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    SEO Copywriting: Beating Competitors with Long Posts

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    This is a guest post by Pritam who blogs at Specky Geek. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check out guest posting guidelines.

    Getting a huge traffic is every blogger’s goal. Every Internet marketer also survives on a regular flow of traffic. How do you get more visitors to your site?

    It’s no secret that the most important source of online traffic is from search engines like Google and Yahoo. A visitor from search engine is looking for the very thing that you are offering—be it products, services, articles or tutorials. What does this mean? They are more likely to buy your product or service. If you manage to make a good impression on the visitor, he/she is more likely to convert into a loyal visitor and follow you via RSS, Twitter or Facebook.

    Given the benefits of getting search users to your site, everyone on the Web wants to make it to the first page of search results. And then to the top spot. This quest to rank highest on search results makes sense because that increases the chances of getting a visitor from search engines increases manifold.

    As a serious blogger or Internet marketer, you know about search engine optimization and make all the efforts to outsmart the competition. You design your site to have a good navigation, proper meta tags and host the site with a good host to optimize its speed. You get backlinks with right keywords linking to your site for beating the competition. Are we missing something in our quest to rank high on search engines?

    Content! Keywords!

    Yes! Though search engines are obsessed with meta tags, backlinks and authority, the visitor who lands on our site is more interested in content. If we assume that our site is actually an apparel shop, what we have done so far is got it well furnished with great display shelves and lights. We have a great display window with mannequins and everything, but we don’t have the products. We don’t have the great clothes that your customers want.

    Let’s correct this silly mistake. We stock our shelves with the most popular brands (keywords) that everyone is looking to buy. What if our stock is very limited in variety and quantity? I guess we will see a lot of customers leaving our shop without making a purchase. Do we want this?

    Enough of the imaginary situation. Let’s get back to our site. We are going to add a lot of keyword-rich content on our site. We have been hearing from every SEO expert that the word count of our content should not be less than 350 words. So we have added articles that are around 500 words each. (This is the word count that most people looking for SEO copywriting demand.) Have we done everything that we should have?

    Have you ever seen an Internet marketer’s site selling some “Get Rich Fast” system? Successful marketers have sites with just one or two pages, but they are very, very, very long. I actually tried to measure the length of a successful Internet marketer’s site. Its landing page had around 8,500 words or 65 times the height of the browser window.

    If you think affiliate sites aren’t the best source of inspiration, how about Hubpages? A large number of people are making money writing articles on Hubpages. Successful Hubbers write huge copies about various things and then add their affiliate advertisements and AdSense. They keyword is huge. Huge copies running in thousands of words.

    These people are like those students who don’t stop reading/learning once they are confident of securing the passing marks. That’s what makes them toppers—they don’t stop after passing the minimum threshold.

    If you want to beat the competition, sweat it out more than your competitor. If the other website has a 1,000 word copy, you need to write 1,500. (Of course, it has be equally high in quality and should stay focused on the point.) It is easier to defeat the enemy if you have better equipment. Equip your site with longer articles.

    Write! Write some more!

    A word of caution: Just writing long posts won’t get you on the top on search result pages. You need to build authority or Page Rank of your site and get more backlinks as well. Never compromise with quality. A longer copy is more likely to beat a smaller one if all other conditions are same. If a smaller 350 words copy is posted on a site with higher authority and/or more backlinks with higher weight, it will beat a copy with 35,000 words.

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    Vijayraj Reddy

    hubpages is one of the website with higher authority, if you rewrite article there, there are good chance that ur article may beat the competitor in ranking..


    Sathish @ TechieMania

    Hi Pritam, the last paragraph explains all. If you have a high quality content, without backlinks and authority you can’t reach good heights. Content, backlinks, authority all of them plays an important role in ranking of your website and article.



    Hi Sathish, You are right. A long post gives you the edge if all other things are constant. Backlinks and authority are directly related to the content that you offer on your blog.


    vijay | bayofblog

    Writing is the gate way of blog where search engines send millions of visits when it written by unique quality, In order to make more valuable we need to write! write!! weite!!! More contents, There is no end for writing…



    Well i say content is king. The more quality content you have more chances of wining SE traffic. One of my post is ranking on 1st for 100 million pages without backlinks. Only with 1300 words. These days i am adding content with with respect to competition. For normal tech post 350 words i will be easily able to rank on page 1st. I posted one post three days before. It was on 9 position than vanished and now it is no 1 for its term.

    At last, 1000 word content will have more repetition of keywords as compared to the 350 words. Also, if the content is 2000-4000 words. Than it will get tons of long tail traffic for long time. And better chance of ranking higher. But if give little link love to longer posts they can do wonder. because naturally they have tons of long tail keywords.



    Cool, I have the same thoughts – longer quality article beats short article. That’s why I always try to write longer articles, with quality! Come check out my blog and see if you like my articles. Do drop a comment or two. :)


    Wasim Ismail

    True say, you can write as long you want articles, but they need to provide value, and if they benefit others, others will link back to it, and hence it will help your ranking.



    If a content is nice and helpful for readers, it might take time but it will surely float up. Since search engines can track how much deeply a reader is reading the post by combination of exit ratio bounce rates and others thing. Every small things count. A single point cant make a winner.



    I read the post and made the previous comment. But it got eaten. Anyway thanks.


    Jens P. Berget

    I usually write posts that are about 500 words. I have written 1,000 words and more, but since I don’t like reading long blog posts myself, I like writing shorter. To me, it’s all about writing the way you like to read. And if the readers like it, then the search engines will also start to like it eventually (but I understand that longer posts are better than short ones).



    Great post! Thanks for covering a new topic.

    Having huge post helps but it should be meaningful and shouldn’t fill the words to make it lengthy :)


    Sandeep@Curious Little Person

    long posts tend to have more SEO benefits and help you rank better than your competition… no doubt abt that…

    But from a readers point of view…. i think internet readers like to scan the post, rather than go through the whole post…

    Good Post…. pretty long one i must say :)


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