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SEO Smart link WordPress Plugin: Auto Interlink your Blog Post with Keywords

SEO Smart link WordPress Plugin: Auto Interlink your Blog Post with Keywords

Last time when I posted about recommended WordPress SEO plugins, I mentioned SEO smart link plugin. Despite of having one of the best SEO plugin for WordPress, I have seen on many of my Clients blog, they miss using this plugin.

Here is a quick overview of this useful SEO plugin and why you use it.  SEO smart link plugin offers you to autolink your old blog post with certain keywords. This will help you to create more internal linking and retain or improve ranking of your old blog post.

Specially this internal linking will help you to lower down bounce rate, as text will be interlinked automatically when you publish a new post.


How to use this plugin is a separate topic and which I will cover in next blog post, but if you are impatient you can refer to my post on ThemePremium about how to configure SEO smart link plugin.

Download plugin

Do let us know if you are using this WordPress SEO plugin or not? If you are using any other plugin for auto-linking, do let us know via comments.

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  • Musthafa

    I used this plugin, but, i was not able to find the links made by this plugin in my website. I only use, All in one SEO, any suggestions will be welcomed.!

    • Digital Bunch

      Same problem here. Any solution?

  • Rajan Balana @ DreamBloggers

    I am using this plugin, But I didn’t find it much useful for me :(

  • Sandeep Singh

    Thanks for sharing mate ! I think internal linking also a major factor for SEO ! Every one must use it !

  • Pradeep Bhandari

    thanks for the overview…surely will give it a try…and also wait for the next post on it :)

  • Pumama

    Instead of using this plugin, we can use Ninja Affiliate :).
    MaxBlogPress= SEO Smart Link + GoCodes

    • Sandeep@Curious Little Person

      Is Ninja Affiliate a premium plugin?

  • Mani Viswanathan @ DailyBlogging

    I use WLW Auto linking features. It helps me to avoid using a plugin.

  • Raj

    Hey..nice overview i have used this plugin but now i use insights to interlink manually

  • Sonu

    The link pointing to how to configure seo smart plugin is broken :(

  • Deepanshu

    hello harsh..ur how to configure smart links link is broken :?
    i started using this plugin but it is automatically finding out keywords and linking them :? how to prevent that…i mean i havent indicated the words and url which i want to link still it is linking on its own :?

  • Sujith

    I am already using this good plugin. Link in this article to Configure SEO Smart link is broken-


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