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    SEO: Some effective and White Hat methods to build Backlinks

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    Some time back Himanshu told you about What are backlinks and importance of backlinks. Following it we published how to get free backlinks for your website and I told you about how commenting can help create backlinks.

    I was watching a video from Google webmaster team and Google engineer Matt spoke about how you can create backlinks in white hat and effective way. For now watch this video and I will explain few ways which Matt has explained to create backlinks for your website :

    free white hate backlinks SEO: Some effective and White Hat methods to build Backlinks White Hat method Backlinks

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    One thing Matt really emphasize here in this video is writing quality articles (tutorials ) or research posts. Apart from all this here are more way which he mentioned in his videos and I’m sure you will be benefited if you follow it :

    Forum posting :

    Forums and places like yahoo answers are good and very useful places for creating backlinks and driving traffic. When people come to your post from forums, you are targeting a new set of readers and exposing your article to different audience. Such users tend of stay more on your blogs.  Apart from this trick you can take help of my list of dofollow forums to get free backlinks.

    Social media site submission :

    Social media sites like Reddit, Delicious helps you in building backlinks and driving traffic to your blog. If you are lucky enough to hit front page of any of the social bookmarking sites you might be awarded with lots of traffic and backlinks.

    Get a blog :

    This is very useful for corporate websites or web service oriented websites. You can create a blog and use it to post articles and drive backlinks and traffic to your blog. Personally my blog helps me a lot to drive traffic to my web services. You can read more about creating a professional blog here : How to create a professional blog

    Free Product and Services :

    Free Product and services are one of the best working method to create a buzz about your services and drive traffic and most important backlinks. You can create a free WordPress theme, free WordPress plugin, facebook application, Toolbar, and so on.

    Create Videos :

    This is what Matt personally recommend, create good quality videos and if your video is good enough people will embed it into their blog or websites and you can use it to drive free backlinks.  For creating professional video you can use Camtasia profesisonal video software and this tutorial will help you to create video using Camtasia software.

    If you are in video marketing, you will love this previous post on 50 ways to drive huge traffic from youtube.

    I feel for a new blogger and even for established blogger these tips will be very useful. Personally I believe commenting is the best way to build backlinks to your blog and I would love to know your viewpoint and effective ideas on building backlinks for your blog.

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    nice info, but i heard do follow will make some of pageranks down .. is it right ?



    Where from you listen about it bro? For get rank on search engine we have to get dofollow backlinks, nofollow links have no any value in case of search engine ranking.



    Great points. As you said I prefer forums to expose my site. Thanks for sharing other points.




    What do you mean by dofollow will make pageranks down. It is dofollow links only that increase your pagerank.



    That video is really informative! By the way why do we care about backlinks just for PR improvement? Anyway, even if your PR is low you can get traffic if you update your blog/website regularly with unique content. Moreover, backlinks would be more useful when they drive actual visitors! I receive a great deal of traffic by leaving comments+links on blogs/sites with popular newsletters like ask-leo.


    chartered club

    Mat is very clever…. he not only told us how to do SEO but infact got a whole lot of backlinks by creating this video which has been imbeded here..
    Very Impressive Work by Mat


    All Is Well

    I hope this will help me in building some quick links…Because this is main work behind any successful blog.



    This is Cool! white hat SEO is the best!


    Kothapally Arun

    Thank god he dint day commenting on blogs!! Any ways.
    A good press release could be a good way to launch new products online.

    The list is a nice one.


    Basant Singh

    Perhaps forums are better way than social media in terms of quality of backlinks for PR. But social media helps in driving traffic.



    Good ways to increase backlinks. Video feature is not possible for all to create but it is one of the best way to get backlink and traffic.


    Sarpras Navas

    Forum posting is best way to build backlinks and generate some traffic.



    Thanks for providing nice list of dofollow forums. I really found your posts very informative but always take something useful from it. thanks.


    Michelle Tee

    Excellent post.. very helpful. I have not done much forum posting.. but I think I will start now. Thanks again!!


    Matthew Lord

    Glad to see that someone is actually preaching white hat link building tactics as opposed to black hat link building blasts. Those are a joke.

    Whitehat is the way to go!



    i use forums & yahoo answers option.. i found them best..


    Lasse Häggman

    I agree that building organic backlinks is a really hard things about seo.It takes a lot of time and a lot of techniques and strategy.Thanks for the video i learned some techniques.



    I would agree that blog post commenting is among the best methods of getting decent quality backlinks. Personally I’m also a fan of article marketing for syndication.



    Fantastic information. I watched the video twice. Once to get the overall message, and the second time to take individual notes on things I need to do. I am thinking of making a video myself, which Matt suggested last in the video, but I think this is a great way to gain recognition. Thanks OP for the info.


    Ivan Luther

    Regarding the forum posting, I have came across your list of dofollow forums but what if none of them are within my niche? I cannot post a Weight Loss link at a webmaster forum like v7n or warriorforum.


    Kerri Ponder

    Thank you for the great information. I have a question for you though. You say that commenting is one of the best ways to create backlinks. Does the URL of my blog have to be visible to count as a backlink? For example, when I added this comment, it asked for my website url. Will that be considered a backlink?
    Also, you mentioned Yahoo Answers as another method. Can’t this method also be considered Black Hat SEO and get sites into trouble? Sorry for the questions but I am new at this and trying to build my site’s backlinks.
    Thanks for any help.


    Dinesh Kumar

    Thanks Harsh for the useful information. But I have a question about blog commenting. We know that if we do blog commenting on other websites we get links. But are they useful to that website on which people are commenting.
    If people do comment on my site will it help me to get backlinks or it will improve my site rankings??


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