Script: How to Embed PacMan Google Doodle In Your Own Website

If you want to embed PacMan Google Doodle in your own website or a blog than you can easily do that. On May 22 Google Celebrated Pac-Man by showing the Pac-Man doodle on its front page for the 48 hours.

There are 6 basic files needed to run the Pac-Man Doodle.

1. There are 2 javascript files (google.js, pacman10-hp.2.js ).

2. Images ( pacman10-hp, pacman10-hp-sprite ).

3. SWF- Pac-Man sound ( pacman10-hp-sound.swf).

4. Last is the main page script calling these files.(googlepac-man.html).

You can easily download these files and can run the Pac-Man game on your own browser by just clicking the main file ( Play GooglePacman.html).

There are two ways that you can embed Pacman Doodle in your website or a blog.

a) Just use the front page code and paste into your website page.

b) You have to change the URL links in the main file ( Play GooglePacman.html )

Embed PacMan

Want to Play here Insert the Coin :- ( Try IE7 and above )

Important Note :- ( Play in the IE 7 and above) There is some problem in playing in Mozilla Firefox. Sometime it fails to Run. Check Out

Download Full Package : Download Pac-Man Doodle.rar

Do let us know are you going to add Pacman into your blog? This might be a good way to make your readers stay more into your blog.

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  1. Abhijeet Singh says

    Hey Ritu: Its an interesting article. I visited your website but as I use WOT on Chrome its saying This site has bad reputation and I thought to close it for my better.

    @Harsh: Please help us on WOT or Mcafee Site Advisor. How to increase rating in it or how to prove our site is good?

    Please help on it cause even I have done much research on it but couldn’t anything much about it.

    • Ritu Sharma says

      Thanks abhijeet, for the compliment ..

      But how can I overcome though this. , I Don’t know, my-site doesn’t contain any fake links or softwares, viruses links etc.
      Sometimes there is problem in Google Chrome, it doesn’t open some pages and says DNS failed , but on other hand Firefox easily open that.

      • Abhijeet Singh says

        Ritu what you are talking about DNS failing is not the issue here. I’m talking about WOT, its an Chrome extension and even have Firefox Addon which tell you the websites reputation based on visitors feedback. If its low it won’t allow you to open the website only. Try installing that addon or extension onto your browser and try opening your website..

        Thats why I asked Harsh that if he can help us, but no response from his side. :(