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Harsh Agrawal

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On January 25, 2013
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SEOPressor V5 is one of the must have SEO plugins for year 2013. It took account of all necessary SEO details require for higher ranking. Check out the features yourself.

We all know how important Search engine optimization is for any website traffic, and for money. When it comes to WordPress, there are many SEO plugins out there, and to stay ahead in the world of online battle, we should stick with those plugins, which matches with current Google algorithm. Here I will be sharing review of SEOpressor plugin, which is one of the must have SEO plugin for your WordPress blog.

Earlier, I was using EasyWPSEO plugin which is very useful but later on that plugin almost stopped working. LSI feature stopped working, and no update or support came from the EasyWPSEO team. SEOPressor is a well-maintain WordPress plugin, which evolved from V1 to SEOPressor V5 now. When I had a look at features of SEOPressor, I knew this is the plugin which is going into the list of plugins I use at ShoutMeLoud. This plugin will not only solve our On page optimization need but offer so much, that you can’t resist yourself from grabbing a license of it. Lets not create anymore suspense, and let me share features and review of SEOPressor plugin.


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Why do you need SEOPressor WordPress plugin?

Major issue with existing SEO plugins are, they are still working on old age technology. In last 2 years, Google rolled out so many algorithmic updates (Google Panda, Google penguin, Over optimization), and many more. Specially, Google Panda was the biggest algorithm change in last 2 years. If you have read my guide on How to recover from Google panda, I talked about LSI keywords, which is one of the essential element now for On-page ranking, and is added in SEOPressor V5.

Along with that, SEOPressor added many new features like you can add star rating in Google search, and SEOPressor not only let you achieve Keyword optimization, but also it will help you in adding rich snippets in search engine. It works like a personal SEO checklist assistant for you.
Now, lets go ahead with quick review and features of SEOPressor V5.

Features of SEOPressor V5

Before, I share SEOPressor review, and features, here are few things which you should know. This will help you in using SEOPressor plugin for optimum performance. Keyword research is an essential part of SEO, and once you have your your target keywords in your hand, next step is to optimize it. Now, as we know Google algorithm is a machine language, and it looks for signals to understand what a page is about, and what keyword this page should be ranking for. You need to place the Keywords at strategic places like H1 tag, H2 tag, Meta description, Meta title, image alt text and many more things.

Along with this, you need to take care of Keyword density, add LSI keywords to make sure your article can rank for your target keywords. Most of us, ignore it and try to rank naturally by writing un-optimized SEO articles. I have one question for you: When you are writing a blog post, which is useful, and informative, why you should not rank on the top page of Google search. And if you are not ranking, that means you are missing something. You are not doing something, that others who are ranking is doing.

Here I will tell you what things SEOpressor WordPress plugin can do to help you rank higher in search engine. But, before we move ahead I recommend you to read my guide on How to do Keyword research, this will help you to make most out of this plugin. SEOPressor WordPress plugin solves this problem by letting you do all important things which is require for On-page optimization. Let’s look at some of the features:

Keyword SEO score:

SEO Keyword scoreThis feature will let you check the SEO score of your target keyword. That means, it will check for all known working points for Keyword optimization, and based on that it will tell you how much your SEO score is. You will be also getting points which you should do, to improve the SEO score. For example: Add keywords in Post meta, Bold the keywords and so on.

The best feature of SEOPressor V5 is,  you just need to click on refresh to see the updated SEO score. This will help you to stop creating unlimited WordPress draft, with every save. This is one feature, that almost all other On-Page SEO plugins are missing.

Over Optimization check:

We all know about Google’s SEO over optimization penalty, and people often over use known working SEO tips, and usually get penalized. SEOPressor also checks for SEO over optimization. In case if you have added too many H2 tags, or you used too many bold. This is very essential, because sometime with over-optimizaion, we lose good ranking of a useful post.

Rich Snippets support

SEO Pressor LSI featureGoogle added Rich snippets last year, and I informed you that it’s a smart way to increase CTR from Google search. SEOPressor added structured data support, and will let you add star rating on your review posts. For business sites, you can add many more details, which is accepted by all major search engine. Also, if you are adding any other plugin for the same, with SEO Pressor plugin, you can disable one more plugin.

Multiple Keywords & LSI feature:

This is one of the reason, I recommend this plugin. Today, when I was giving blog consultancy to one of my client, I was explaining him about importance of LSI keywords, and here I will repeat the same in brief:

“Newyork is a city, it could be a clothing brand name or it could be name of my dog. Now imagine, you write a post title “Newyork – my favourite”, can you  figure out, out of 3 which Newyork I’m talking about?”

LSI keywords help you to find relevant keywords from your main keywords, and by adding those LSI words, you will help Search engine to understand & rank your content higher.

Automatic Smart linking:

If you have read my review of SEO smart link plugin, SEOPressor offer the same feature. Automatic smart linking plugin let you add keywords and links, which it should auto linking. This will help to improve bounce rate, increase avg. time on site, and save a lot of time. And more over, if you are using SEOpressor, you don’t need to buy SEO Smart link, which is a premium plugin.

There are many more features like Social SEO, video search and insertion, which will help you further to improve quality of your posts.

