SEO Smart Link Premium WordPress SEO Plugin Review

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SEO Smart Link Premium WordPress SEO Plugin Review

Internal linking is one of the essential part of SEO and most important it helps reducing the bounce rate of your site. I have already talked about a useful plugin call WordPress insight, which let you do internal-linking, right from your WordPress post editor. But, this requires lots of manual work. How about we automate the whole system of Internal linking and instead of manual linking all the time, it will auto link any Keyword with pre-defined blog post.

SEO Smart Links Review

Here I’m going to talk about one important plugin for every WordPress blogger call: SEO smart link Premium. SEO Smart link plugin auto inter link your blog post and also tags and categories. Even from SEO perspective, it helps in quick internal linking along with keeping the anchor text intact.

Vladimir, developer of the SEO smart link plugin also released a premium version of this plugin. I have been using free version of SEO smart link plugin from long, but lately I was facing issue with this plugin as it’s creating issues regarding load time and letting my server goes down. More over under no circumstance I can live without this plugin. SEO smart link plugin allows you to auto link any text with a link on your WordPress blog. This really helps in getting good internal linking for any keyword on your blog. So I shifted to premium version of this plugin and since than I can see improvement in the ranking of some of my targeted keywords.

SEO Smart link for bloggers:

SEO Smart link plugin is one essential WordPress plugin for any serious blogger. This plugin helps you to rank better for keyword and this is something which I have tested and tried myself. I will be sharing a tutorial on using this plugin soon.

SEO Smart link for Affiliate marketer:

This plugin is also useful for Affiliate marketer to auto link words with their affiliate URL. For example, you can autolink word “Hostgator” with your Hostgator affiliate URL. More over you can add nofollow link to such linking which will help you in SEO. At the same time you are increasing your affiliate links and income without hampering your blog SEO.

SEO Smart link Premium plugin features:

Unlike free version of SEO smart link, premium version offers lots of advanced features which will help you to make most out of it. More over, this plugin comes with caching technique which will help you by not putting any load into your server.

You can also white list domains for which you don’t want your link to by no followed and for rest of auto linked external domains you can keep links as nofollow.

Here are some of the screenshot of this plugin which will help you to give better idea about this plugin:


Caching feature:

This is one must have features for plugins like YARPP, SEO smart link which works on every post. Without caching, such plugins will put excessive load on your server and if you have a blog with lots of content, you should drop your free version and grab the premium one. If you have a small blog, for now you are good to use free version of SEO smart link plugin:

caching Import Export feature:

This is a very useful feature for those who are using SEO smart link plugin extensively. You can export your added keywords and link any time. This works as a back up and if you are running multiple blogs, you can use this feature to group the keywords auto linking on multiple blogs.


Auto link Tags and Categories:

If you are one who is facing high bounce rate issue. You can use this plugin to auto link to your tags and categories page. More over at the same time, this plugin can process auto linking into your RSS feeds. That ways, people reading your blog via feeds or Email, can also see auto linked posts and this you will get more views on your old posts.


SEO Smart link Premium Pricing:


For many this plugin price may sounds pricey, but with the features and being one of the most essential WordPress plugin, one can’t ignore this plugin. This plugin comes with three premium option and if you are like me who offers WordPress Services, you might like to grab the Business version of SEO smart link plugin as it gives you freedom to install it on your multiple site along with client sites.

But if you have a small blog, you can grab personal license. This is worth every money of yours.

Here is a quick video preview of this plugin and how it’s going to help:

I have been using the free version from years and after using the premium version and seeing it’s advantage, I can highly recommend this plugin to ShoutMeLoud readers.

Grab this plugin

Do let us know if you have used SEO smart link Premium or free  plugin in the past or using it? Do you find it worth putting it in the list of WordPress essential SEO plugin??

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  1. Nilantha Jayawardhana says

    Useful plugin review.

    I use Insight plugin to interlink post. I should do it manually with Insight plugin. It is hard work. This premium plugin is very useful for do it automatically.


  2. youthfrenzy says

    One thing I have noticed that linking tags and categories add very little value to the SEO if at all. While manual linking of related posts is best for SEO.

  3. Nihar says

    Thanks for the review.

    I am too using the free version for long time. will think of the paid version.

  4. kbharath @ techntricksonline says

    Thanks for this Awesome Review Harsh i didnt use this plugin on my blog because i was really confused how to use this plugin and now i am using the free version of SEO Smart Links plugin and its really working like a pro on my blog and now its really easy for interlinking the posts or categories.

    Thanks Again

  5. Shariq says

    SEO Smart link is a plugin which creates ultimate internal linking for a WordPress website and helps in refreshing old blog posts. You can read the importance of Internal linking on Google Webmaster Official blog.
    Thus SEO Smart Link is a must have WordPress plugin for professional bloggers.

  6. Jeremy Darko says

    Thank you for the amazing insight. I completed the visual aspect of my website and now I must work on the technical facets. I never knew how detailed SEO could be. I now see that it does take research to learn. I do hope that with the assistance of these tools I can improve my sites functionality and SEO ranking. Thank you!

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