

  8. Ravi says

    I am using EasyWPSeo now. Although this Post Concludes that SEOpressor is better than EasyWPSEO, I will surely Try it. Does installing and Using both Plugins at a time create any Conflicts?

  9. nimish kumar says

    sir i am a new blogger trying hard to optimize my blog with good and original content but these seo plugins are too costly i cant buy them now, please suggest me any free plugin or less costly plugin for next few months.

  10. Gautam Doddamani says

    i sincerely didnt read the whole blog post, jumped to conclusion, saw that you recommended seopressor…off to the seopressor plugin page :)