Will You Get Penalized for Duplicate Content On My Blog?

Though websites with duplicate content usually don’t get in trouble with the law, most search engines will not list results with duplicate content. If you either are thinking about creating a website or have already done so, then one of the things you are almost certainly thinking about is web-traffic and how to get more people to visit your site. Given that many, if not most people use Google to search for information on the internet, it makes sense to have content on your website that will show up high on the Google results page; it is generally agreed-upon that results beyond the third page tend to be less relevant to the search criteria, and most people don’t check anything beyond the third page as a result. For that reason, it’s important to understand the concept of Search Engine Optimization, abbreviated SEO.

The basic idea behind SEO is that Google (or any other search engine) wants to give its users quality results, so they want to give their users multiple options through variety so their users can choose the result that is most relevant to their search.

Unless you seriously and blatantly violate terms of service, by plagiarizing for example, your website will not be removed or censored, which are the actions that really fall under the “penalty” label. That said, if you suspect that this is happening to your website, you can solve this problem by adding original content that search engines can find and label as original rather than duplicated.

This sounds simple, but you may find that many ideas that you think are original have already been expressed by someone else. You want to avoid plagiarism above all else, because that can get you and your website into real trouble. Use your own words whenever possible, and be sure to give credit to your sources; this will help to give your website some of your personal touch and add some originality even if some of your content is duplicated.

Bellow is the video that explains this issue in details.

What’s your opinion about Duplicate content and Google penalty? Do you also see many RSS scraper site in Google search result? Do you think Google is doing right thing by filtering most of the RSS scraper site from search engine?

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COMMENTs ( 19 )

  1. Abdullah -al- amin says

    Excellent post!
    i think this is a useful post.but i don’t to understand why doesn’t it happen? please answered my questions.thank you so much.

  2. Stephen Oey says

    Placing a duplicate content in once site can cause ones to receive penalty from Google. It has been an issue in the online world. Your video allow me to fully understand the rules of Google with regards to duplicate content.

  3. Donny Gamble says

    I try to avoid duplicate content as much as possible unless I am quoting or referencing one of my past post. I think it is ok if you are repurposing content from another post.

  4. canberra photographer says

    You were able to clarify the issue about duplicate content. Maybe webmasters must be careful with the rules of Google. I need to take time to read it.

  5. Vivek Krishnan says

    I think although Google does penalize blatant content duplication, however, it does not really seem to affect the duplicating sites very much in their SERPs.

    • Kimberly Castleberry says

      Because most of the content scraping sites are highly keyword rich in their domain name, for the content type they have stolen, the bonus of a keyword rich domain helps them overcome the penalty and get an initially high ranking, and then the high ranking helps them get backlinks that make it difficult to get back above them. To out-compete them you need to do a large amount of link building to the posts in question so that “link authority” returns to the original post.

    • Business Proposal Writer says

      You nailed it! They’re flooding the SERPs and pushing the original content way down the results.

  6. Nihar says

    I agree with Ivan. Some times the scrapper rank higher than the original content writer.

    Why doesn’t it happen? We all think google is smart but it isn’t in this case

  7. Dinesh @ DailyBlogMoney says

    Thanks for your post.
    But, I agree Ivan. Recently I asked a question in Google adsense support forum.
    So, when I search the same keyword on Google now, the second search result is from one of RSS scrapper site. I was shocked to see that since its a same exact duplicate content.
    May be they will remove later, but still it matters.

  8. Tinh says

    I guess “Yes” but it depends on how is your duplicate. I have listened to another video by Matt Cutts and he explained this clearly :-)

  9. Business Proposal Writer says

    Hi Keith,

    All of that makes sense but… we’ve seen sites scrap our content, make no text changes whatsoever, and get higher ranking than us on Google.

    I guess this is an open question but what do you do when other sites are stealing your stuff and killing you on google, bing etc?



    • Samir@Indihow says

      Hi Ivan

      While I’m no SEO expert, a simple yet effective, though long-term solution would be to place links to your own articles, including the concerned article itself inside the posts.
      Another obvious but tougher option would be to contact the web host of the scraper site or Google about the issue (DMCA application).

      • Kimberly Castleberry says

        Its important to note that majority of the autoblogging RSS feed scraping software have the ability to remove links from the articles. Those that do this manually will still retain links back to you (and rather comically can become free backlinks) but majority of the rss content scraping done today does not retain its original links.

      • Business Proposal Writer says

        Hi Samir,

        Yes, I guess that’s the best damage limitations approach. I’ve tried to reason with their host but they said it was out of their hands. The webmaster – not surprising – didn’t reply to my emails. But the embedded links is a must from now on.



    • Kimberly Castleberry says

      Ivan, I’m working on a post about that issue but I believe you will find this link useful. However, I have not seen most people be half as successful as they claim at getting the content removed. The only way to outrank the stolen content is to use googles “link authority” in your favor, meaning you need to build backlinks to your original copy of the content that was stolen. When you have more backlinks from more trusted sources, then as long as all other factors of the copy are the same your going to regain the authority for that article.


      • Business Proposal Writer says

        Hi Kimberly,

        I look forward to reading your article as this is happening more and more. What worries me is that these new sites, which rank v high, seem to have v few backlinks. I can only assume they’re gaming the system somehow.

        It’s a real worry as it seems to have damaged our google ranking in the process.

        Over to your site now :)