How to Use Keywords Effectively in WordPress Post

If you have been Blogging for some time, you might have heard about importance of Keyword research. But have you ever thought how to use Keywords which you have found after hours of researching?  In, this article I will helping you with some of the factors and techniques you should be using to use Keywords at places in your article for better ranking.

We all know that keywords are very important for getting good search engine rank. If you are not aware about importance of keywords then check out an article about keywords on Shoutmeloud. Keywords must be used smartly in your blog. You can use keywords in title, heading tag, body content, URL, Meta description etc.

How to Use Keywords

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Learn How to use Keywords in WordPress:

In WordPress, adding Keywords is fairly easy with the help of many plugins and themes in built SEO feature. For example, WordPress SEO by yoast, Thesis theme they all add option to fill meta value for any article in WordPress. Something, I’m sure you might have used   tons of time by now.

Keywords in Title Tag

Title Tags appears at the top of the browser. It is always better to use keywords in starting when it comes to Title Tags. Title Tag helps search engines and visitors to know what the page is all about. It provides the vital information to search engines and thus beneficial to get good search engine rank.

Keywords in Heading Tags h1, h2…

Heading tags helps you to structure content of your blog post. The main benefits of using these Tags are to inform search engines about the topics you covered in your post and your visitor will get good scan ability of your article. Thus, try to use keywords in your Heading Tags, it will surely attract visitors as well as search engines.

Keywords in Body Content

All bloggers knows the importance of having keywords in your blog content but remember that you should not stuff relevant keywords and take care about the density of keywords in body content of your article. Having keyword density from 3% – 5% is said to be good for SEO. Hidden keywords and irrelevant keywords might ban your blog, so keep your hands off from it.

Keywords in URL

When I started blogging, I was not aware that keywords can be used in URL also. I was bit amazed when I knew that fact. URL is effective when it’s having proper permalink structure and it easy to read. Search engines and visitors like the user-friendly URLs. Your URL must be like:

Though you can use stop words like of, for, the, an from your permalinks to make it more effective. But, I prefer to keep them natural.

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Keywords in Meta Description / Tags

It is important that you must use keywords in Meta description because that is the content which is shown in search queries in search engines. Like:

meta description

Visitors will click your link, if they find something relevant to query in your article’s Meta description. It goes same with Meta Tags, if you have relevant and good keywords in Meta Tags then the chances for getting good rank automatically increases.

To achieve all the above mentioned steps in WordPress, I will suggest use All in One SEO WordPress plugin. Read

These are few basic tips for using keywords effectively for improving SEO of your blog but make sure you play safe with your keywords, no stuffing and irrelevant keywords for your blog. How you use keywords in your WordPress article?

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COMMENTs ( 27 )

  1. Jimmy Dev says

    Hello harash,

    Can’t i use SEO yoast for all these purposes like meta tags and description? and let me know how can i use Yoast plugin effectively..

  2. Siraj.M says

    Whiztechy I have a question with you. According to matt cutts keywords are spam work Google bot don’t crawl these. In Yoast WordPress plugin which you discussed above, In yoast plugin by default meta keywords option is disable and yoast don’t recommended meta-keywords. According to matt cutts you need concentrate on title or description and place keywords in both these instead of meta-keywords. I have seen your website and you are using meta-keywords and i am in fixing that now what i will do. Enable this option or not in yoast.and please mention yoast is better or all in one SEO plugin for best SEO. PleasePlease answer me as soon possible.

    • says

      I understand your confusion here and thanks for asking this important question.
      So meta_keywords is no more important for Google, but other search engine still give it an importance. Though, we certainly optimise our site for Google search as it is the maximum traffic driving search engine for many of us. I don’t use Meta_keywords anymore and only on my old posts you would notice meta_keywords are added.

      Regarding which plugin is better: I would highly recommend and suggest WordPress SEO by yoast over All in one SEO.

  3. rakesh kumar says

    I think I am Little bit late but what do you think if we publish our keywords as a tag inside wordpress post. I am little bit doubtful? Do you have any idea how this will help me or it will not help me at all.
    ~rakesh kumar

  4. Gon says

    I have a question? Why do you prefer using also the stop words on your url? Can that be more effective?

    By the way, great tips.

  5. Joseph Dabon says

    Though informative, it also leaves a very vital component practically all articles and bloggers are guilty of – lack of awareness that some readers may be ignorant of some of the words and terms used.

    For example, what is a title tag. Then you wrote that it can be seen at the top of the browser. What browser? top left, right, center? What does it tool like?

  6. vrunda says

    great… tips really… because… i use all in one seo but.. was not aware of some thing you described here… thanx for sharing…
    1 que for you, you have suggested to use google sets… but it doesn’t show any keyword is searched how many times ? and another link given by you is not working.. can you tell me in detail how to search keyword for any post.. with example ?
    regards and thanx,

  7. ajeet says

    Yaa keyword are very importance..I have follow the above rules and my traffic has in month got about 6500 unique visit

  8. MostlyBlog says

    wow ruchi good post, yes keyword is most important for any blog and after long journey of blogging i realized it now and getting good result also..

  9. Pushkar says

    Keywords are very important to be used. I started my blog and still learning all these things which makes my blog more powerful. Thanks for your tips Ruchi Mam ;-)

  10. Techno-Pulse says

    Keywords in meta tag is not so relevant these days as far as Google is concerned. Keywords in URL & title carry more weightage than anywhere else.

  11. jai prakash says

    I also have idea about the keyword strenght.Before starting the blog post all keyword should be well determined and use keywords with above tricks .All the point are very necessary for traffic generation…….thanks for sharing the hidden tricks.

  12. TechChunks says

    All valid points there. Also it is important to use some keywords in your very first beginning paragraph. It can help you to rank higher. My 2 cents…

  13. Simran says

    When I started blogging I never used keywords in my blog posts but now when I realized the importance of keywords I started using keywords. These are really helpful for search engine rankings.

    • says

      Many bloggers ignore using keywords , but keywords are vital and should be used efficiently. It’s good that you started using keywords in your blog.

  14. Ryan says

    Great tips Ruchi. I try to work keywords into my blog posts while still making the post sound “right”. Sometimes it gets a little awkward when attempting to employ the proper keyword density. There’s an art to it.

    For a while I neglected to use keywords in Header tags. When I began to do so I noted higher rank in search engines.