3 Websites to Send Self Destructive Messages & Emails

SnapchatWe remember Hollywood movies where spy receive message and after the full message read, messages says, “This message will self-destruct in X seconds.” Then we think whether this is possible or not. There are some situations we face where we need to send a message that we do not want other person to store anywhere. It may be a password sharing or anything other. To handle these situations, we need a service that sends messages and then message gets deleted automatically.

There are some nice web apps available which makes this possible. These online services allows users to send messages for short time. When the person on the other side will read the message, message will destroy itself. It means messages can be viewed only once. If you are looking for this kind of service, These web apps may help you.

Websites to send Self destruct Emails and Messages:


Send self destruct message

Burnnote, as the name suggests, it burns the note. To keep your conversation private, it allows users to send self destructive messages online. All messages are only one time readable  Most important thing about the service is that it also prevent message copy. It means other person can not copy the message to any where else. So it may be nice app if you are going to share password or secret pin with other person.

To use Burnnote, create a free account, type your message, and add the Email address where you want to send self destruct Email. User will get a link to see the message, and user can reply to it. You can also see when a user viewed your message.

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NoteDip is another similar kind of service that allows users to send one time messages. Notedip also offers password protection. So you can add a password to your message for extra layer of security. Just write the note and create a link for the secret note. Share this link with the person you want to send message. This service can also send you notification when other person reads the message. For this, you need to enable the notification. Link will be dead after the first use. So no one can read the message again.


Private Note

Privnote is also a nice service that allows users to create private note. Just type the secret note and create the link. Share this link with the person whom you want to send this secret message. Message will destroy itself after the first read. Other person can copy paste test to other place if he want to keep the message. Similar to notedip, privnote also allows users to receive notification. But they need to enable it while writing the note.

There are many more services, and apps which will let you send self destruct messages. For iOS users, you can also download Snapchat app, which will let you send self-destruct images. Though, Snapchat is mostly marketed, and used for sexting. If you know more services which let us send self destruct Emails, let me know via comments.

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  1. Suresh Natrajan says

    Is it good to use this? I think it will be malpractices and may consider as spam.Perhaps, it will downgrade the reputation.


  2. Prince Molak says

    Thanks depanker for this post, i have never heard of self destructing emails and am hearing them for the first time from you, i will surely read more about them

  3. says

    Hello Deepanker,

    This is a great post. I have used the first one before but didn’t try NoteDIp and PrivateNote. I think I should try these now.

    Keep up with the good work! :-)

  4. Abhay says

    Deepankar, I would like to flip the coin, these kind of services can be a cause of threat or proves to be a hole in security. As once BlackBerry services are treated like that in India until they agreed to share encryption codes with security agencies to intercept messages and mails over BlackBerry network . Are these services maintaining any audit trail or some history to track these messages? Are they safe enough to use? I would appreciate if you can research and clear out the mist.

  5. Mihir Naik says

    Previously I read an article explaining how you can create self destructive notes using google docs by tweaking some script in excel or something like..!

    but this is a handy tool. Good one. Nice post.

  6. Karan says

    Really no doubt that NoteDIP is an aweosome service. I like its password protection features for extra security and its automatic link disposal after first use. Thanx For Sharing

  7. icode919 says

    That is called awesome stuff ! yea NoteDIP is my fav btw.. but still rest 2 are also cool.. will try them.. :)

  8. zaid says

    I especially like NoteDIP, its superfast and destructs in seconds after viewing the message. Thanks for sharing !