Pricing and final review of SEOPressor V5:

Mind behind SEOPressor is Daniel Tan, who also created popular WordPress plugin call SocialmediaPro. He is the guy behind SEOPressor, and he has been constantly improving this plugin. SEOPressor V1 was launched  in 2010, and from last three years he has been upgrading it to work best with current search engine algorithm. Here are few milestone covered by his  plugin:

  • SEPressor start day……………………. 2010 June
  • Total domains using SEOPressor tracked ………….. 128,825
  • Highest number of domains under one license ……….. 2,191
  • Number of team members …………………………………….. 9

The best thing is, with life-time free update, all existing customers are enjoying SEOpressor (V5) latest versions for free.

SEOpressor review

SEOPressor cost $47 for single site license and multi-site license for $97. I hold a multi-site license, as I can install it on unlimited domains I own. This SEO checklist plugin is the best and must have plugin for your WordPress blog.

Review of SEoPressor V5

I have few licences, which I will be giving away to ShoutMeLoud readers, and I have one contest already running on ShoutMeLoud Facebook fan page. You can subscribe to our Email newsletter, if you want to win and download a free license of SEOpressor plugin. In the next article, I will share how to use this plugin effectively.

If you find this SEOPressor review useful, do share it on Facebook and Google plus. If you are a current SEOPressor user, do let me know your view about this plugin.

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SEOPressor V5 is one of the must have SEO plugins for year 2013. It took account of all necessary SEO details require for higher ranking. Check out the features yourself.
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  1. says

    Hi, Harch,

    does any of plugin compatible with groups forums features of bbpress and buddy-press combined(I have both plugins installed for groups forums feature)?

    Thank you.

  2. Rajiv says

    How can i believe on your review ? it has affiliate links and in forum like Warrior Forums.. most review is like not worthy to buy.

  3. Sanket says

    I have seen many reviews about SEO Pressor so I’am planning to buy it and Harsh I wanted to ask if I will buy unlimited license plugin then can I do a giveaway of it is it allowed ? and if its allowed is there a way by which if I will have unlimited license SEO Pressor so I can do the giveaway of just single license rather than unlimited license ?

    • says

      You can do giveaway, but be fair with that :)
      I’m sure Dan (Creator) won’t mind that kind of promotion. I have done that in the past, and it worked out great.

  4. Murtaza says

    WOW, I am eagerly waiting to but this Wonderful SEO Plugin, But as I m from India and I do not have Credit card,
    How can I buy It, Nowadays paypal also does not accept Indian Debit cards and Enntropay is also not working with my IDBI Visa Card,
    please Give me any solution for purchasing SEOpressor..
    Awaiting for your rply

  5. Dk Patel says

    Thank you for sharing your views about this excellent plugins. I think It cost too much for a start up blogger. And SEO by Yoast is also a good option still.

  6. Kristie Chiles says

    I too love SEO Pressor, but I really got a refresher course reading your post! Thanks so much, Harsh! Kristie

  7. Ahmed Taha says

    Very good post Harsh :)

    I do have a question, does the SEOpressor plugin substitute other SEO plugins as WordPress SEO by yoast?? or they could be working together for the best results of SEO?

    • says

      You can actually replace WordPress SEO by Yoast with SEOpressor, I will soon share an article on how to do this…. :)
      For now, you can use both of them.
      SEOPressor for Keyword optimisation + LSI keywords… And SEO by Yoast for Site wide SEO..

  8. rakesh kumar says

    you misplaced one image under rich snippet, the image shows seo score instead of rich snippet. really daniel has taken his plugin to the next level. inthis plugin he had replaced a lots of polular plugins from a single plugin.

  9. Sunita says

    After read the review and features about the plugin I am no doubt fan of this Plugin. I am running 2 blogs with WordPress and Last few months my traffic goes down, I am hoping this plugin will help me improve the ranking.

  10. Aliakbar Fakhri says

    Awesome Review, I would Like to get SEOPressor for my sevral Blogs, But as I am from India and i do not have a CC nor a Paypal account with Credit card, So how can I buy this Plugin?
    Even I Tried Virtual Credit card service Entropay but they also do not accept payment from Indian Debit cards?
    please let me know a alternative method to pay for this SEo Plugin
    I need it urgently..

  11. PolarStar says

    Hi, this is the first time I hear about this. Everyone talks about WordPress SEO from Yoast. It would be good have a comparison since this is a key plug-in and I persoally find WordPress SEO to be much better than All in One SEO for example.

    • says

      WordPress SEO by Yoast is undoubtedly a great plugin, but SEOPressor V5 offers many great features, which take SEO to next level. Daniel (creator) of SEOPressor is a very well known name in SEO industry, and he constantly update this plugin to match the OnPage SEO factors.. WordPress SEO by Yoast is great for On site SEO, but for On -Page SEO, I would stick to SEOPressor..
      I will be doing a detailed comparison soon, and I have done one recently between EasyWPSEO & SEOPressor here:

  12. Chidotoji says

    Iam have read your reviews of SEOPressor, very interesting. I haven’t use SEOPressor before. Hope i can win, i will try use SEOPressor ^^!