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    [SEO] How to Submit your WordPress Site to Yahoo Search Engine

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    Submitting your sitemap to Search engine make sure that your blog content get picked by every search engine. We have already written a tutorial on How to submit  your sitemap to Google and How to submit your sitemap to Bing. This is one search engine which I have missed. Yahoo search engine is one of the popular search engine after Google and Bing and by submitting your sitemap to yahoo you will make sure to get handful of visitors from Yahoo Search engine.

    yahoo thumb [SEO] How to Submit your Wordpress Site to Yahoo Search Engine

    Step by Step guide to Submit Sitemap to Yahoo Explorer:

    Like Google have Google webmaster tool and for Bing we have Bing Webmaster tool.  For Yahoo we have Yahoo explorer. You can use your existing Yahoo ID to login to Yahoo explorer.

    • Login to Yahoo Explorer
    • Under my Site section, add your site URL and click on Add sites.

    yahoositeexplorer thumb [SEO] How to Submit your Wordpress Site to Yahoo Search Engine

    Like in other Webmasters tool you can verify your site by Meta tag or by uploading a file. I prefer uploading File option so that if I change anything in my blog, my site is still verified with these search engines webmaster tools.

    siteauthentication thumb [SEO] How to Submit your Wordpress Site to Yahoo Search Engine Simply download the file by clicking on By uploading a verification file to my site and upload it on the root of your site directory using any Free FTP client.

    Once you have uploaded the file, click on ready to authenticate and on the next screen you will see confirmation message.

    Unlike Google and Bing Webmaster tool here you need to add feed URL instead of sitemap. In WordPress your feed address is yourdomain.com/feed

    submitfeed thumb [SEO] How to Submit your Wordpress Site to Yahoo Search EngineYou can also add sitemap.xml to add it into your site. I just checked Shoutmeloud settings and sitemap.xml is working fine which I have submitted almost an year back.

    feedstatusyahoo thumb [SEO] How to Submit your Wordpress Site to Yahoo Search EngineSubmitting your sitemap to major search engine is must and by doing this you ensuring the maximum visibility of your site in search engines.

    Do let us know if you have submitted your sitemap in Yahoo search engine?

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    I haven’t submitted yet,but will submit it now after reading your tutorial.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Do let us know if you face any problem with the submission and will love to help. :)


    Nabeel | Create Your First Website


    Great tutorial.

    But I cannot submit a feed to yahoo site explorer, as I have a squeeze page and it does not have a feed.



    Harsh Agrawal

    Nabeel you can use lots of online tool to create sitemap and submit it to different place. Though it won’t make much difference but still it can be useful.



    How do I know If my site is already submitted to yahoo.


    Sahil Malhan

    Submitted few months ago, but all the url’s are not indexed. Trying to figure out what the problem is. Let me know if you have a solution!
    Bdw, Thanks for the share. :)



    Hi Harsh, Do you know whether submitting a blog to Yahoo directory will make any difference to blog traffic. But it is 299$ per yr and not sure whether it is worth?



    I make it a point to submit every blog that I create for clients to Google Yahoo and Bing using the same method you suggested.Although major portion of the search engine traffic is from Google, one can’t ignore Yahoo search.


    Vikas Bhatt

    Yahoo site explorer has been shut down already. You should update this article now.



    As it is mentioned that yahoo explorer already shut down,so how we will index our site to yahoo directory.


    Ataur Rahman

    This post help me sitemap create and submit. Thanks for post.


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