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SEOMOZ Pro is one of the best tool to do your Website audit with actionable suggestion. You could see and understand how search engine sees your blog, and you can improve your overall ranking. For Serious blogger and internet marketers, SEOMOZ is must try SEO software.

If you ever want to learn SEO, best place to start is by becoming a part of a SEO community. When you talk SEO, breathe SEO and dream SEO, it will not take time for you to understand the whole concept of search engine optimization. When I started learning SEO, I joined many communities, subscribe to many SEO based forums, started using new SEO tools and softwares, and most important implemented what ever I learned on my blogs to see the effect. Benefits of SEO is, helping search engine to crawl, index and understand your website in a better way. In this process you improve ranking of your website in search engine, and in return it improves your traffic, sales and you end up earning more.

One big misconception about SEO is: You can rank in Google in no-time, which is utterly wrong. By doing search engine optimization of your blog, you help search engine bots to understand your content in better way, and thus it makes it easier for bots to rank your website. SEO is done at many level: On page SEO, On site SEO, Off site SEO, Social SEO to name a few. Today, I will be reviewing SEOmoz, which is one of the most established SEO software in SEO industry. I will explain  features of SEOMoz, some of the alternatives,  and why you should give a try to SEOmoz.

SEOmoz is one big name in SEO industry, and even if you never heard of their PRO software, you must have heard of Rand Fishkin and his whiteboard friday videos, where he talks in details about various SEO topics. It’s a great free resource to learn SEO, and they also have a user generated content blog call Youmoz, where you will find many SEO specialist talking in details about SEO in detail, and internet marketing. If you have never heard or visited their blog, I highly recommend you to do that, as it will help you to understand search engine optimization in great in-depth.

SEOmoz powersuite Review and features:

If you know how search engine works, you will find SEOmoz to be one SEO tool that you should be using for your Website or blog. A Search engine bots come to your blog, crawls it, indexes it, and rank your website based on content, social signals, backlinks and various other SEO factors. There are many SEO mistakes which we often make, that needs to be fixed with time, to ensure you never get penalize by search engines like Google.

SEOmoz works in a simple way, and their bots crawl your blog every week, create an index for your blog, and suggest you changes that you should be doing on your blog/website to improve the over all SEO. Along with this, it offers many SEO toolkits, which will help you to research and analyze various things.

SEOMoz pro dashboard

I’m using SEOmoz pro from last 4 years, and it’s helping me a lot to understand, analyze my blogs and It helped me to find many SEO issues, that I usually miss. Along with this they offers many more features, which I will talk in brief below. It’s impossible for me to talk about all the features in-depth in one post, though you can always try their pro tool for free (1 month), and you can see it yourself how it works. Instead of explaining all the features, I will explain how I’m using it for ShoutMeLoud, which will help you to understand this sophisticated tool in better way.


It’s a professional premium SEO tool, and offers different plans that you can subscribe to. Since my requirement was limited, I opted for pro account. If you are one of those bloggers who are running more than 5+ blogs, you can always opt for pro plus or if you are a SEO company, you can opt for SEO elite plan. I will explain the plans and pricing later, so lets quickly get started with the campaign feature. Campaign is basically your website, which you are optimizing using SEO Moz pro. So you create a campaign, add your Website, and their Web app will start crawling your website. The process is dead-simple and you can use this video for the reference.

Crawl diagnostics:

Find SEO issues of your Website

So once their web app crawls your site, it generate a list of crawl errors on your Website. That also includes some of the on page SEO related issues with pages on your website. This is very helpful for large websites, as you can quickly find links with the issues, and you can fix them. One of my favorite tool here is 4xx error, as I could easily find 404 pages on my blog with high authority, and then I could redirect them to related page or to home page to retain the link juice. Similarly there are many tools like you can find duplicate pages, missing meta title, description, long URL’s, URL redirection and many more.

This will help you to understand how search engines like Google, Bing crawls your blog, and how they find SEO issues with your website. It may take 1-2 days for  a newbie to understand it, and a SEO expert could easily understand the issues, and work on them to fix it. They also offer a great knowledge base, so anytime you are stuck, you will never feel alone, or paid for something which is not worth it.

