Secret To Earn $50/Click From Google AdSense

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Secret To Earn $50/Click From Google AdSense

There are two kind of people in the world; one who just do hard work, and the other who do Hard work + smart work. Success comes to the people who find a balance between hard work and smart work. At least, this is very true in the world of internet marketing.

As a blogger you must be working day and night to produce great content, drive traffic and make money from ads, but you often overlook some of the simplest method which can increase our Traffic and AdSense earning by a great extent. Today, I will be sharing one of the simplest way which you can use to improve traffic and increase your income.

Google Adsense High CPC

Benefit of using Long Tail and high CPC AdSense Keywords:

You must be aware of the fact that more targeted traffic your blog will have, you will end up making more money. Similarly, more high CPC keywords you are using, your AdSense earning will increase over the time. I have talked about Longtail Keywords in the past, and explained how these keywords help you to rank higher in search engine, let you get highly targeted organic traffic, and most important they are easy to rank for. How about you find a perfect combo of long tail Keywords which are also high CPC AdSense keywords.

Do checkout this awesome tool call Hittail, which analyze your current blog traffic, and suggest long tail keywords to improve the relevancy. Today I will be sharing another great tool call SEMRUSH, which will make the process of finding long tail high CPC Keywords literally within seconds.

Using SEMRUSH to find profitable AdSense Keyword:

SEMRUSH is one amazing tool, and one of it’s kind for amazing features they offer. I’m not going into detailed explanation of this tool again, as you can learn everything about this tool on my review article. Now, let me show you how you can use this tool to find profitable AdSense keywords. To make most out of it, I suggest you to use following tools:

  • Google Docs spreadsheet or any other tool you using to manage Keywords.
  • SEMRUSH Account. (Get complete 14 days free trial using this link)
  • List of high and medium authority blogs in your niche.

Login to your SEMRUSH account, and type the name of the domain which you want to use for finding long tail high CPC keywords.

Organic high CPC Keywords

On the next page, click on organic keywords > Full list, and it will show you list of Keywords that are driving traffic to Warrior forum. Now, all I need to do is sort the list by clicking on CPC tab, and it will sort it in order of high CPC Keywords first. Interesting thing to note here is; majority of high CPC AdSense keywords are usually long-tail keywords. And some of them are as high as $70+ per click.

Long Tail high CPC AdSense Keywords

Now, start copying the keywords which you think is most suitable for your blog. Usually, I note down most of those keyword on my content planning Google doc and use it later for structuring content on ShoutMeLoud or any other blog. Similarly keep repeating the process for other list of domains, and by the end you will have most extensive list of high CPC AdSense keywords.

Since you already targeting niche based long tail keywords, you are most likely to rank higher, and drive traffic on those keywords. This is one of the simplest, and fastest way you can use to skyrocket your AdSense earning. Do keep in mind, make sure your keywords are driving traffic from countries like U.S., else you might not make most out of this tip.

SEMRUSH is one of the best search engine marketing tool out there, and I highly recommend you to take it at least for test drive. You can use the below link to get completely free access of SEMRUSH for 14 days which usually cost $150. (You need credit card to avail this offer, and you can cancel the agreement anytime in between 14 days).

Take 14 days free Trial of SEMRUSH

I have also created this video tutorial to explain how you can use SEMRUSH to find high profitable AdSense Keywords.

Do let me know if you use any other tool to find profitable long-tail Keywords? If you enjoyed reading this article, do consider sharing it on Facebook and Google Plus.

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  1. says

    Hey Harsh,

    I have a question in my mind. Do we have any free tool to find long tail keywords with high CPC. If there are some, please let me know the names.


  2. Afdel says

    Taking advantantage of long tail keyword is a great opportunity to improve Adsense revenue and target traffic.

    The method you explained here is clear and concise. I’m on the way to try SEMrush, that is when I got the post. I hope it is going to fuel me to have better utility of the system.

