The Secret of Generating Blog Topic Ideas with Twitter

Twitter is a great platform for zealing out the blogging passion and its greatness doesn’t end on “just tweeting “ tag . Twitter taken as a whole has great hidden  benefits not all persons are able to lurk for . But there’s a great treasure hidden in twitter for the bloggers – The Treasure of Blog Topic Ideas .

Generate Blog Topic Ideas with Twitter

There is some phase of time when all bloggers face writer’s block and generating content at that time seems like a hercule’s task . With no post ideas in mind, a blank mind leads to delay in posts and indeed downfall in rankings for not updating the blog. But Twitter has a sure solution to this problem . This isn’t a tutorial, not a trick but just simple steps to generate hundreds of post ideas in a second. One of the most common problem which most of Bloggers find at times is finding great blog topics ideas and being trapped there, is bad for your growth and for Blogs. There are many ways like Feed reading, Facebook which can easily be used to create a list of interesting topics for your next blog post, but today we are looking into Twitter approach to use it as Blog topics ideas generator.

The #tags Way to Generate Blog Topic Ideas

Blog Topic IdeasThe #tags are inserted by twitter users with respect to their tweet. If a twitter user tweets about automobiles, he uses the suitable Twitter hashtag preferring the one which is more popular and trending. Go through the trending hashtags on twitter and note down the ones which are related to your niche.  But that’s not it analyse what people are tweeting about the hashtag suiting the niche. know their problem, start searching and answer it . That’s called KISS (Keep It Simple Silly ) .

The previous step is followed by almost 90% bloggers , but what does a creative blogger do with that hashtag is go for a different view. Look upon the tweets and know which part are people missing about that hashtag , what people are overlooking and what more people don’t know about the keyword in the hashtag .

Suppose , the trending #tag on twitter is Social media expo . People and companies are recklessly tweeting about the launches , crowd inside, crowd outside and showcases. Even other blogs would be covering on that . It’s time to show creativeness and think differently with the topic. Go viral and interview few chairman of the companies about their launches and post videos on blog . This would create more interest and would give readers a live video to hear and see rather than gupping the same thing written everywhere. Another great post idea would be adding a live telecast of the Auto Expo in the blog post . Don’t limit the mind to just specifications and details, go viral go creative and there would be tons of blog topic ideas rolling in.

As the hashtags are trending automatically, Google according to the “Freshness Update” would be refreshing the search results for that keyword quickly and the blog post would catch quick traffic as it is the topic being liked by the people for the moment.

Live Tweet to Generate Blog Topic Ideas

Twitter Blog Topic IdeasFollow the persons who belong to your niche . Go for atleast a 100 of them and then try this method.

For a live example, I am taking Darren Rowse of . I am a follower of Darren on twitter and go through most of his tweets at the end of the day. Usually, people are very excited about his workshops and eager to know its dates. Darren hasn’t officially announced the date but he did respond via tweet to a query of when is he going to organise a workshop ? Now is the time to start writing and stop thinking. Collect a few things about the previous workshop and notify when the workshop would be held this year with the source from where you to got to know it. This not only ends the thirst of fresh content ideas but also brings viral followers on twitter.

Each day I notice the persons whom I follow tweet about a query on their blog and that is what is to picked up to answer. The persons in niche would surely be blogging around the niche and that gets you all the latest buzz from the niche thus generating tons of posting ideas .

Also, when you cover topics related to your niche and especially topics which people care about, you will be getting more followers who follows your niche and slowly your credibility will increase.

Let Twitter help you With the Latest News

This one is for those who own a social media related blog or a news blog. People are always hungry for fresh news, updates and religiously updating blog when it belongs to social media or news category is virtually very difficult. I would recommend you to follow Facebook, Twitter  and all other leading social networking websites official account on twitter. As  soon as they bring up a little change, they will surely tweet about it and you get fresh ideas from time to time. It is often noticed that all these sites are updating the portals very frequently and tweeting it side by side. Take the tweet and make it a blog post. You can generate hundreds of topics to write about using this way.

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It’s time to view Twitter with the perspective of bloggers and make the most out of it. It can be a blogger’s best friend and a great supporter. Are you rushing to Twitter to get some quick blog topic ideas ?

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  1. aatif says

    Twitter trending topics are good way to get blogging ideas . I use alexa hot searches , google trends and twitter trend to get idea for post .. but for my niche it is very rare that topic of niche gets trending :)

  2. rakesh kumar says

    This is really a great way to find out topic and trends in your niche, Still i love to read a lots of blog for new ideas and also love to hear from the leaders in that niche.

  3. Suraj Nair says

    To research the trending topics about your niche will help us to create fresh content for our post. But to follow many people in one’s niche to know about interesting topic is very much a tedious task.