Keyword Ranking:

Tracking your keyword rank is very important, and I have already shared many SEO tools like Authority labs, SEMRUSh, Cuterank which does the job. Though, having this feature in a SEO powersuite is important, and SEOMoz Keyword tracker does the job pretty well. With their weekly report, you can also keep track of your keyword improvement or decline right from your mail inbox. You can track keyword ranking on various search engines, and also export keyword ranking report in PDF format. I highly recommend you to connect your SEOMoz account with Google analytics account to get in-depth detail of traffic effect due to keyword ranking change. They also have find new keywords option, which will let you quickly add keywords in keyword tracking tool.

Competitive domain analysis:

I don’t use this tool much apart from checking my domain ranking history (Ex: Mozrank, domain authority), but this is very useful for websites, who are competing with certain website. For example Makemytrip with ClearTrip. Here you can compare your website with 3 more competitors, and very handy to compare your website SEO Progress with your competitor website.

Along with above features, they offer many more tools for keyword researching, checking on page SEO score, keyword difficulty, and recently they added fresh Web explorer. As I mentioned, I use limited features for now, as I also use some of the alternate tools like SEMRUSH, Ahrefs to get other things done. But, if you are looking for one SEO tool to get everything done, SEOMOz pro is going to be one of your best investment.

Other features which you get with Pro account:

Along with above mentioned features, you also get access to their pro webinars, you can ask SEO related queries and get answer from SEO expert. More over, you will become a part of one of the most popular SEO community globally. Here are pricing details for their account, and you can sign up for a free trail account for 1 month, to get started for free.

SEOMoz Pro Plans

Your Free SEOmoz Free Trial account : Try before buy

SEOMoz free Account

Despite of reviews, I always like to try something before buying. You can try SEOmoz pro account completely free for one month without paying a dime. You will get access to all the tools, and once you are satisfied you can continue using the tool by paying a monthly fees of $99/month or you can grab annual contract to get extra discount on SEOMoz pro plans. If you don’t want to use the tool after free one month trial, you can anytime cancel your account in one month time, and you will not be charged anything. Do remember, when you authenticate your credit card with their payment, it will charge $1 (which will be refunded) to verify your card. Over all, with this free trial account you will have nothing to lose.

Take SEOmoz for 30 days test-drive

If you have never tried this premium SEO web app, I highly recommend you to give it a shot. Not only you will learn a great deal of SEO knowledge, but you will be improving the over all SEO score of your website/blog. If you have used SEO Moz pro tool, I would love to hear your review and experience. If you find this review useful, do consider joining our Email newsletter for more such updates.

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SEOMOZ Pro is one of the best tool to do your Website audit with actionable suggestion. You could see and understand how search engine sees your blog, and you can improve your overall ranking. For Serious blogger and internet marketers, SEOMOZ is must try SEO software.
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    Thanks Harsh, I think you need to maybe extend on this review for each of the features, nee to also look at the majestic as a competitor to MOZ for backlink research

  2. sonali says

    The post is really nice and helpful, particularly for those who have a shallow knowledge on the fantastic benefits of using SEOmoz. I really feel the urge of giving a try to SEOmoz.

  3. Mukul Bansal says

    After reading this I think I need to give SEOMOZ tool a try. I heard a lot about this tool from fellow bloggers but after reading this post I feel more encouraged to try out this tool !!

  4. Charmin' says

    Harsh, any plans to review how Seomoz compares to Webmeup? I would read that with great interest.

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    SEOMOZ is a well known tool their seo forum and blog are also very cool had you given a look on that.

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    SEOMOZ is a gr8 tool for beginners in SEO as well as PRO’s. Open-site explorer and On-page analysis grading and among my favorite tools in MOZ

  7. Cha says

    Yes, this is a great too. Now I use their pro plan. This is a good tool to identify high authority domains for submit guest post. cause Google PR doesn’t represent clear picture about site authority.

  8. Richard Perfect says

    I’ve been reading Danny Dover’s (who is ex SEOmoz) book “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Secrets” and have really enjoyed that. It’s not a beginner’s book but if you’ve got a little bit of a technical background you’ll find it really useful.

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    I heard a lot about SEOmoz. It seemed to me that only big company should use SEOmoz. After reading your post, I realized that Bloggers should also use this tool, though spending $99 per month is not a easy job for new bloggers.
    Anyway I think I should try a test drive.
    Thanks for your nice review.