Secure & Super Charge WordPress Blog : Complete How To Guide

Now a days internet is growing very fast and blogging become really popular among youngsters. WordPress is world’s most popular blogging platform. Let’s come to the point. Today we will introduce you to some plugins and tools which will Secure and Super charge your blog. Website which have nice page load speed are popular among their users. First of all analyse the speed of your blog without any changes . These are some of the best tools which can analyse exact performance.

Free website performance analysis tools:

Firefox plugins (optional, for the advanced users):

After Analyse the speed apply the following methods.

Super Charging your WordPress blog

1- W3 Total Cache : Caching your blog using any of the available WordPress cache plugin will bring a huge difference in loading time of your WordPress site. W3 Total Cache is my personal Favourite. It will supercharge your website.  This plugin decreases the page size and combine css and js to enhance the speed of the page. <link>

2- – Images helps in adding beauty to your blog posts but at the same time, using too many images will significantly lower down the loading time of your page. Wp plugin is one very useful WordPress plugin to compress and reduce the size of your image. Low configuring Plugin just install and enjoy it. The best thing about this plugin is, you can also compress all previously uploaded images too.  <link>

3- WP- Optimize – This is really effective plugin for optimizing SQL tables. It willl remove the unwanted tables and optimize them. Thus this plugin super charge your website as well as secure it. <link>

4- Use Good Host– For those who just started there blogging career. I would like to suggest them to choose best hosting plan from best hosting provider. Hostgator and Bluehost are two international hosting providers and they have been proven as one of the best for WordPress hosting. If you are looking for India Based Hosting service you can choose Bigrock or Hostgator India hosting. Having your site on a good web host will increase your website’s performance.

5- Remove Unwanted Plugins and Widgets– Having lots of plugins will kill your wordpress blog. Run through your list of installed plugins and deactivate those that you feel are no longer of value to your site. Once deactivated, delete them from your site. Don’t leave them there. I also recommend you to try Clean options WordPress plugin, which will help you to find orphan tables in your database and you can remove them quickly.


6- Free CDN service– CDN service will Secure and super charge your blog but some times it reffers to a costly service beside you hosting. But Fortunately, Cloudfalre is the best and free CDN service. Installing cloud Flare is really easy and won’t take more then a 5 minutes. Just create an account of and register your website. System will analyse your site and give you new name server. Just update them in domain management and enjoy. If you are looking for paid option, MAXCDN is one of the trusted names and cheapest option.  You can also use Rackspace cloud files to boost your blog speed and performance.

Securing your WordPress blog

1- Bullet Proof Security– It is a awesome plugin for securing your blog. This plugin will protect your website against XSS(cross site scripting), RFI, CRLF, CSRF, Base64, Code Injection and SQL Injection hacking. This plugin require very few configuration, just install and activate bulletproof mode. <link>

2- Login Lockdown – Login Lockdown records IP address and every failed login attempt. If more then a certain number of attempt are detected in short period from same I.P range. Then the login page is locked for that IP address. This is useful to stop brute force attack.  <link>

3- Hide Login Error Message – If some one is trying to login, but fails. WordPress display a message to let you know whats happening. So this trick is really help full. To remove these message just add the following line in function.php of your selected WordPress theme

add_filter('login_errors',create_function('$a', "return null;"));

After applying all the steps on your WordPress blog just check the difference between your result before and after the implemetation. I am sure your reader will now enjoy your faster loading blog and a secure blog will give you peace of mind. Also, my recommendation would be setup daily complete backup of your site to make sure you can restore your site at any point of time.

I hope these above tips will help you to quickly make some changes and improve your site. If you have other tip to share, do share with us via comments. Don’t forget to subscribe to ShoutMeLoud newsletter for more such updates.

This is a guest post by Ashish from Ushackers. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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COMMENTs ( 8 )

  1. Ashish says

    Hi, are you using cloudflare on this blog? Is it the paid option that you are using or is the free option good enough for a blog as big as this one?

  2. Nizam says

    Really awesome and helpful information. I’m using Login Lockdown, but placing the code to hide login error message is really a good strategy to make it difficult for the unauthorized access. Thanks for this wonderful post :)

    • hardluckstrome says

      Thanks nizam . You can also use password lock for wp-admin directory for addition security .

  3. prabir says

    Good information o securing your WP site, was looking for security plugin. How is bullet proof security plugin. Any views ?

    • says

      Bulletproof so far is great for me as it combines several security plugins into one, prabir. You can also hide your wp-login.php page away so that it is difficult for people to try and brute-force your wordpress account.

      However,Ashish, I prefer to use WP-Super Cache over W3 Total Cache. I had benchmarked that my performance is better with that plugin but not too sure what others think over here ;)

        • Himanshu Jain says

          Hi Ashish,

          I should appreciate you for writing a nice article. You should remove W3 Total Cache from the list as it is dead now, not update from a year. I don’t think there will be new version of it. The more features in it makes it bloated which indirectly affects performance of the site. I have compared W3 Total Cache & Super Cache under various circumstances and found Super Cache to be the superior. We don’t really need this cache plugins if we optimize our site and server properly.

          One more thing, Bulletproof security is a very very very bad plugin!!!! I’m saying this because the plugin is not updated since last found 3 major vulnerability in it. It is also harms site performance. Instead, I suggest you to update the article with the best one – Better WP Security.

          Next time when you make a article then please always check the plugin last updated and it’s compatibility with latest wordpress versions. Overall, well done article

          Thank you,