  3. says

    Hi Harsh,
    This is really informative; SEMRush and Long Tail Pro both are paid which one is worth trying? SEMRush or Long Tail Pro and also can you suggest me a tool which can be used for keyword research?
    Thank You

  4. Piyush says

    Hey Harsh,
    1)Very useful and informative post. Was searching for increasing and did same thing today also rather than searching it on Google I searched on ShoutMeLoud and got my answer !

    2) are there any other free tools/ S/W available to search keywords ?

  5. says

    You nailed it bro.
    This is one of the best AdSense guide I have ever read. Highest CPC of my blog was $3.4
    Now I think I can make it to $20 or $30.
    Gonna try this method for sure.

  6. says

    Very informative post, I now have a clear direction. Except for one thing I don’t get is when I check the with adsense keyword planner CPC it shows a big difference between semrush CPC. Or does the rate vary on difference circumstance?

    target keywords: yahoo answers marketing and online business costs.

  7. says

    Hey Harsh,

    Really 50$/click is impressive earning… Really this is very excellent earning of the blog…. semrush is very fine work for me..Thanks for the amazing tips.

  8. says

    Hmmm…I guess I would have to try semrush. I’ve been meaning to try out niche marketing for some time now.

    Thanks for the tip

  9. Sugam Kumar says

    Hello Harsh,

    I tried this and got a wonderful results. Thanks to share this wonderful tool,. Yesterday got a CPC of $45.

  10. Mi Muba says

    High CPC keywords really bring wonderful results but finding them is not so easy. I once applied a long tail keyword related to insurance claims and I got almost $7 per click and my adsense income for one day was more than $100. I will try SEMRUSH to increase my adsense income

  11. says

    Thanks Harsh, I was very much in need of this kind of info and tool. I really won’t mind paying $160 if it can help me get some long-tail keywords which can make me earn far more than I will pay to SEMrush.
    Now, my blog is getting good enough visitors, I hope this would be the right time to go for something like this, which would increase the conversion rate.

  12. Debarpan says

    Hello sir,a real nice article from you.Am been tring hard to improve my blog’s adsense cpc but now I guess it’s time to be smarter.

  13. Pst Bless says

    This is an amazing post i must say. Long tail keywords has been my delight right from time, they produce great results for me.

      • Haroon says

        good to read this post harsh i recently understand a smart posting trick with it i can rank on original keywords like AARP Auto Insurance these kind of keywords has cpc Rate of $5 to $10 but my adsense account counting 0.20$ at each click its 3rd day i ranked on these kind valuable keywords what you say whould my blog can get high cpc rates…
        i receive all traffic by google without any black hat way..

  14. says

    Good and insightful post but SEMrush would not accept my master card. If you can help me get high CPC AdSense keywords are usually long-tail keywords of my site Hope to hear from you

  15. Payal Bansal says

    I will definitely try this…
    Long tails keywords have always been helpful, but never tried SEMRUSH.. But will definitely give it a try.

    Thanks for the informative post :) and 14 days free trial too hehe

  16. Ankur Upadhyay says

    Very informative post for any blogger. But don’t you think that its too expensive for any newbie blogger? How can a newbie blogger afford $160? Please share some free alternatives of Semrush tool.

    • says

      I have given 14 days free trial coupon, and 14 days is good enough to create a huge list of such Keywords….. And once anyone is using SEMRUSH for profit, he won’t mind paying… They also have cheaper plans….

  17. Naeem says

    Hi Harsh,

    I got one doubt here. It may sound true for WarriorForum or SML; getting 50$ CPC ad. But does that hold true for average blogs too.?

    Or Google serves these high value ads only on the blogs and sites which are having a minimum set pageviews a day and all.

  18. Abhishek Taneja says

    These long tail keywords has helped me to draw targeted traffic to my site. Its good to see that Semrush is giving results with CPC rate..
    Thanks Harsh for this wonderful knowledge

  19. says

    Hey Harsh,

    Excellent information for those who are looking to earn more in blogging. Because 99% of the people don’t make money, a few dollars a month. Most people do not know how exactly to make it work on choosing the topics. Hope this will help them.

    • rahul says

      i made $43 from one single click in competitve market but adwords cpc was only $6. so, i don’t know how i made 42 may be visitor bought big ticket item.

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