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Long time back one of Guest author here at ShoutMeLoud talked about Scribe WordPress plugin and since than, this plugin has got many new features and recently Scribe team launched Scribe SEO V4 plugin. I happened to check out the demo of this plugin and it seems like one of the outstanding tool for SEO copywriting. The reason I mentioned this plugin as tool because it’s not only available for WordPress but it also supports many other platform. Specially, their Web-based app is perfect for freelance Copywriters when they just need a place to do copywriting based on latest Google on page algo.

Now, before I share a quick overview and review of Scribe V4.0, let me talk a little about SEO copywriting. In 2012, for ranking higher in Google writing a Keyword targeted content is not enough, but you need to consider other factors like Site authority, domain rank, Readability, Keyword competition. More over, for niche Bloggers or when you are working as a copywriter for a corporate blog, your job is to research and develop content which is not only searched but also easier to rank for.

SEO Scribe V4 WordPress plugin:

Let me first start with why I decided to feature SEO scribe plugin here at ShoutMeLoud. One of the major issues with all on-page SEO plugin for WordPress is limited features. Some of them like EasyWPSEO, SEOPressor are really handy for checking on page SEO score but they don’t do other stuff like Keyword research, Keyword difficulty check, competition check which is very crucial for a Blogger or for a corporate blog when writing a blog post.

SEO Scrobe V4 plugin review

SEO scribe V4.0 comes out a solution to all this problem which a copywriter faces, and now you can do everything which you need to write a SEO optimized master piece right from WordPress dashboard or using SEO scribe Web app. There is no reason not to trust this awesome SEO plugin for WordPress, when it’s backed up by CopyBlogger which is one of the biggest name in SEO copywriting.

SEO scribe plugin helps you to do all those things which you need to compile a Perfect SEO optimized blog post. Specially after Panda and penguin update when SEO copywriting is changing every day, it’s important to not just write a Keyword optimizeed blog post but to write a high quality content which is also SEO rich. SEO Scribe WordPress plugin helps you to take complete control of your SEO copywriting and helps you to write content which works with current search engine algo:

Analyze Keyword –

You not only check Keyword competition and Keyword difficulty, new SEO scribe V 4.0 uses the Google instant search to recommend more Keywords. You can always check the Keyword popularity, which is very useful for internet marketers to find the best Keyword opportunity. The Competition score shows more details now which includes, suggestion for Keyword competition and difficulties. With one click Google plus and Twitter search, this Keyword optimization tool will help you to find great post title too.

Site score:

This is one new feature added in this version of SEO scribe. This will let you check the content relevancy which is very important in latest SEO. Having a Website with lots of relevant content helps in better ranking and this Site score, check your domain for related content and recommend you to build more content based on Keywords you used in your review post. Many of you might be wondering, why site score is important?

Lets not confuse it with domain authority but it’s more related to that. SEO in present is not only about quality content but also depends on relevant contant. This is one reason you would get more results from a niche blog for a particular query. Now, when  you are trying to rank for a particular Keyword, you need to make sure you also target relevant and related Keywords on your domain. Site score comes out as a solution to this problem and it will give you suggestion for other Keywords that you should be targeting.

On Page SEO score:

Placing Keywords at the right place in your content will be very helpful to get higher ranking in search. This section helps you to make your content more Keyword targeted and helps in improving On page Score.

Scribe Link Building:

Scribe link building tool helps you to find strong authority pages from your domain. So, when you are working on a new blog post, you can use this tool to find all existing pages from your site which should be linking to new blog post you are creating. This will not help in faster indexing but this will also help you in improving the ranking and authority of new page.

Site connections: Making link Building easy with Scribe plugin:

One of the most important factor of better ranking is backlinks and social signals. SEO scribe offers a new feature call site connections which helps you to build site connections and get high quality links instead of just spammy and low quality links. In below video you can learn how site connection feature works in SEO scribe V4.0.

How to use SEO Scribe V4.0 WordPress plugin:

Nothing could explain better than a video and Here is a detailed video which teaches you how to use SEO scribe plugin and how all other features which I talked above works. If you are using V 3.0. you can disable V3.0 of Scribe and install Scribe V4 and activate it. The new interface have new columns as I explained above and more over, old Scribe users will not find any issue understanding and using Scribe V4.

Price and Plans:

Scribe plugin offers 3 different plans to fit your content marketing plan. More over, all these 3 plans come with 30 days risk-free offer. Which means, if anytime you are not satisfied with their product, you can login to your Scribe account and deactivate your account within first 30 days and claim a refund. Here is a chart showing SEO scribe pricing plan:

SEO Scribe V4 Pricing

An Professional plan is perfect for a Blogger and for small Business blogs where content volume is not so high but for a big content marketing company, an Agency plan is perfect fit. If you are wondering you should use SEO scribe V4 or not, my recommendation would be give it a shot and you will be amazed to learn writing content which not only rank but rank at the first page of Google. Ater all, 30 days risk free Test-drive will make sure you don’t lose anything.

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Do let me know how’s your feedback and review of SEO Scribe V4.? What are new features you liked and are you missing any features which this useful SEO content marketing tool should have?

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  1. Nizam Khan says

    Well yes, with this plugin can write a SEO optimized post right from WordPress dashboard, as this plugin helps to do things which is needed for a SEO optimized blog post. And agreed, after Panda/penguin update it is important to write a high quality and SEO rich content. Thanks Harsh for sharing this plugin :)

  2. Gilbert says

    Hey Harsh, Thanks for the great share, Guess i was almost left behind with the new version of SEO scribe. Going there to check out the demo. I also agree with you that Readability is important and a factor to consider with SEO. One should ensure a good Flesch reading.

  3. says

    hey Harsh ..thanks for this great info….but I would like to ask that is there any free alternative to this plugin (like the bloggerhigh seo plugin is an alternative to SEO Pressor)..
    I cannot afford to buy this plugin and the trial version will work for only one month… any help would be appreciated…thanks