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    [SEO] Reciprocal Links for Search Engines

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    Backlinks are one of the biggest factor which effects SEO. Back-Linking can be inbound links, outbound links, backlinks or Reciprocal Links. If you want to take advantages of these links you need to use them properly. If you won’t use linking effectively, it might give negative effects to your blog. Check out these articles to get more information about different kind of linking and how to use them efficiently:

    So, now lets learn something new in SEO world:

    What are Reciprocal links?

    This is simplest form of link exchange, when two sites reciprocate link exchange by linking from home page or one of the internal pages. This is one of the oldest form of link building and one of the free link building technique if used wisely.

    One biggest problem which came with this is webmaster who have 100+ websites, he can always use it to interlink all sites in his network and thus improving the search engine visibility. Google realizes this could dilute the search engine and that’s why in 2012, in one of the panda updates, Google has devalued such private blog network. Is that mean Reciprocal links are dead

    More or less my answer is Yes. Reciprocal links are not so useful any more and specially blog roll links. You need to work on other strategy and you can probably consider creating pyramid kind of structure. One thing, which you need to keep in mind is niche of the site from where you are reciprocating links.

    Apart from outbound links, internal links and backlinks benefits, we should not ignore reciprocal Links for pleasing search engines and driving huge traffic to our blogs.

    Reciprocal links are the links which bind two or more than two websites, directly or indirectly. There can be many kind of reciprocal links. For example, blog A is linked to blog B and blog B is linked to blog C.

    ReciprocalLinks [SEO] Reciprocal Links for Search Engines

    There is a myth that reciprocal linking is not effectively for search engines and to drive traffic. But we can see in above diagram that getting direct or indirect linking will surely help you to generate traffic and thus chances will increase to get high rank in search engines.

    Here are few things you can do for getting reciprocal links:

    I would suggest you to keep many factor in your mind before getting into any such exchange, niche of the site, quality of outbound links from site you getting link back and quality of site you are linking out to. The idea is if you reciprocate link with some other webmaster, you should be getting a genuine and quality link.

    The best idea is to write a quality content and drop an Email to other blogger in your niche and ask them to link to their page and in return you can link back to their content with anchor text. Do this only when you are linking to genuine stuff, else you might be the next victim of Google algo updates.

    • Try to target social networking website, explore blogs relevant to your niche.
    • Mail fellow bloggers for exchanging links and blog rolls.
    • Target directories and forums
    • Write guest posts and get active with comments (do follow blogs would be great)
    You can learn more about, what Google think of them here.There are many reciprocal link checker tools are available online and you can use them here.

    The easiest way to get reciprocal links is by exchanging links and blog rolls. You might get good results slowly from forums and web directories. Make sure that you don’t spam and link to only quality blogs.

    Well, these are some of the things which I can think of. If you have any better suggestion, feel free to let us know.

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    I had submitted few articles in eZineArticles in the month of feb. 2010. But I got a good number of visitors only from last one month from eZineArticles. So, I do agree with you that it may take time in some cases to get traffic from backlinks. Having patience is the key :)



    That’s good Techno-pulse, Many bloggers feel that they are not getting results fast and thus stop using reciprocal links. Patience is really important while blogging.



    Cool tips! Really informative as I am not very familiar with SEO these kinda articles will help me out!



    Hi this is a good article about SEO. Here I would like to add one more point about relevancy.
    If your back-links are not relevant to your content then there is no meaning of link building because its effect goes down.



    good post, nice diagram in this post it tells well about linking the site. yes link building is very important in SEO, the big strength is backlinks, so bloggers need to improve thier backlinks this will give good result in search engines



    Really, What I thought was that reciprocal linking is not good for SEO, and that’s why i discouraged much link exchanges. Thanks for helping me to get rid off this misunderstanding :)



    Links from Social networking sites are not reciprocal Ruchi.

    It is only when you interlink two different sites or blogs it is considered as reciprocal.

    Anyways reciprocal links was a very easy way to get backlinks but now it is frowned upon of it is of not the same niche. Relevancy matters a lot.

    Thanks for this nice article ;)



    @ NpXp, I wrote that Social networking websites are useful to find relevant blogs to build reciprocal links. It doesn’t mean that links from social networking websites are reciprocal links. I hope you got my point now.



    I really want to know how to search good site for reciprocal links by keywords, and that makes me crazy



    Hey Vkamobi, Don’t go for complicated methods just use Google and twitter search , you will surely get few good blogs.


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